See What Cyber Crime Law Can Do to You – A Must Read for Every Internet User in Pakistan!

Cyber Crime bill, that has been approved by National Assembly’s standing committee on Information Technology, is now likely to be presented in National Assembly for approval to soon become a law of the land.

Once passed in National Assembly, the cyber crime bill will become a law and would be used against any Pakistani within Pakistani boundaries for prosecution.

Why Such a Hurry in Passing the Bill?

While a framework for cyber crime laws should have been made decades ago, processing it in such a haste raises some questions that should concern every citizen of Pakistan.

Before we dissect the the bill in parts to help you better understand the problems, it is important to note that NA’s standing committee approved the bill within a few hours after the critics raised their voice.

Moreover, standing committee’s representation included only PML(N) members. 14 PML(N) members out of a total of 20 members of the committee were present and approved the bill without objecting anything, while five out of six remaining members from other parties didn’t participate in the meeting.

Yes, we know that government has every way of proving that other members were invited but they couldn’t make it to one of the most important meetings of the year — we know how it works for government offices — but the fact of the matter is that Standing Committee’s approval for Cyber Crime bill doesn’t represent any party other than PML(N), which is more or less like dictatorship.

This hurriedness is alarming.

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Touching a Phone, or Hitting a Keystroke can Put You Behind the Bars for Six Months!

The bill, as a a whole is decidedly ambiguous and incomplete. Let me explain how.

Let’s have a look at section 3, which says:

Whoever with malicious intent gains unauthorized access to any information system or data shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to one hundred thousand rupees or with both.

The term “Malicious” is very vague. No one bothered to define it and I am not sure what things are malicious and what are not — but what I know is that I can be put behind the bars for six months for just touching a phone by mistake.

Moreover, anyone can call my intents malicious, meaning that I am on the fence already.

Unauthorized access — by mistake for example — without resulting into any harm is punishable as well. That’s just as simple as clicking keystroke of your boss’s computer — who can get you convicted for accessing his/her laptop with malicious intent.

If you are Unlucky, Touching a Phone can Get You Behind the Bars for Three Years Too!

If you were thinking that six months for touching a phone was too much, then you were wrong. Touching a phone can in fact get you three years of imprisonment or a million rupees in fine if you are up against a minister.

So here’s the corresponding section you should look at:

Unauthorized access to critical infrastructure information system or data: Whoever with malicious intent gains unauthorized access to any critical infrastructure information system or data shall be punished with imprisonment upto three years or with fine which may extend to one million rupees or with both.

If you are wondering what this “Critical Infrastructure” is, then here’s how it is defined in the bill:

“critical infrastructure” includes the infrastructures so designated by any Government in Pakistan and such other assets, systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the State or its organs including judicature that their incapacitation or destruction may have a debilitating effect on national security, economy, public health,safety or matters related thereto;

So evidently, touching any thing related to government can cause you 5X damage.

If you think I am exaggerating things a little then you might be right actually, but I am just trying to explain the worst case scenarios. And trust me, they are as dangerous as I am telling you.

Note: ProPakistani wants unauthorized accesses to get punished. All we want is more clarity on this “Malicious” thing and a guarantee that how this “Intent” thing won’t be used against a common man.

Hacking a Government Website Can Get you Behind the Bars for 14 Years and/or Rs. 50 Million Fine

So if you used to hack government websites in past, just don’t dare to do that again. Otherwise you can be put in jail for 14 years along with Rs. 50 Millions in Fine. Below are the corresponding sections for you!

Section 5: Unauthorized access to critical infrastructure information system or data:

Whoever with malicious intent gains unauthorized access to any critical infrastructure information system or data shall be punished with imprisonment upto three years or with fine which may extend to one million rupees or with both.

Section 7: Criminal Interference with critical infrastructure information system or data:

Whoever with malicious intent and without authorization interferes with or damages, or causes to be inferred with or damaged, any critical information system or any part thereof, or critical infrastructure data or any part thereof, shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to seven years or with fine which may extend to five million rupees or with both.

Section 8: Cyber terrorism:

Whoever commits or threatens to commit any of the offences under sections 5 and 7 where:

(a) the use or threat is designed to coerce, intimidate, overawe or create a sense of fear, panic or insecurity in the Government or the public or a section of the public or community or sect or create a sense of fear or insecurity in society; or

(b) the use or threat is made for the purpose or motive of advancing a religious, ethnic or sectarian cause; shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to fourteen years or with fine which may extend to fifty million rupees or with both.

You Can be Randomly Picked Up by LEAs

Since we are discussing the worst case scenarios, if LEAs think you are are monster then you can be picked up by the officer, any time of the day — with a warrant from court without proving anything.

Read corresponding section yourself:

Section 24: No warrant, arrest, search, seizure or other power not provided for in the Act:

(1) No person whether a police officer, investigation officer or otherwise, other than an investigating officer of the special investigation agency shall investigate an offence under this Act:

Provided that the Federal Government or the Provincial Government may, as the case may be, constitute joint investigation team comprising of the officers of special investigation agency and any other law enforcement agency including Police for investigation of events involving commission of offences under this Act and any other law for the time being in force.

(2) No person other than a prosecutor designated as such by the special investigating agency shall prosecute any offence under this Act.

LEAs Can Come and Confiscate Your Laptop/Mobile or anything They Want 

Yes, you read it right. Below is corresponding section:

Section 25: Expedited Preservation of data.

(1) If an investigating officer is satisfied that

(a) data stored in any information system or by means of an information system, is reasonably required for the purposes of a criminal investigation; and

(b) there is a risk or vulnerability that the data may be modified, lost, destroyed or rendered inaccessible, the investigating officer may, by written notice given to a person in control of the information system, require the person to ensure that the data specified in the notice be preserved and the integrity thereof is maintained for a period not exceeding ninety days as specified in the notice.

(2) The period provided in sub-section (1) for preservation of data may be extended by the Magistrate if so deemed necessary upon receipt of an application from the investigating officer in this behalf.

Your Website Can Get Blocked, if Someone Thinks its immoral!

As you might know, ProPakistani has favored blocked blasphemous and anti-state content. But with this law, any website that PTA might not like can get blocked.

Here are reason that PTA can give to block a website if its content is:

  • Against Islam or its integrity,
  • Against security or defence of Pakistan
  • Against friendly relations with foreign states
  • Against a public order
  • If content is indecent or immoral
  • Or if it incites an offence

Theoretically speaking, PTA will be able to block any content on internet — without asking anyone. And no one would be able to challenge PTA in the courts as they will have a law to defend them.

Below is corresponding section from the bill:

Section 31: Power to issue directions for removal or blocking of access of any intelligence through any information system:

(1) The Authority or any officer authorised by it in this behalf may direct anyservice provider, to remove any intelligence or block access to such intelligence, if it considers it necessary in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, commission of or incitement to an offence.

(2) The Federal Government may prescribe rules for adoption of standards and procedure by the Authority to monitor and block access and entertain complaints under this section.

(3) Until such procedure and standards are prescribed, the Authority shall monitor and block intelligence in accordance with the directions issued by the Federal Government.

Spamming Can Cause You a Fine of Rs. 1 Million

There are many spammers in out country. Individuals and even the multi national companies (Like Daraz, Nokia, Qatar Airways, HP Pakistan etc.) send (or used to send) spam emails. If you are one such person then you can fined up to Rs. 1 million.

So this is a hard time coming up, stop spamming right away.

While I think that spamming should be penalized, Bolo Bhi believes that spamming shouldn’t be included in the bill as an offence. Farieha Aziz, director Bolo Bhi, told me that the proportionality of damage done through spamming isn’t in proportion to the fine and there are other ways of blocking spam such as tightening privacy laws so that emails aren’t shared with the spammers.

Publishing a Meme on Facebook can Fine you With Rs. 1 Million

Arsalan (from Comics by Arsalan) and our other similar friends this is for you: Close your pages and start doing something else, but not comics. Because in Pakistan this law, when passed, will get you behind the bars or a fine of up to Rs. 1 million for creating and publishing memes.

Check below section for your satisfaction:

Section 18: Offences against dignity of natural person

(1) Whoever dishonestly and publicly exhibits or displays or transmits any false electronic communication, which is likely to harm or intimidate the reputation or privacy of a natural person shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine up to one million rupees or with both.

Provided, nothing under this sub-section(1) shall apply to anything aired by a broadcast media or distribution service licensed under PEMRA Ordinance 2002 (XIII of 2002)

(2) Any aggrieved person or his guardian, where such person is a minor may apply to the Court for passing of such orders for removal, destruction or blocking access to such material referred to in subsection

(1) and the Court on receipt of such application may pass such orders as deemed proper for securing, destroying, blocking access or preventing transmission of such material.

So naturally, all memes, cartoon or caricatures are going to get forbidden in the land of the pure.

Publishing a Picture of Nawaz Sharif can Fine you with up to Rs. 1 Million

No more trolling on the internet again. Yes, publishing the pictures of anyone without their consent or knowledge can get you behind the bars for two good years and/or with a fine of up to Rs. 1 Million

Below is the corresponding section in the bill:

Cyber stalking

(1) Whoever with the intent to coerce or intimidate or harass any person uses information system, information system network, the Internet, website, electronic mail or any other similar means of communication to:

  • communicate obscene, vulgar, contemptuous, or indecent intelligence; or
  • make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature; or
  • threaten any illegal or immoral act; or
  • take or distribute picture or photograph of any person without his consent or knowledge; or
  • display or distribute information in a manner that substantially increases the risk of harm or
  • violence to any person, commits the offence of cyber stalking.

(2) Whoever commits the offence specified in sub-section (1) shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine up to one million rupees, or with both:

Provided that if the victim of the cyber stalking under sub-section (1) is a minor the punishment may extend to five years or with fine upto ten million rupees, or with both.

(3) Any person may apply to the Court for issuance of a restraining order against an accused of cyber stalking and the Court upon receipt of such application may pass such order as deemed fit in the circumstances of the case including an order for removal or destruction of, or blocking access to, such material.

The Core Focus is to Curb Digital Media (While Exempting Print and Electronic Media)

Interestingly, section 18 mentioned above (that imposes a fine of Rs. 1 Million for publishing memes) isn’t applicable for Electronic or Print media. Here’s the clause that says so:

Provided, nothing under this sub-section(1) shall apply to anything aired by a broadcast media or distribution service licensed under PEMRA Ordinance 2002 (XIII of 2002)

So if you are print media or an electronic media then publishing memes is okay. In such situation, what kind of law is this? Where same thing is lawful for one and unlawful for another?

Proportionality of Crime and Punishments are Senseless

Industry stake holders say that the proportionality of crimes defined and the corresponding punishments are simply mindless. For example if a kid hacks a website then he can be sent into jail for 14 years — which is way beyond common sense.

Industry is calling for more rational approach towards punishments, especially in Pakistan where corruption and lawlessness is at its peak. There must be some safeguards in place to make sure that politicians aren’t given a free hand to use the law against innocent citizens.

If passed in its current form (which is expected to be much worse than the version we produced above), it will impact everyone (individuals, businesses, media etc.) in a big way. This needs urgent attention as bill can be passed in a speedy manner through the National Assembly.

How to Stop this Bill

Raise your voice. That’s the only thing that can make a difference. Flood your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Make yourself heard by the law-makers as they are the ones who are confining your freedom.

Do this today, as tomorrow it may get too late!

Go ahead and share this page on your Facebook walls! Become a part in stopping this bill!

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • No facebook me sub kuch facebook ke server me record hota hai jub tak aap kuch real information ya pics nahi dalo ge nahi pakr sakte

    • hahah May be After some times The Will also ban users to Post On Facebook.

  • This is great, seriously great :-D Amazed :O I feel so much blocks while writing the blog and now this bill is going to block the internet overall for me :-D

  • This is just an attempt by politicians to curb social media which speaks the truth about them. it will backfire though as this bill is completely unconstitutional and illegal.

  • I believe this is a very good step, but most of the internet users have no idea about the term “CYBER CRIME”

    Rather than enforcing directly this law, Government should educate first the people of Pakistan about its rule and regulation. Half of the internet users of our Country knows only about facebook, twitter, youtube, dailymotion and google only nothing else.

    Government took a brilliant step but they should run a campaign first in which they should guide people about the cyber law, rules and regulation of cyber world, limitations of internet users etc and after that go for Cyber Law Enforcement.

    • Oh come one, first government should educate it self about what comes under crime and what not Go ahead read the draft of the bill and decide your self how bullshit is that.

    • yes and freedom of speech is a crime, in the book of oppressors. It is a good step except for not taken the right way they need experts who actually know what is Cyber and what is right what is wrong. After reading this they are the ones who need to be educated.

    • yeah and these stupid laws and punishments indicate how educated government itself is about cyber crimes.

  • a first step towards the cyber crime law. its good, and will evolve from time to time, and it needed to exists.

    however, i am afraid that it will be misused here.

  • It must not be approved!! This cybercrime law threatens to silence politicians’ critics. #NotoCyberCrime

  • sab chotya bananay ki batain hain, agar in k andar itna hi daaaam hay to maaan jaonga agar yah looog VPN virtual private network band kar dain all over pakistan.

    • no need to block VPN they can access you PC and there is nothing you can do about it.
      Yes you can hide your identity but it is hidden as long as the VPN companies would like to, read Agreement you clicked when you Signed up for VPN account.
      i suggest you use private proxy.

  • Why you mentioned picture of Nawaz Sharif??? Looks like you are promoting Poti leage agenda… well, if this bill passes, anyone can go to the court and challenge this and surely will, what the cause behind sharing this page??? Free publicity for you? I think, shame on ProPakistani and Aamir Aata

    • Dictators of PML(N) approved this bill so only they will be beneficiaries. You will be able to call PTI as poti leage but no one will dare to call nawaz sharif as GANJA after this bill is passed. This is how law works in Pakistan. Aur GANJA tau wesy b awaam ko ghulaam hi banana chahta hai. apna ghulam ya ksi aur ka..

      • Great poti leage member… I get you by your “talking habbits”. Look, you argue rigging rigging but have you any proofs??? What was you doing for 2 years? Why you need extra 7 days now? You are cheat party…

        If you have reservations, instead of doing politics, why don’t you go to court? Also, why you do not raise your voice in NA? Busy collecting evidences?

        • ab jis baat ka jawab nhi aap k paas uss ko ghuma do.. I am not a PTI member. But everyone knows that only true Political Party is PTI. PML(N) is a group of thugs and mafias. I dont even take them as political party.

          • Other than “you” who else knows that poti leage is “real” party? I simply condemn your statement. Your name include Amir, that does not mean you are being referenced in my very first comment.

            Poti leage was a great party, only and only if:
            1. They had proved KPK win.
            2. They had worked in favor of people not in favor to see him as “prime minister”
            3. Had educated his party workers to be educated and not like above commentors whose mom is being crushed by himself.

            In Pakistan’s history worst party ever is poti leage, they struggling for their own needs and not our needs. If he is not a prime ministor what stops him from helping people?

            I believe, when his government in progress, we will not be able to offer hajj.. he will argue that suspend hajj offering and charity me for so called hospital.

              • What they are doing, they are doing better than past governments and of course what has done by PTI in KPK this term! I don’t say they made Pakistan a heaven but I do say that Pakistan is much better now.

                1. 3g/4g availability
                2. Many records now online
                3. Cyber Crime Bill
                4. Pakistan now a better economic state (world 18th
                5. Real progress is being done
                And more!

      • Dafuq, one can’t call a spade a spade on Internet from now on? or in our case a GANJA a GANJA or a THeif a Theif. :(

        • You call it but you can not harass “anybody” with bad names, Its also “not” allowed in Islam, if you have trust in Islam?

          • only if Pakistan was an Islamic country, everyone’s a Muslim here who would kill or killed for the sake of Quran but wouldn’t care to study and follow it by heart. any new law passed would only be beneficial to those who are in power.

    • Even you are not thinking about general public. You are also favoring Corrupt League!
      We all know who misuse such vague laws. People like you are partners in crime!

  • Grammatical error under heading “Publishing a Picture of Nawaz Sharif Again”

    “with their consent or knowledge”

    It should read ‘without’

  • I think this is from print and electronic media. These 2 media are afraid of social media. We see every channel making fun of politicians and celebrities but no law for them. They just want to stop voice of public. We need to fight against it, not just to stop it but to make it “UN-MALICIOUS”

  • What
    can we expect from these IT masters, They have just one thing in their
    Noora minds that how can we stop compains against us on social media,
    just make a law and put all the active social media persons behind the
    bars so no one can raise voice or bring facts.

  • You guys are blowing this out of proportion.
    Yes, the bill is very vague, but besides that I believe its a good first step.
    And I really can’t see the issues you have with it.
    Stop being paranoid. No one is out to get the common man.
    And I really hope it’ll play a part in curbing the rampant misuse of internet here. We Pakistanis are out of control.

    • The world is out of control, because internet is a place where people come down to share their frustration in the world, the point is, that this bill will create an unfavorable environment for the freedom of expression that internet creates, since in a country like Pakistan the politicians are not educated enough for the bill to be in a common man’s favor. This bill is not a very good step, since internet cannot be tamed as easily as this bill indicates, and yes there should be a cyber crime law, but this vague law with it’s many interpretations will do more harm than good.

    • Are you the one of those who passed this. Because you have absolutely no idea what is this all about.

  • cyber oppression law, dictatorship, cruelty, youtube’s ban was the same too, but i cant post memes just because they offend someone for whatever reason seriously,wtf lol?

  • iss govt k lye VPN or proxy kon band krae ga or ha is ne abi tak YouTube ko filter ni kiya tu y Hacker ko kiya arrest krangae or wo jo y hacking krtae hy wo direct apnae IP sy ni krtae and Hacker is not a Baby

  • Who is more foolish the child afraid of dark or the man afraid of the light?

    • as far as I know, only you are the foolish.
      Still yawning from canada?

      • khud karachi main bath k loan launch kar rhy ho mera canada mera canada pa itraaz karty ho?

  • What if someone from Pakistan who is residing outside Pakistan abuses a person who is living in Pakistan? :-p can we also sue them in Pakistani courts?

  • No need to over-think on this topic but just consider yourself taken out by a local police, and punished by them, after the whole drama you are told that you committed a cyber crime. It is not about the government but there are some international players behind everything that is happening around us. I should call them Muslim-haters, because they are slowing taking all the right things and making them wrong for us. Everyone is needed to put your eyes beyond just the government, because they are being played like previous governments. So wake-up Muslims before it is too late for you to understand the whole matter. Initially we got energy crisis, then we got Sui-gas crisis which ruined our industry, and now i am afraid the things are moving towards the water crisis, as i can see things getting worse day-by-day.

  • WTF is this? cyber-law bill or Cyber Dictatorship bill?? most of shit shouldn’t even be there’s all crap 80% of this is to stop us from shitting on politicians on the internet.
    Internet should be a free entity as is our right to speak. SO F*ck you cybercrime law

  • Winter is coming? The cyber crime law has been passed to scare off the white walkers……Go Stannis Baratheon Go

  • Thank God I work on Television. I can continue with everything I do on TV

    • tou aap khud btayein yeh kis qism ka law hoga. Aap logon k liye theek humaray liye ghalat

  • I think these guys are thinking Pakistanis are ignorent as they were 15 years ago in the presence of PTV channel… this isn’t in any way called cyber crime law, I can state this as GO NAWAZ GO MOVEMENT REVENGE… :p

    • Well, Said seefi.
      You’re right they are revenging us for what we’ve done to them but they really can’t do this.

    • Sounds a lot like that. This is a bill more likely to protect leaders instead of Peoples.

  • Shame on you for wasting your energies on writing such a non sense article. I believe your views are dominant in this article and request Propakistani to take some serious actions against you.

  • The Funny Part Of Article :P

    Publishing a Picture of Nawaz Sharif can Fine you with up to Rs. 1 Million

  • Hence proved Martial law/Army Govt/Army Democracy is far better then these #$#@@ Politicians who don’t have courage to face the truth… They want to do against the country far beyond our imaginations to stop circulation of facts this is best way and all parties are on same page….. Musharaf where are you?

  • Ye Sirf Pakistan Main He Q Hota Hai,
    Inko Chahyeh Ek talent Show Kary Or Sary IT, Hacking k Master Mind Ko Le, Ek Private Office Main Unko Rakhy, Or Her Website Pe Jo Bhi Crime Ho to unhe wo easily find kar saky. Phir Hoga Muqabla Her Country Say Her Terrorist Say.

    • lol this is not possible even in the theory, unless of course you can control the internet.

  • I have a question most of the our internet users are those whom don’t aware about the usage of internet like kids teenagers and those whom are less educated they follow things without confirming anything or they follow coz some of friends follow that how to are those people about this law I this is totally wrong then gov. should simply say stop using internet and if you want to use it you have to agreement with us I Think its a black law and by this mean lots of innocent people will be affect I request to gov. Kindly stop this law.For me its a very terrible news

  • I have a question most of the our internet users are those whom don’t aware about the usage of internet like kids teenagers and those whom are less educated they follow things without confirming anything or they follow coz some of friends follow that how to aware those people about this law I think this is totally wrong gov. should simply say stop using internet and if you want to use it you have to agreement with us. I Think it is a black law and by this mean lots of innocent people will be affect I request to gov. Kindly stop this law.For me its a very terrible news

  • So I’ll have to pay a challan of 50 rs in national bank to PTA for approval of a Tweet I want to send today which they’ll grant me after diligence of 14 to 21 days… :D hahahaha

  • Dears,

    It’s really funny laws, usually implemented in Arab Countries where Kingdom ship prevails.Who the hell made such laws,which are lawless, protect GOVT from anything. No one have to say anything to PM,Ministers,Hacking Govt Websites- did ever Govt see their websites Outdated,Pathetic, Ministries with No Emails to contact in case customer has complaint?
    Look into IESCO/SNGPL website,Email r always unanswered, no email to contact Management,such websites r craps, dustbins.
    yeah don’t touch mobile, speed camera watching you .. :D
    LEA’s who r they? how can they touch the things, MIX up of NSA/Arab Securities to grab Customer Right to appeal. I guess who create such law is a mental patient.
    you can make MEME,O C’mon this is Pakistan no ARAB!!! 8 Years in Exile, they simply learnt, they r allowed to do wateva and no one raise finger on them.
    Mr. Nawaz Shareef/Anusha Rehman -First Learn what is Cyber Crime and treat them accordingly.

  • What the hell who do they think they are to say you cant make memes or post funny photos of takla nawaz fthem

  • y don’t we cut down internet from homes …. after that what ever they want to do from this law . they will do …

  • I remember reading on ProPakistani sometime ago that NTS had compromised sensitive information of people who registered with them for tests. Does this mean that through this bill people can now seek legal action against companies that do this?

    • Yea , maybe you’re right… this bill can be used against NTS…. but then again… i think this law may have its double standards…

    • Even without this bill, a legal action can be sought in my opinion. I think general privacy laws have always been present.
      QUESTION: Does this proposed LOLaw (see my creativity :D) apply to past offences?

  • in one sense .. some clauses are ok …..
    fake pictures , privacy, personal deta, namunasib alfaz and specially prohibited products etc ,, jo k ksi seh pochy bgar us ki izzat ki dhajyah ura deh .. unko rokna galat ha kia??

    m not negitive thinking … just think such factors … as a media person i mostly face such stories

  • Atleast this reflects the competency of Anusha Rehman. In this age of information, atleast our IT Minister shoul have been a sensible one

  • Now after this law, i can simply tell a friend to post my pic on his ID and get 1 million rupees from him :P

  • my opinion is that please shut down all 3g, and 4G and Broadband services From Pakistan.

  • Dear PTA, Please save Pakistani People From 3g 4g and forget 5g.Because these services are use less in Pakistan. After These Bills. Mobile and ISp are wasting their revenue in Pakistan. They should search other business in Pakistan.

  • 3G 4G and other internet services will be useless soon after this Bill,
    now the Slogan is Stop using internet not time for gilli danda:)
    watch trailer of indian upcoming movie welocme to Karachi” They are also making Jokes on Pakistan’s Internet censorship.

  • Where to report cyber crime?
    They have not added the most important Issue for online frauds ….

  • Next amendment, Reading this Article will get you in jail for 1 year or 1 million fine or both. Well Done Badshah Salamat

  • Now that I am not in Pakistan, so does that mean I can screw the government hard over the social media! oops *10 years for me for this comment I guess*

  • It’s going to be so much fun if this bill gets passed. I’m going to use Tor to post so much random shit about Nawaz Shareef and PTA is going to get 1000 random website complaints. Kar lou jo karna hai.

  • I think Definition of “Service Provider” is also changed. what do you say about it?

  • Section 3 as satated in the above titled Article/Blog states that malicious intention and
    unauthorized access to some one’s data which makes it clear that if some one
    does it mistakenly then ofcourse it wont be with malicious intent. So saying
    it that if you touch some one’s phone mistakenly you will be held guilty for
    the offence under section 3 is not correct.

    Maliciousness shall of course be proved after recording of evidence and trial in the court like other offence in Pakistan penal code.

    Unauthorized access to critical infrastructure information system or data as defined in the Bill that critical infrastructure” includes the infrastructures so designated by any Government in Pakistan and such other assets, systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the State or its organs including judicature that their
    incapacitation or destruction may have a debilitating effect on national security, economy, public health,safety or matters related thereto.

    Bare perusal of the above definition makes it clear that all this information cannot be cannot be accessed by touching some one’s phone.

    Its not about curbing the digital Media leaving the Electronic media,PEMRA is the regulatory authority of the Electronic media hence that doesnot come under cyber laws.

    Above all there are courts for looking into these cases and all these offenders
    shall be tried in the courts in which the proper evidence shall be required to
    convict some one of the offence like the other offences in Pakistan Penal Code
    and other relevant laws.

    In this way the writer has misinterpreted the Bill.

    • tl;dr, and can you tell me how on earth they are going to know who did it accidentally and with malicious purpose.

  • what if we simply use a vpn which will direct our locaion to some other country

  • i will post funny memes on Nawaz sherrif and on his family using team viewer connect to my friends in other country

  • These are the few idiots who really don’t know about the internet and social media are passing the bill. Who gave them vote in next election will be punished.

  • This is totally disgusting.
    Stop this nonsense.
    If this bullshit make place in pakistan law.
    We won’t be able to speak against pigs handling government.
    Fucking media is quite.
    Those talk shows anchors got white envelopes to move their ass onto other topics and let this fucking bullshit pass on.
    Sick government.
    Fucking dickhead.

  • Dosent matter whatever those culprits fascist make the law for only there own sake
    Where is civilian rights . Customer rights. Consumer rights black bla blah

    But let them come at our door step we will welcome them with only bullets

  • Listen O govt.. We’ll continue our resistance against the so called muslim countries including Saudi, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Turkey etc who supports and are funding terrorism in Yemen and killing the innocents in Yemen.

  • This is too draconian with potential for much abuse by the state which puts innocent users at risk.

  • Oh,
    So, when cop is coming to put all behind the bar?

    This will create more insecure Pakistan… More Young behind the bars and more idiots(G.O.) on the top

  • After this bill becomes law, the only way to mock and make fun of our politicians would be through parodies on tv and by marasies on programs like khabarnak etc.

  • Touching someone’s pc is not a crime under the bill! You all are confused people who are against the bill who want liberty but don’t know how to use liberty. AST THE PEOPLE WHOSE FATHER DIED BECAUSE HER PHOTOS WERE SHARED ON INTERNET, WHO GOT DIVORCED that there should be no law for FIA cybercrime to help them as there is no law exist or the law which exist is not a cyber crime law but will try to fit the case in that or use the law of colonial INDIA related to telegraph to punish the person who hacked someone’s account and published personal pictures of a person, IF you want no law in the country related to cybercrime then you mean ILLEGAL SIMS WHICH ARE USED IN DEATH THREATS and TERRORISM,online fraud, illegal call termination should be legalized. If you have conerns over certain parts of the bill then you can blame the parliament and your own chosen representatives but dont make it hard for law enforcement agencies to help ordinary citizens who are victims of Cyber Criminals!

  • hmm, i think its good,somethings need to be under controlled, take an example of our media, we gave them rights to independently publish anything, and now we are suffering from 6th generation media warfare, morning shows and family shows or crime shows are so … same thing for internet see in my community every one wants to be a HACKER, because they find its cool and spying on others people shit and all that un-moral activities, so yaar in cheezo ko humy controll krna chy and history my dako k jb bhee kush rules ko implement krna parta hy to punishment thori zada raki jati hy ta k hm jasy “log” apni herkatoo sy baz a jay, ie 10 bjy sahdi halls band krny wali example dak loo 20000-25000 k fine hua 2-4 halls ko ab dako kon hall kholy rakta hy 10:00 bjy k baad, isi thra aj jo sary so called computer science parny waly bachy jiny abi tk binery-search-tree k b nai pta and hacker bana chaty hy and ardamax aur dosry keyloggers sy logo ki privicy leak krty hy logo black mail krty hy to i think yeah rules sai hy,.. ku k may b logo ko idea nai but yeah cheezy bohat common hoo gia thi,

  • hahahahhahahahahaaa its all bull shit law only for middle class people and below every one have the right to live free . we are not your mothers boy friends go and do some thing who are hacking all openly and welcoming you to stop them even worlds most powerful countries cant stop them visit . tor , and have some free life ajj k dor k firooonooo that law is openly rejected every hacker is using tails on virtual box now a days you cant trace that even usa germany japan canada swiss etc cant have some knowledge first about that before making any law they can use your proxy your system codes and operate from inside your home ……………………….

  • close