5 Google Services and Apps You Might Not Know About

Google is a powerhouse of digital services. Their most popular services are Gmail, Maps, Youtube and Translate. Almost all their services are available as apps (iOS and Android).  Yet there are some which go under the radar because few know about it. This post takes a look at five of those apps.

Google Snapseed

Android | iOS

Snapseed is one of my favorite image editing apps  because it has a lot of great features.  It is an underrated app, with photo enhancement and special effects features. There are plenty of filters, photo borders to choose from. You can share your edited photos to Google Plus or any other external service.

Snapseed has an innovative help system. It has illustrations so first timers can operate the enhancement tools. The photos get a professional vintage quality touch once you edit them. Snapseed is so easy to use that you can edit photos with one hand.

Google Goggles


Google Goggles is one of those tools which is quite interesting to use. I am surprised that Google has not done much to promote it. This app has many features which work quite well. For example you have a product for which you don’t have any information. Take a picture of it Google Goggles and you get information about it.

Maybe you have a picture of a famous landmark but you don’t know its history. Google Goggles will look it up for you and save you that hassle. It also works as a QR code reader  so you don’t have to install an extra app.

Scan Business Cards and extrapolate that information to your contact list. It also works as a translator. If  you are in a foreign country and you see text in a different language, you can translate it. It is a multi-purpose app which also supports many languages such as English, French, Italian and German.

Google Gesture Search


Google Gesture search is yet another useful app which many people are not aware of. You can launch any app with the help of gestures instead of going through your device. You can use it to search for messages, contacts, games, apps and even music. This one is a time saver and a must have if you have a lot of data on your phone.

Google Primer

Android | iOS

Google Primer is an important app which teaches startups the fundamentals of marketing. It covers content marketing, social media usage and search engines. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Google Primer has plenty of case studies and quizzes to make marketing easier.

Google Keep


Google Keep is one of the best note apps out there. It syncs to Google Drive and supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. Keep works well with Google Apps accounts and is good for quick note-taking. It has a great interface and is quite easy to use. If your needs are simple, it’s one of the simplest solutions. It is a wonderful productivity tool which needs to get a larger audience.

  • Bing is my default search Engine don’t like Google at all and bought windows phone as well

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