Landline Number on Smartphones: PTCL Launches its SmartLink App

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today announced the commercial rollout of its SmartLink app for Smartphones that will enable the users to get their Landline numbers on smartphones through internet.

PTCL Smartlink App uses your WiFi or 3G network connection to convert your landline number into a virtual number to make and receive calls on your smartphones.

This means that PTCL customers can now make and receive landline calls through mobile phones on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. Incoming calls are free, while outgoing calls are charged as per your regular landline tariffs.

PTCL’s SmartLink app was announced for beta testing in November last year, and during past four months it has already reached 20,000 downloads, we have checked.

Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) PTCL said, “PTCL landline is the pioneer voice telephony service in Pakistan and we are proud to extend the same high-quality calling experience to our loyal users on mobile phones.”

“The SmartLink application is yet another first by PTCL and endorses our continuous efforts to bring innovative technology-led solutions to our customers”, added Adnan Shahid.

Nabeel Amjad, General Manager, Business Applications PTCL said, “PTCL SmartLink is first of its kind application in Pakistan that seamlessly integrates landline voice telephony experience to mobile phones. The application is a complete communications solution designed to provide voice and video connectivity, instant messaging as well as access to PTCL entertainment services all-in-one”.

The application is currently available in 41 cities and can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore. Apple iOS App is also coming soon and will be made available for iphones. PTCL subscribers can benefit from this application through a simple registration process.

All voice, video calls and messaging is free-of-cost from SmartLink to SmartLink, while standard landline tariff is applicable for calls to PTCL landline and mobile operators.

App Screens

IMG-20150324-WA0006 IMG-20150324-WA0004 IMG-20150324-WA0005IMG-20150324-WA0008



  • App is free without any subscription or monthly charge but requires registration.
  • PTCL DSL customers can register with the app by using their PTCL number
  • Once registered, log-in from multiple devices, with same user account. Outgoing calls will be allowed on all devices while billing will be based upon collective outgoing activity.
  • Once registered, SmartLink app runs on any WiFi or even on 3G networks
  • SmartLink to SmartLink voice and video calls are free
  • Make calls to Landline and Mobile at your landline Tariff
  • Stay in touch with all your buddies through Instant Messaging
  • Watch 150 PTCL Smart TV channels on your phone (requires separate subscription)
  • PIA flight enquiry is at your fingertips
  • Access your mobile contact directory for calls and messages


  • The app is currently available in 41 cities.
  • All Customers with PTCL Broadband-DSL connections can  subscribe to this service
  • The application is free with no subscription and monthly charges, however, outgoing calls are charged as per your regular landline tariffs.


  • Download App from here.
  • Install the application on your Android Phone and click the “Register” button after opening the app.
  • Fill in the registration form with your PTCL details, i.e. Name, CNIC, PSTN #, Account ID, email and Cell number
  • If the credentials match, the application would be registered and SmartLink to anywhere calls shall be activated

Here’s the TVC for PTCL Smartlink app:


  • TumharaBaap

    As fuckin always no iOS App !!

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    I am using this app since last 4 months
    PTCL broadband connection is required to use this app on other networks it is not working

    • aamir7

      this has changed with the commercial launch. It should work on any internet now.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        i have just checked it is not working on ufone 3g

        • Gizmo

          Enable Force connect and press reconnect. If it still doesn’t connect, you can exit and re-login it would start working…

          • Muhammad Ashraf

            no success

            • Epakistani

              Not working with zong 3g but working on ptcl wifi.

              • PTCL

                It should work on Zong 3G too.

                Try the following.
                Check Force Connect in your and Press Reconnect.
                If it doesn’t connect, please exit your app and re-login, it work start working.

            • PTCL

              Hi Ashraf,
              Please send an email at [email protected] with your Smart ID, we would sort your problem.

              • umar khan

                Can I use this service without ptcl dsl connection activation on my ptcl or ptcl dsl is compulsury for this service ???

              • Muhammad Ashraf

                i wrote an email already but no feedback till yet

          • Ayyaz

            Yes you are right. It worked for me. Thanks for your help.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        did u check personally

        • aamir7

          No, PTCL told me this. Let me recheck with them.

        • aamir7

          Enable force connect and it will go through. PTCL told this.

    • Sheraz Ak

      true. I have also been using it since its launch. and it doesn’t work on 3G. even two days ago on 21st march, last time I tried on 3G.. it wasn’t working.

  • Shoaib

    Nice initiative at a time when 3G mobile users in the country have crossed landmark figure of 10 million and they are accessing data through smartphones.Well done PTCL

  • Hamza Rehman

    I have been using this APP since long on my galaxy S4 and let me tell you this:
    1. it works only on PTCL broadband
    2. Consumes too much battery
    3. Fails to connect most of the time.
    4. I uninstalled the APP :D

    I will try again with its commercial launch and give you more feedback on it!

    • Gizmo

      it now works on other Internet service providers

      • Hamza Rehman

        on what network you tried using it?

        • PTCL

          Hi Hamza,
          The App is working on all ISP Networks Now. If you are facing any problem, let us know at [email protected] and we would sort it.

          • Hamza Rehman

            I just checked it again, it’s not working on 3g even with force connect.

    • Liked the 4th point! *Hash tag respect*

      • Hamza Rehman

        I installed it a few minutes ago to check if it’s working on 3g, but hopeless.

        just following my 4th point again

  • Ahmad

    worst service, every single second other person voice drop issue

  • Shahid Saleem

    Why did PTA approve this while blocking VoIP for other companies?

    • I don’t think this fall into VOIP, it’s basically a land line call forwarded/transfer to your phone via internet.

      • Riaz Aedhi

        Salam. Can i use this on my iphone

  • Sabeel

    20,000 downloads, eh? I guess Google doesn’t know counting!

  • Saqib

    how to forward incoming calls to smarlink?

    • PTCL

      Dial the Following codes from your landline

      *09*Smart ID# for Forwarding on No reply
      *06*Smart ID# for Forwarding on Busy

      Further, PTCL would itself activate forwarding within 24 hours of registration

  • Atif

    2 major flaws
    1 tied to hardware, sold my old phone and new phone can’t be used with same user.
    2 app to app call not possible as their is no local number, only landline number.

    • PTCL

      Smart ID is used for App to App calls

  • not working in profile it is saying voice disconnected and also in smart id it is showing some other number why??

    • PTCL

      That number is your App ID. You can receive calls directly on this number.

      If you are facing Voice disconnected problem, send an email at [email protected]

  • furqansyed

    Great…its working well… but its working only on outgoing calls nt incoming ones..

    • koolliver

      incomings must be activated..

    • PTCL

      Dial the Following codes from your landline for enable call transfer to SmartLink.

      *09*Smart ID# for Forwarding on No reply
      *06*Smart ID# for Forwarding on Busy

      Further, PTCL would itself activate forwarding within 24 hours of registration.

      You can also share your Smart ID with other people and they can directly call you on your Smart ID number

      • Guest

        what is the smart ID?

      • Dill Dar

        I can make outgoing calls but there is no incoming calls
        When i dail *09*Smart ID#
        *06*Smart ID#
        Computer says your telephone subscription does offer this service

        • PTCL – SmartLink

          Please share your Smart ID at [email protected] so that we can sort your issue.

        • ali shah

          can you other party listen ur voice when u call landline number?

        • ali

          sir when you make call using smarlink other party can listen your voice all other things are ok with me but other party can;t listen my voice when i call them please advise.

  • Shahzaib

    Meh, no iOS or WP version. Useless for me

  • Confused

  • Bilal aslam

    Iam using this service, really a breakthrough by ptcl…now u would feel at home all times even awat..And you can easily transfer ur landline number to smart number when out of home, voice quality is great too.

    • Dill Dar

      How to transfer incoming calls on landline to app

      • PTCL

        You can receive incoming call directly on your app. The Smart ID mentioned in your profile is itself a number can be dialed from any mobile and landline number. Apart form that to activate call forwarding, please following codes form your landline  No Reply : *09*Smart ID#  Busy Mode: *06*Smart ID#

  • Guest

    Why do the number I call see another landline number instead of actual landline number?

    • PTCL

      This is your App number (Smart ID). You would start seeing your own landline in 24 hours after registration. Further, the app number can also be used to directly receive calls from mobile and landline.

      • I have problem with sign up 1032 Error Appear i did email form [email protected] to [email protected]
        please Response This email Thank you in advance

      • Engr Qamar Fahim Khan

        cannot make call using any 3g or other than ptcl broadband. Also cannot receive call at smard id. my smart id is 04236415001

  • Sohaib Alee Khan Nagree

    41 cities as in withing 41 cities or land line numbers of 41 cities can be resisted?
    in other words can i register my islamabad landline number and use it outside pakistan over internet?

    • PTCL

      You can register and use it anywhere in Pakistan.

  • Haj Leo

    Of course it should not work in other networks, this is a competitive move by PTCL to win subscribers; I am wondering if Smartlink will be working in future while roaming out of the country!!

    • PTCL

      It works on other networks too

  • Ahmad

    I am trying to make a call from this app.
    I suppose, my landline number should appear to calling party. whereas its showing my cell number and bill is being charged to my cell.

    please clear this point

    • PTCL

      Your App may not be connected. Please follow the following steps.

      Please connect to Internet and check mark the force connect box; press re
      connect button in your profile.

      it doesn’t connect, exit the app using exit button and re login.

      should start working

  • DJ

    so to get better voice quality on this app you should have better internet connection?? by the way what is minimum bandwidth requirement for clear voice? secondly once i have registered on this app my out going number will be same as my Land-line number coz when i was using it on Beta services number was different for out going calls

    • PTCL- SmartLink

      Your landline number starts to appear in about 24 Hours after registration. If you still face problem, please send out an email to [email protected] and we would sort it

  • Salman

    any restriction of max user on one land line number

    • PTCL

      Will be removed soon

    • PTCL

      One account per Landline number. However, even that would be removed soon :)

  • Muhammad Sohaib Shaikh

    I am hearing this message while calling
    “Hum mazrat khuaa hain ye service number gair muassar hai”
    Though I am able to receive calls

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Hi Sohaib,
      Please send out an email at [email protected] and we would sort your problem., please do mention your Smart ID over there

      • Muhammad Sohaib Shaikh

        I can call now … the other side is receiving the call but I am not able to hear any sound … I have already sent an email to smartlink with ID

  • paki

    when will be available for iPhone

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      In About 6 Weeks time

  • Rehmat Ali

    Why its showing Voice Disconnected, Chat connected.

    • Muhammad Sohaib Shaikh

      Force connect it
      and restart

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Hi please use the following steps

      1. Connect to other Network (3G or other ISP)

      2. Check mark the “Force Connect” Button

      3. Press reconnect

      4. If should start working

      5. If it doesn’t please press the exit button in the app and
      login again. you would get connnected.

      6. If you still face problem. please send us your smart ID at
      [email protected] and we would arrange a call back from backend team.

      • Rehmat Ali

        If I call PTCL number, is the call free, I have freedom package at home number and PTCL calls are free.

        • Muhammad Sohaib Shaikh


  • Tariq

    Why this sotela pan with EVO dongles, why only DSL numbers can be registered with?

    • PTCL

      THis would coming soon

  • gumby

    Voice disconnected on other networks. only working with PTCL BB.
    Tried force connect as well.

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Please try the following Steps

      1. Connect to other Network (3G or other ISP)
      2. Check mark the “Force Connect” Button
      3. Press reconnect
      4. If should start working
      5. If it doesn’t please press the exit button in the app and login again. you would get connnected.
      6. If you still face problem. please send us your smart ID at [email protected] and we would arrange a call back from backend team.

  • I registered and it messaged 100% authenticated

    Now what to do what is my smart ID

    • PTCL

      mentioned in your profile

      • Plz elaborate do I have to use PTCL number?

        • PTCL – SmartLink

          Hi Mursaleen. The Smart ID is mentioned in your profile (in the app). You can now start making calls. Your Smart ID will be displayed on the CLI of called party, however, your own landline number would start appearing soon.

  • Waqas

    When I make a call the other person’s CLI shows Smartlink ID and not my landline number. Is this normal? It should show my landline number!

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Yes Waqas, This is normal. This is your app number and people can contact you on this number directly too. Further, your own CLI would start appearing soon.

  • Raheel Radium

    I m also using this app, as i got awareness from Propakistani. I want to say that this app might create Voice Calling problem only on Wateen. I checked it on Wi-tribe also and it is working awesome.

  • monis

    why only for DSL customers , why not for land line customers ?

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      We have passed your feedback to our Product Team.

      • monis


  • KMQ

    Wah ji Wah, First time in History PTCL is giving support and that too right away on ProPakistani Blog.. Lolz..

  • Shoaib

    At last, every company has realized the importance of smartphones, their use, easiness in connectivity for voice and data etc.Well done 3G/4G operators(For their contribution in making smartphones popular) and PTCL.Things are now moving in right direction which would benefit economy of Pakistan.

  • Rehmat Ali

    I have a freedom package on my PTCL, that is free call to PTCL across Pakistan. What if I make call from smart link to PTCL number, will they be free or charged?

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      If you have freedome package. Your calls from SmartLink to landline shall be free (as per the freedom package) :)

  • Rehmat Ali

    What If I call my landlines number through PTCL Smart Link, the number through which I am registered, will the call be free?

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      If you have freedome package. Your calls from SmartLink to landline shall be free (as per the freedom package)

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    just freaking useless to me because as always there is no support for iPhone platform , Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcl

  • adil

    not working on zong 3g or force connect voice gets disconnected on force conect even on wifi and their method doesnt works and their supoort is useless group of lazy c**ts

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Please share your Smart ID at [email protected]. It would be taken care-off

  • bakra

    So now you can hijack anyone’s landline number using publicly available details. Before you protest, PTCL provides complete phone bills online. Only thing missing is CNIC. An over the phone phishing session or two should yield that info in no time at all.

    • Epakistani

      For your info nic is also mentioned on the ptcl bill.

  • arif

    I email to ptcl 10 year ago i said this number give on mobile , because everyday cut the wire & my shop in i disconnect ptcl.

  • Imran

    I did register on android app an hour ago but didn’t get the smart ID. smart ID will be delivered where? through sms or on email?

    • PTCL

      it is mentioned in your app in the profile menu.

      • Imran

        I got the id but its not signing in.. i am getting following errors…
        1.. 2000|exception error
        2… internet connection error
        3… invalid email

        Is there any solution for this?? Also is it working outside the country or only within Pakistan? ??



  • FN

    Makes sense. But the last time i checked with PTCL helpline (3 months back) they told me I would not be able to use it outside PK as IP address is restricted.

  • Zohaib

    Can I used it from outside pakistan and make cheep call to pakistan :D?????

  • Nouman CH

    smartlink app par register nahi ho pa rha on, error aa rha hay your account number already registered,, ya phir ye error 2000]EXCEPTION

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Hi Nouman, Please send us an email at [email protected] and we would get in touch with you.

  • suleman

    Unable to call. And call is disconnected.

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Hi Suleman,
      please share your Smart ID at [email protected]. We would sort your issue.

  • Can somebody tell me please that which account number do i have to put in the field on registration form which says “Account# associated with provided number” ?

    • please somebody tell me whats this ????

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      it is mentioned on your bill

      • Just got my new connection 15-20 days ago so i have not got any bill yet.. Can you help me trace it through my land line number or something?

        • PTCL – SmartLink

          Sure Asad. Please send us your Landline # at [email protected]. We would get in touch with you.

  • Muhammad Amjad

    What is the mean of Account# associated with provided number?

    • this

      • PTCL – SmartLink

        This is account associated with Landline. It is mentioned on your bill

    • thats what i need to know

  • Kamran Khan

    Should i take 2 land line connections if my two family members want to avail land line on their mobiles or only one connection will be able to serve two mobiles. If one is enough, what will happen when my brother phone is busy and i need to make call. Will I be able to make call or my line would be showing as busy too.

    • PTCL – SmartLink

      Hi Kamran,
      We shall be activating multiple accounts on a single landline in a week’s time. :)

      And yes call can be forwarded if your landline is busy.

      • Kamran Khan

        I mean if at the same time two persons want to make calls on other different numbers, would they be able to do it or one should wait untill 2nd releases the phone.

  • ali shah

    i am using this application when i call any landlind i can listen other party but they can’t listen me somebody help me plz

  • Liaqat Sheikh

    I am using this app since it started. Then I had Huawei 3C. Smart tv used to run on it. Now I bought Huawei honor 6. Now Smart Tv does not work on it. Why?



  • Yazz

    Rubbish!!! Call customer service about smart link app because I am able to get any call on my mobile even they don’t what they on about all safarishi people in customer service don’t know about any thing!!!

  • Engr Qamar Fahim Khan

    cannot make call using any 3g or other than ptcl broadband. Also cannot receive call at smard id. my smart id is 04236415001

  • Saqib Abdullah

    when this app will available on ios/ Apple

  • Asif

    What is PSTN No where do one get this from