PTA Temporarily Blocks in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, in a recent development, has asked Pakistani Internet service providers to block the access of in Pakistan. As of now, the website is inaccessible on all major Pakistani ISPs.

Just to be recalled, WordPress is a blogging platform that hosts millions of blogs from across the world.

While we don’t have any word from PTA on why this decision was made and on what grounds such popular and so widely used blogging platform was blocked, we anticipate that it will get unblocked soon.

Not to be mentioned, PTA was just granted the powers to monitor content on Internet and block any indecent, blasphemous or anti state website. Previously such decisions were made by inter-ministerial committee that was dissolved on directions of a recently issued court order. Prime minister of Pakistan, after inter-ministerial committee was dissolved, granted PTA the authority to control content on the Internet.

We have seen PTA in past making decisions in haste, and later reversing them.

This is a developing story and we will update it when we get any further details. 


A source at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has confirmed ProPakistani that is temporarily blocked in Pakistan due to severe issues related to national security. It appears now that blocking decision is somewhat related to Pakistan day.

Source, who wanted to remain unnamed, said that exact content that caused the blockade can’t be revealed due to seriousness of the matter.

Source further confirmed that will be unblocked in two days from now. 

Update is now accessible in Pakistan again.

Authorities say that the matter that triggered the blockade has been resolved.

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  • yeah just ban every major website in the world and go to north-korea-age cause why in ****’s name would we need technology keep it up pta!

          • hahahahahha!! you’re a genius, seriously :D

            how did you detect the comment? :P

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                But I know you have an easy way, because you’re a software engineer and I’m a first year premedical student!

                  • I’m not the admin of this website. You can ask this question to @aamir7:disqus.

                • I have now reveal my secret for avoiding Youtube ban on my facebook page. I do not claim that no
                  one else knew about this features but no one else I know has ever
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                  Now what do you think of me?

                  • I don’t need now because I have become an SEO Expert LOL! Running my site well thanks to SEO :)

                    PS: Commented a year later. Must be using IE from MARS :P

                    • If you had read my post you would know why I waited until now. Google revealed some other product that uses same tech

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  • btw play store b nai chal raha lahore k majority mei on ptcl broadband, its been like this for over a week i contacted them and at first they said “they’re working on it” and then yesterday this other guy said that there’s been no such issue

  • Do and think rather than thinking and doing. PTA’s current working strategy.

    Likewise, they did in Biometric re-verification, which caused loss of millions to the telcos.

  • They Should Block Whole The Internet Too….We Will Manage To Communicate With The World With Government’s Postman…. Fu_king Idiots…

    • Which they will first inspect, and during inspection lose 1/2 of the parcels & letters anyway. I’ve lost most of the letters I’ve posted abroad or vice versa. (untracked)

  • “ is temporarily blocked in Pakistan due to severe issues related to national security”


  • yea that’s it! block every website and make internet a useless thing.. great good going PTA.. i dont know how wordpress matters in national security? where are our defense analysts??? -_- >..<
    Zaid Sparrow

  • If only they could think for a second what message this will send to the world. I am all for “national security” but they could have just asked WordPress to comply or blocked the relevant URLs (they already have paid 57 million Pakistani rupees to acquire this solution through FinFisher).

    This is nothing but highest level of incompetency.

  • دوسرے ممالک دشمن کو اس کے گھر جاکر مارتے ہیں اور ہم اپنے دروازے بند کر لیتے ہیں کہ دشمن یہاں نہ آئے پی ٹی اے میں یار کوئی کام کا بندہ ہی نہیں کیا؟

  • Not accessible on Qubee in Islamabad. Would anyone like to enlighten me how possess severe threat to national security?

    As per my knowledge, is running on Open Source WordPress platform available at and more then 23% of the websites in the whole world are powered by WordPress including some of the official websites of the Government of Pakistan e.g. Planning Commission (

  • They are idiot we can open any blocked site by using any common proxy or plugin like zenmat!

  • It has been permanently blocked just like Youtube at the request of the ISI. hosts all types of blogs on its free service. This includes baluchi websites.

  • My blog on is accessible now again. :) am going to export the blog data right now , otherwise there is always a chance of royal flush.

  • Our govt’s IT dept is not really in capable hands so instead of looking for whatever the cause is, my guess is they blocked the whole site for two days.

    I seriously feel bad about this. Poor judgment of IT minister who might not even know what WP is. Hope to see it unblocked in a day or two.

  • Seems is blocked on PTCL only, at this moment.

    Blocking websites like this will only increase the business of proxy and VPN software. People will access what they want to access :)

  • i bet some developer on pta wants to earn money by blocking site. These idiots need to go to hell. When monkeys got gun they will shoot like this.

  • I think PTA was just jealous of not being in 23 March celebrations so they had to make some noise!

  • It is opening at my side without any proxy or VPN. wordpress ORG and COM, both sites are opening.

  • Never underestimate the potential for our so called leaders to ***K things up. PTA bureacraps are no better!

  • yaar ye kia chawali hai pta ki kasam say ab wordpress pay band kia how hai aur in future 3g aur 4g per band laga dain gay

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