Government to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Cyber Crime Bill

National Assembly’s standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication has decided to hold public hearing on proposed cyber crime bill. Decision was made after the bill faced severe criticism from various stakeholders.

Earlier MoIT had also asked for public opinion on the bill by inviting public suggestions regarding the proposed cyber crime bill.

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Syed Ali Raza Abidi of MQM, who is also member of standing committee, confirmed the news on Twitter by saying that Capt. Safdar, chairman of standing committee on information technology and telecommunication, has confirmed him about the public hearing of the proposed bill.

According to details hearing will be held this Tuesday in Islamabad.

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  • BadarUI

    Good News! But not fully dependent on people, because people of Pakistan are stupid and idiot.. They don’t have idea to keep things in good way.

  • EffEff

    Meeting at NA (National Assembly)……… hahahahahaa
    How will you enter NA without security pass??????
    Total Topi Drama