Telenor Enters into Handset Business with Two 3G-enabled Smartphones

First Ufone, then Zong and now Telenor has entered into the business of smartphones to cash in on the lucrative business opportunity in the country with two entry level 3G handsets — Telenor Easy 3G and Telenor Smart 3G handsets.

Smartphones in Pakistan are enjoying an explosion in popularity with the introduction of 3G and 4G. Anything remotely affordable gets cleared out of stock in no time and this is where Telenor is tapping with the launch of its two entry level 3G enabled phones.

So the interest of telcos in handset business makes sense. They already have a market presence, brand recognition and widely available sales channels including customer care centers and franchises, an area where phone manufacturers struggle.

Selling handsets alongside cellular phone services is an intuitive way to multiply profits.

The two handsets from Telenor will be available from 15th April 2015 on all Telenor Sales & Service Centers and franchises as well as in selected mobile shops across Pakistan.

In order to enhance the reach of these devices to the customers, Telenor Pakistan has appointed i2 Pakistan as the distribution and warranty partner with over 800 collection points.

Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Pakistan said:

Telenor Pakistan aims to bring 3G phones within the affordability range of people belonging to low and middle income groups.

3G is getting popular across the country but unavailability of affordable and good featured handsets are hampering its growth. The penetration of 3G technology could be faster than today if customers will be provided handsets that could easily supported 3G technology with desired applications and options.

He further added:

The affordable handsets will allow many subscribers to use 3G technology in future as the available brands are too expensive with respect to the purchasing power of millions of users.

We have travelled into rural areas and interviewed many people who kept asking for 3G service in their cities which shows highly positive signs for cellular phone companies.

“Telenor is working on its theme “Internet for All” and it believes that internet will explore vast opportunities not for the customers but for the economy as well as 10 percent internet utility directly contributes to 1 percent share of the GDP”, he added.

Already, Telenor is working with K Electric to provide internet based solutions for meter reading of customers. It is working in dairy sector with Engro to standardize milk products. It is mulling over introduction of internet based systems for e-governance like traffic control.

He concluded by saying that these projects and launch of handsets are just the start. There is much more being explored and will be unfolded in time by Telenor for customers of Pakistan.

Like many brands the handset introduced by Telenor are manufactured in China.

Telenor Easy 3G


  • Price: Rs 3,700 to Rs 3,900
  • 3G-enabled feature phone
  • Front Camera
  • Social media apps (Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp)

Telenor Smart 3G


  • Price: 6,000 to 6,700
  • Loaded with Telenor Music
  • Telenor Appstore, Viber
  • Skype and Social Media Apps

Additional Offers

Telenor Pakistan brings 18 months warranty for its customers, which is the first time in Pakistan that any handset comes with an extended warranty.

Telenor Pakistan’s customers can avail a balance of Rs 600 and 3GB data over the first six months with these handsets.

  • anas qamar

    You can get a pretty decent used smart phone for around 7000 to 8000+ like a motorola which is far better than buying this!

    • eyescreaman

      You can’t compare used with brand new AND 18 months warranty.

      1.its used.
      2.No warranty.
      3. 15% more expensive.

      • anas qamar

        Yes I know it may sound ‘bad’ on paper. But just go and look at the smartphones on websites like olx. There are pretty good – like a motorola with an amoled screen and 3300 mah battery (I forgot the model)..there are many others which are way better than this ‘new’ phone. Yes, it will be used, but they aren;t bad at all. Some are pretty good and are like new, just used for a bit etc… just check it out, its wayy better than this..

        • eyescreaman

          But it still doesn’t change the fact they are all used and there is no guarantee it will work 4 hours after you buy.

          You have a point but it cannot be applied here since it will be comparing apple to oranges[or Telenor]

        • Googli

          Let the people talk… when they have not used the phones how they will come to know the difference. You are absolutely right.

          Let them waste their money :-)

  • Mbnav

    Wow. There is a difference between cheap and affordable lol

  • OK

    These are the best phones available in this range…

  • WJ

    Anas but you cant go for beautiful used women however brand new has it own value

    • anas qamar

      comparison of women to phones is invalid just like it is with cars..
      You want to buy a new car? or a used one?
      In thee mobile phone market, things aren’t the way it is even with cars. Yes, I know a new is something we all want, but the comparison in mobile market is like this:
      – You can buy a New Mehran
      – Or you can buy a used corolla for the same price.
      Which one would you choose? I will choose the corolla!
      Just look, you can buy a Galaxy S Duos for ~6,000 /–
      For the same price, you will get this phone (I dont know its specs but from the picture it definitely has a poor viewing angle, shitty specs – especially the ram would be hardly 512)
      Or you can buy a used Motorola Photon (1 gb ram – dual core) which is also around 6000 rs.

  • Amina Anis

    Good move of providing extended warranty, I’m sure the free balance and data is going to make these phones sell out quickly!

  • Ahmed

    cheap like Telenor network, cheap are always cheap and third class

    • Bilal Iqbal


    • right but 18 months warranty isn’t enough?

      • sheeraz khan

        Tujhe kiya life time waranty wala set chahiye to iske liye tujhe china jana parega wahan ke president se jaake milo aur batao mjhe 6000 me life time waranty wala set chagiye
        ghareeb log

  • Awan

    I would say its better to try something new instead of used. Buying a new mehran is better than having a used corolla. Same is with having a motorolla used set with no warranty cliam center and having a new set with 18 months warranty and 800 outlets for cliam.

    • Googli

      Driving a corolla and driving a mehran.. Is like riding on a horse (corolla) and riding over a donkey (mehran).. what kind of comparison have you done? LOL

  • abbasi506

    at entry level sounds good

  • RA

    these seem to be pretty decent entry level devices comparing to Qmobile, Voice, Revo etc & will be pretty much a hit in rural areas but in urban they might not stand a chance against the mighty Samsung, HTC or Apple ….. but then again they can not be compared with them.

  • ali

    I may buy easy 3g as a 2ndry phone, a Good deal though

  • Eli Ehsan

    Moto E costs about 7K innit? What a farce…

    • sheeraz khan

      Oye velon ab bus karo lega koi nahi sirf apas me aik dusre ki chadhi utare jarahe ho

  • Abdul WAHAB


    telenor have to making like this set.

    5” LED MultiTouch Screen

    8 Mega Pixel Rear with LED HD Falsh Light

    5 Mega Pixel Front with Flash Light

    Andriod 4.4 Kit Kat

    32 GB Bulit in

    256 GB Supported

    5 GB Ram

    5 GB Rom

    3.0 Quad Core Processor

    Dual Mini Sim with Easy Sweep

    3G, 3.5G & 4G LTE feature

    telenor sim alllow & Price should be PKR : 15,000 for telenor user
    who have using telenor sim since many years age regularlyi think that is better

    • Naveed

      its not you.. we are never happy in any situation :P

  • Cheeta

    Tum logo ko much business ke ABC ka the pata hay ya airf youn he chawlein mar rahay ho… market research Kay bad is tarha kat faislay let’s he in or tum log ho Kay bakwas keay he ja rahay ho….is Kay ilawa logo ko 3G par the to Lana hay Jo Kay Telenor ka asal maksad hay……samjh main are.

  • Shoaib

    Well done Telenor

    • Shamim

      I just want to tell you that it is such a pathetic set i have ever seen.
      although price is low. but i must say mehnga roa aik baar or sasta roa
      bar bar. ok give me ranking. camera -2 MP. hang problem in set, or
      ghalati say bhe kisi or network ki sim, sim2 main bhe nahi laga daina
      warna 2 week ki warany main jai ga for security break. and also i want
      to tell you that offer for free mobile internet of six month is fake. i
      called telenor call center they give me different codes to to activate
      internet but nothing work. finally i load 3 hundred scratch card. mera
      dostana mashwara hai dont buy this telenor 3g smart phone. is say bhetar
      4000 wala Q mobile lay loo. Please do not say well done

  • Arsalan Ahmad

    ان کی تو شکل ہی نہیں سمارٹ فونز جیسی؟؟؟ شائد ٹیلی نار والوں نے سمجھا ہو گا کہ ہم پاکستان اتنے بھولے ہیں کہ کھانا ناک میں ڈالتے ہیں

  • Amar

    You can say Taxi

  • Shoaib

    The way Telenor is progressing, it seems 3G users of Telenor will cross figure of 6 million in just 5 months.

  • are these andriod mobiles?



  • Shahzad

    Abay yaar 3G use he kitne loag kar rahe hein…….still packages are not affordable for masses……all operators keep in mind ! Pakistan has a price sensitive market

  • jadeed

    it must be the same as the one launched by ufone. OEM was Befone social.4 or something like that.

  • great
    I think MS Lumia 432 of ~ Rs. 7K is also a good choice.

  • Eliot Hayworth

    By the looks of it, I’m guessing it’s some ZTE model.


    Pakistani peoples still used feature phones :P

    In India All features phones price now Rs300 to Rs600 INR (600 INR = 981.46 PKR)
    no matter itz 2G or 3G-enabled.
    Social media apps are also included (Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp)

    Telenor India (Brand name Uninor) should launch some Android smartphones in India.
    Afterall Telenor India is cheapest telecom service operator in India.
    Telenor India slogan is “sabse sasta”.

  • Huraira Huri

    Well done telenor.we are always with you. DAUD shar

  • saif ali

    i want to sell my telenor i2