WordPress.com Gets Unblocked in Pakistan

The issue that had triggered a country-wide block on WordPress.com is reportedly resolved and Pakistani Internet Service Providers are now in process of restoring the access of WordPress.com in the country, we have checked with sources.

Internet Service Providers have received the directions from PTA in this regards and Pakistani users will soon (in 2-3 hours from now) be able to access WordPress.com.

PTA had yesterday asked ISPs to temporarily block the access of WordPress.com in Pakistan due to a problem that could impact Pakistan’s national security. PTA, however, hadn’t revealed the exact URL or the content that has caused the ban on the entire WordPress platform.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which is now directly responsible for monitoring the content on the internet, interacts with ISPs relating to blockades or otherwise opening the access of websites in Pakistan.

Any blockades, even when for national security, earn bad press for the country and PTA is apparently aware of this but it says that there are certain issues which are way beyond the name and fame as they pose serious threat to national security.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK