Win Octa-Core Infinix Hot Note By Just Clicking This Link #PPGiveAwayMay22

Starting today, ProPakistani will be bringing giveways for our readers every Friday.

This week, we are giving away one brand new Infinix Octa-Core, all thanks to We currently have one hand-set to give away, but there are more to come your way.

For those who don’t know, Infinix Octa-Core Hot Note boasts 16GB of storage, 1 GB RAM, 8MP rear Camera and whooping 4,000 mAh Battery. Complete details on this phone are available here.

To participate in the lucky draw, you just have to do following:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Go to this FB Post by clicking this link and Share it from there! Please make sure that your this shared post is public, or we won’t be able to track your shares.

And that’s it.

We will announce the winner — randomly — on Monday May 25th, 2015. Good Luck!

In case winner is outside Pakistan, he/she will have to nominate someone in Pakistan to get the phone, as we won’t deliver outside Pakistan.

Update: Winner will be announce on Monday, May 26th, 2015, around 4PM

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  • Tanweer

    how the winner will be chosen? On what basis?

    • Muhammad Aamir

      I think on the basis of number of shares. A person who has a thousand friend will have a better chance to win.

      My Facebook account is deactivated; I’m not going to activate for winning the phone.

      • Tanweer

        confirmed by admin, random winners will be selected

        • Muhammad Aamir

          G G Nazr A Rha Hai :D

          • Tanweer


    • aamir7

      You just have to share once, and that’s it. Every sharer will be counted and selected randomly.

      • Tanweer

        Thank you Aamir.

      • Taha Najam

        But the title says you just have to click the link to this page. Clickbait much?

  • No Thanks

    I am not going to Like and Share for the sake of a mere phone; with probability of winning well under 0.01%.

    • Adnan

      A big time thanks.. Using visitors to fill wall of others.. Discourage this!!

    • Abdul basith Mirrayes

      Luck can’t be defined by statistic figures.

  • Hassan00107

    Done hope will win

  • Farrukh Ali

    Liked & Shared with hashtag

  • Naveed Malik

    Successfully done hope will win…!!!

  • Syed Dawood Wajih


  • Naveed

    wow .. Waiting .. I want to win :)

    • Qaisar

      u profile pic is my dream :)

      • Naveed

        I get that on ZONG 4G :)

  • Qaisar

    * u
    Allah mjhe day gay

  • yasmeen

    InshaAllah I will be the winner from propakistani.

  • Shariq Khan

    I hope that’s true .. As they said

  • Monster

    it’s done :)

  • Sumeet Kumar

    Wow!! Giveaways by ProPakistani.PK, That’s awesome… I am in, Shared on My FB Profile :D

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    take chance, it worth

  • Jabran Asghar

    done successfully All steps :) Liked & Shared

  • Aon Bilal

    الحمد للہ

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i HOPE i win!
    im YET to own a smartphone…

  • Adnan

    Really awkward thing from propakistani after so many years… kids do this kind of stuff with new website promotion.

  • Ammar Ahmed

    Shared and Liked, Hope i will have the best birthday gift this May.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    lo ker lo gal
    main b yehi kaam krta hun per muj sab baten kerty or ider thanks

    • Shahzaib Rehman

      Woh 3inch ki badi screen or lammbi battery waaly Qmobile aap apny paas hi rakho :D

  • “Please make sure that your this shared post is public, or we won’t be able to track your shares.”

    We understand you want more publicity but atleast don’t be dishonest. You want this to be public to spread your website. We would happily do that but don’t think of us as stupid. Most of us are tech guys here; we are aware of digital marketing

    • Aneeq

      What we can do is to report the post a spam.

      • Shahzaib Rehman

        visit nearest police station.

        • Danish

          Dharna at Numaish Chowrangi would be more appropriate way ;)

  • Shahbaz Younas


  • Muhammad Danish Ali

    Done ;-)

  • KMQ

    good initiative, good luck every one!

  • Zaim

    Cheap tactics

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    lets hope for the best :P

  • Adnan

    looks.. Someone busy in deleting posts.. Haaaa…propakistani show courage.

    • aamir7

      Which post was deleted?

      Email me using contact us form if you are unable to see your comments.

  • Tahira Tariq


  • Mustafa Butt


  • Hope I win fingers cross :-)

  • Awais

    I’m not that lucky… Though shared :/

  • Why are you making people like something they don’t like..

  • Mujahid Islam

    Very strange doctrine of nature those who deserve for nothing, Astonishingly they posses everything as compared to rightful one. Working hard from the kick-start day so big wish in life to win stunning Mobile phone & utilize it for education purpose and raising basic problems of oppressed and poverty-stricken segment through networking on the spot without any slow pace.

  • Khurram

    Liked and Shared as much as i could,,,, so me done And waiting for the gift InshaAllah i m gonna win it.

  • AamirHameed


  • Rabia Arif

    done (Y)

  • Shahzaib Rehman

    He is lying.
    And pic is also fake.

    • Naveed

      Dude the pic is not fake.. That speedtest was initial test from Warid 4G network … And talking about ZONG 4G .. why would I lie ? I dont have a 4G phone now otherwise I would have shared a new pic as well.. :P

  • Shahzaib Rehman

    Winner will be announced on Monday, May 26th, 2015, around 2PM????
    It is Tuesday on May 26, 2015 :P

    Are you trying to say that winner will never be annouced? :D

    • Muhammad Usman

      Oh ! :o

  • Atif

    just two issues, na to monday 26th ko hey na 26th ko monday hey

  • Zain

    Please correct the “updates” on Monday is 25th not 26th May.

  • Tanweer

    Today is monday, 25th Sir,

  • Zahid Iqbal

    Correct the update Sir

  • Danish

    April fool ke baad MAY-FOOL?

  • Cashif Abbas

    guys you’re spoiling our temptations, please mend this typo as soon as possible
    “We will announce the winner — randomly — on Monday May 25th, 2015. Good Luck!”

    “Update: Winner will be announce on Monday, May 26th, 2015, around 4PM”

  • name

    it’s been over 2 hours since 4pm but still the no indication of any lucky draw! I hope nothing fishy is going on!

  • done

  • who was the winner ?

  • Abdul basith Mirrayes

    Lets see what my luck says, though propakistani is a good source still huge number of people are participating.

  • Afraz Mathias

    I like it on Fb