Microsoft Sway Now Has Collaboration Features

Sway is one of the more recent apps by Microsoft Office that combines presentations and note taking. Introduced in October last year, it could be perceived as PowerPoint for web excluding the complexities involved in Excel. Users have the ability to view a sway using the web browser or using a native app for Android or iOS.

microsoft swayUpdate Incoming

Sway has had a number of updates in the past but the upcoming update promises more than before. Collaboration with the latest update would mean that you may create, view and edit content with your friends and family. Any ‘collaborator’ that works alongside can share an edit link with you. That way you can view someone’s sway. Both of you could commence work on that document at the same time.

Who Accesses my Sway?

Users do not have to go through the pain of memorizing whom they share their documents with; a shared icon reveals all the people who have access to a document. If you feel someone is out of line or an author needs to be removed, you can simply revoke access. In case you need to check who is viewing a document at a given time, a cursor will indicate so (as is the case with Google Docs).

Sway With Me: Collaboration Features

Let’s say you are working on a project and create a template that you must also share with your team to have it approved. The latest update allows you to copy the sway and better yet, share more than one variants of a given document with others. On the top right, the ‘…’ button denotes the option to copy. For further information, you may head over to the official Microsoft Office blog. You can check out Microsoft Sway for yourself here.