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The world’s de facto leader in messaging apps, Whatsapp Messenger’s recent update with have Android owners pretty excited. Whatsapp now comes with a Material Design makeover, putting it in the growing stable of apps that look right at home with Android Lollipop. You’ve got all the sleek animations and a native and clean aesthetic app design in this much-awaited update.

Just because it was made in line with Google’s material design UI guidelines, doesn’t make the update destined only for devices running Android Lollipop version. The Whatsapp APK works on devices running Android 2.1, making it backwards compatible for most Android devices out there. That means all Android phone owners can use it.

The UI is now more noticeably green-tinged, and some icons are now displayed prominently for better interaction between the users and software. The voice recording button reflects the his change, as does the conversation header on the app. We also get Hangouts styled conversation tabs for contacts, chats and calls.

whatsapp material design

One other notable feature that has snuck into this update is that of Voice Calling over Whatsapp. Previously, only people who got the voice call invite could call other Whatsapp contacts. These contacts would then unlock the calling feature on their handsets. However with the recent update, Whatsapp developers have made voice calls open for all and ditched the invite-only feature.

With this update, it seems that Whatsapp’s acquisition by Facebook is finally giving birth to collaborative features between the two. Facebook did shell out $21 billion for the purchase after all, and now some testers can see the ‘Share to Whatsapp’ button on their Facebook. The idea being that Facebook news feed items and links can be quickly shared with Whatsapp users.

All in all, if you love some Material Design inspired goodness and can’t wait to get this app in your hands, head towards the link below and download the Android APK file for your phone. Happy Whatsapping.

Download Whatsapp Material Design

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