Whatsapp Voice Calling Invites Are Now Active

Normal users can finally get their hands on Whatsapp voice calling. Previously, the feature was introduced to a group of beta testers on Android who could invite other users into the group. Now it is being rolling out slowly to users across all platforms.

How to get Whatsapp Voice Calling:

In order to gain this functionality, users will have to update their app to the latest version by sideloading it from the Whatsapp website. Once this is done, a user will need to ask another user who already has the calling functionality to call them. Once a user receives a call the WhatsApp calling feature is enabled on your smartphone.

But there’s a minor problem that some users might face. The feature is enabled on the WhatsApp servers for each user and as the feature is still in early stages, there’s a possibility that the servers might be down when a user is called and they might have to wait until they are back up again. The servers are currently up and running without any hiccups.

Please don’t click on any links from unknown numbers as they contain malware

If you do not know anybody who has the functionality then you can head over to the WhatsApp’s official Google+ page and ask someone from the initial group to help you activate it by calling you.

It is worth warning the users that if you receive a message on any social network or messaging platform to activate your WhatsApp calling using a link or a download DO NOT accept it as such messages contain malware.

It is advised the users ask someone they know to call them or wait to receive an official invite from WhatsApp by receiving a call directly from WhatsApp’s promotional campaigners.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

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    Any Luck For IOS ?

    • Baloch

      iPhone user need 2.11.17 update for calling feature

      • 626

        how to get 2.11.17?

    • Waleed

      there is still an option! on iPhone the latest whatsapp version (with voice call support) is not released yet ! you have to install the latest beta version of whatsapp 2.11.17
      here is the link https://dev2.whatsapp.net/ios/Wh1 atsApp/
      but you have to sign this if you are not jailbroken
      but hey!! you are lucky if you have a jailbroken iPhone ;)
      simply open up cydia, install Appsync Unified (add the source cydia.angelxwind.net if you cant see this tweak name)
      once u have installed appsync unified, reboot your iPhone! now open the link of whatsapp beta i put above! then tap on install! it will take some time for installation! and here you go! ;) enjoy!

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    Mine also active :p and for iPhone user they need 2.11.17 update for calling feature

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    Does it work on apple?

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  • Sheraz Ak

    UPDATE: whatsapp on playstore now have the latest version available, which offers calling service. most users might have an automatic update

  • Tayyab Ilyas

    100% working and valid link to download whatsapp voice. Must comment when you find it working


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    @abbasi506:disqus can you tell me if i need to reinstall WHATSAPP to enable calling feature or the presently updated software on my android phone will work. I have version 2.12.5 updated on 14-03-2015. Further, how can i enable this feature…… My cell number is +923218230513

  • ZeeshanM

    @disqus_4Y2Q8JCMvt:disqus @disqus_zpRf87fQQP:disqus can you tell me if i need to reinstall WHATSAPP to enable calling feature or the presently updated software on my android phone will work. I have version 2.12.5 updated on 14-03-2015. Further, how can i enable this feature…… My cell number is +923218230513

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