Exclusive Interview with Michael Foley on Telenor’s 10th Anniversary [Video]

Telenor Pakistan, as you may all know, is celebrating 10 years of operations in Pakistan. Company says that its not celebrating itself, but these celebrations are about millions of customer who are at the core of Telenor’s success.


On this occasion, Michael Foley, CEO of Telenor Pakistan, was kind enough to share his thoughts with ProPakistani in an exclusive interview at Telenor Pakistan’s under construction HQ in Islamabad.

We asked Michael a whole lot of questions relating to Telenor’s 10 years in Pakistan, the past, current and about the future. Michael, known for his straight forwardness, also shared his thoughts on market trends, regulators’ role and about the potential that Pakistani telecom market has for the investors.

ProPakistani team was also toured around the proposed Telenor Pakistan’s HQ building which is under construction. We will get you to see the 70 million dollar building with all the details in a separate story at a later time.

For now, watch Michael Foley’s interview here:


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


    • whats wrong with the one above? I think aamir did well by asking such relative questions.

      • have i said anything about questions?. there is a different between interview and interviewer. the interviewer is trying to make up akcent…. in start he pronounces viewers as viezers….

  • Telenor is the first company in Pakistan who introduce third class vendor ZTE in our country. They win the project very low rate and they do not care the employe

    ZTE have no cenern about their employes life and Telenor is the company who gave the project to ZTE only to save the money.

    Telenor destoryed the engineer life in Pakistan and due to Telenor all other operator also moving 3rd class vendor

    PTA have no cencern about it

    May ALLAH save us such dirty company If a good operator intruduce good vendor ( CISCO, Juniper , ericsson and so on) then Engineer Life also GOOD

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