Daraz.pk SPAMs its Customers Ruthlessly, and There is No Way of Opting Out!

Have you ever bought anything from Daraz? Yes, even just once in your life? Then there are chances that you are bombarded with SPAM emails and text messages almost round the clock.

Daraz apparently spams each and every email address available to them with endless promotions that are usually irrelevant. As mentioned above, they don’t end there as your phone is also spammed with text messages at every possible odd hour of your day.

Interestingly, there is no way of opting out from these emails and promotional text messages, which you never subscribed in the first place. The un-subscribe link in the mail simply won’t work while we don’t have a way of opting out of their SMS subscriber list.

There is no way of opting out from these emails and promotional text messages, which you never subscribed in the first place. Even calling their support doesn’t help

The worst of all, repetitive requests at their support number won’t help either, we have checked. Hence there is no possible way of opting out from such spam and unfortunately you can’t take them to court as well since there’s no cyber law available in Pakistan yet.

By doing this Daraz is essentially standing in-line with local plumbers or rent-a-car walas, who use email and SMS marketing to run their kitchens.

Its a shame that World’s renowned companies, when doing business in Pakistan, forget all the ethics and business rules that they practice in western markets. But let me assure you, by doing this SPAM in a ruthless manner, you are only going to lose customers, instead of retaining them.

If you have been a victim of Daraz’s SPAM, then go ahead and share your thoughts in below comments!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Umair Amjad Ali

    I have tried to un-subscribing and it says You have been unsubscribed from our newsletter
    Lets see if I still get their newsletter.

  • Rizwan

    one word F***

    • Saud Kamal

      Seriously.. One word “capslock” F****

    • Amaar

      They are mtfs

  • Salman Qamar

    Created spam filter in gmail, selected to delete emails. Now no worries

    • aamir7

      SMS spam ka bhi koi solution day dain…

      • Ahmed Habib

        Install sms block app from play store :-)

        • Asim

          SMS blocking app blocks messages from specific no’s… these messages usually comes from different no’s… so such apps are of no use in this regard.

          • Ahmed Habib

            I think apps also there which allowing you to block message pattern, right?

      • Altamash Azhar

        Aamir please kaymu kay orders kay issue ko bhi highlight karain. Size kay issue ki wajah se mene order return ker diya tha, 2 months guzar gaye hain or mujhe na order mila hai na cash. Kaymu kay support wale kehte hain seller se contact nahin ho pa raha :) jab woh pese wapas karega tu hum aapke pese wapas karainge.

        • usman zia

          very pathetic service from kaymu

        • I never prefer shopping from kaymu.pk. Too much high prices and non cooperative.

      • Salman Qamar

        As i dont rcv sms so having no idea. But i believe if somehow someone register my no in draz record so i may find some solution.

      • Mudassar

        blacklist their number :(

  • Ahmed Habib

    Lets report this to Google. They have very strict policy for spammers, they will struck down their site from index. :-)

  • Tnt4ever

    Mr. Salman Qamar has suggest the correct thing.

    create rules. & send it to specific folder skipping inbox.

    supported in gmail , yahoo & hotmail.

    Mr. Amir you must have added a suggestion like this & create a new post” how to filer promotional messages by creating filters in email.”

  • Masroor Carehan

    Just Pathetic and nauseating…they are the worst spammers ….and I have also tried to call their support but useless response….only reason I have stopped buying anything from them..

  • Emails are not coming to my inbox after unsubscribe .

  • Shaheer Ul Haq Fareedi

    I have unsubscribed from them at least 10 times

  • Anas

    Sub, mil ke PTA ko complain krte hain,

  • Jaffar Ali

    Opted out quite alot of times, but i guess they want some legal action to be taken against them

  • KaliaSarialPaki

    we recieve thousands of spam e-mails from abroad but no issue…. but only issue is with our own local brand….!!

  • Umar J. Qureshi

    Did you also tell the preacher of Islam that he is SPAMMING? C’mon.. They are just spreading the message.

    • Ahmed Habib

      Just rubbish!

  • Asim

    It’s not only limited to Daraz.pk, every other vendor of any kind you visit and provide your cell phone no (email) to, will always send you these spam messages. There’s no customer consent in this regard.

  • Faizan Laghari

    at the bottom of each email…

    • and done..

      • usman zia

        it doesnot work i have tried it already

        • Cool Man

          lol looks like they are confirming that email is OK to spam :D

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I have not bought anything from them, they pulled my email from somewhere and started sending me spam.

  • Haseeb

    Same here, they always give successful message on unsubscribe and then received another news letter…..wtf is this ?

  • Khurram

    whenever i got any sms or email, 90 % is that is from daraz.pk , and its very irritating

  • sweetsajid

    I am also a victim of this bullshit, I created spam filter for daraz.pk and also reported to google as its a spam.

  • Majid Khan

    Opps I was also victim of this error unfortunately then I have block daraz.pk.

  • Khan

    Well still there is a solution, there is this option in gmail “Mark it as spam”…

  • Shaharyar Qureshi

    Daraz guys must be having excessive hiccups.

  • MuhammadUsman Khan

    yes i am a victim…and you are right in that way they are only gonna lose their potential customers ….

  • Didn’t know PP was this desperate for traffic.

    • aamir7

      iss say bhi ziada…

  • I am tired of Daraz.pk sms’

  • nabeel

    main aj hi apne mobile se fazool SMS delete kar raha tha and when deleting a lot of SMS from Daraz.pk i was thinkin the same as how can I unsubscribe from them. I even never bought anything from them. Can PTA help us?

  • Saqib

    The awkward moment when I am anxiously waiting for an sms from someone special, my phone rings and I am expecting she has responded, everything is fucked up when you know that the sms is from Daraz.pk

  • SaadUsmani

    After every single day get this shit for this nd that fuck u daraz for spamming my no nd email inbox… .

  • Waqas Tariq

    Not only Daraz, Dealtoday, Foodpanda and the likes all do this. Their unsubscribe buttons do not work. I have reported all of them as SPAM after trying to unsubscribe multiple times. On their SMS’s I am going to make a complain to PTA as well.

  • Mohsin

    Much needed… Thanks God some one one dare to write about them……

  • Zulfiqar Ahmad

    I successfully unsubscribed from emails but unfortunately for text messages….F****

  • Zain

    I wanted to unsubscribe daraz.pk and clicked on un-subscribe at the end of the email (Outlook) when Outlook replied that daraz.pk has not defined any way to unsubscribe. But Outlook offered me to block all newsletters originating from their newsletter address.

  • TheISI

    They’ve lost me already. I’ve blocked them. God they are so irritating they won’t leave me on phone. I hate them for doing this.

  • TheISI

    so am I :( I feel i made a huge mistake of purchasing from them. Now they won’t leave me till i die or change my number.

  • TheISI

    BC Daraz walo ghalti hogayi thi purchase kar lia.. ayenda nahi karengay maaf kardo!!

    I hope Daraz guys read this and feel shameful know that you guys are pathetic I hate you guys. I’d never buy from you again.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    Muje bhi daily emails ati hain. pta nahi kahan say meri email id ka pata chala inko..mene kuch bhi nhi buy kiya per manhoos daiy email bhej dete hain.
    Anyone affiliated with this daraz shit plz comment here..
    i want to talk to you
    Abbu ko tang kertay ho

  • Mudassar

    Simply mark their email as “SPAM”, if many people will do this, daraz emails will go in junks :(

  • tabishqazi

    I get a message from them on daily basis… I never bought anything from Daraz :(

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Seriously !! fedup of their spam Ads in my gmail… I wonder I never subscribed or checkin for any buying or selling on site but still it keep sending me spams… do they sumhow get the email id ? of guest user logged in on other browser on any account ??

  • Abdul

    same here , tried to unsubscribing many time but they are very “deethh”

  • Shoaib Ahmad

    Daraz, Kaymu, Lamudi and Carmudi, all are companies under one umbrella and take full advantage of spamming. They have got Millions in investment but using cheap tactics of marketing.

  • Mansoor Iqbal

    u can call it spam but we call it promotions…. as the nature of business is ecommerce. if you have 20,000+ products on ur website then i think there is no wrong in doing promotions through emails.
    secondly whenever you place an order there it ask that if u want us to send you promotions and updates
    so stop proving urself as a pro idiot

    • Waqas Tariq

      Maybe you should stop being an idiot and fix the god damned unsubscribe button.

  • Gemini

    Spammers and Scammers too.

  • I got unsubscribed from spammy emails in third attempt. While i had to call its helpline to remove my number from their sms list. Worst experience of after sales.

  • Masood Hassan


  • Qwerty Asdfg

    My Daraz account has been hacked in Pakistan and there is home delivery with shippment without my Knoweldge plz help me

  • Ali

    Not to mention the Spams where random sites with ads just Open it, And the Virus that used to attach itself to Computers. All buy Those Morons. If Cyber Police Stood for Anything They would have Taken down the Site already Just for infecting so many Computer Browsers with Viruses. Alas!!!