Launched in Pakistan, Browse 17 Websites for Free on Telenor

As we told you yesterday, Telenor, in collaboration with Facebook today launched initiative in Pakistan, with which all Telenor customers — both prepaid and postpaid — will be able to use selected internet websites for free.

Telenor launched the program with 17 websites today, which are available for free unlimited browsing. However, external links, if any, will be charged as per usual tariffs.

Ifran Wahab Khan (left), Deputy CEO, Telenor Pakistan, Ime Archibong (right), Global Head for Strategic Partnerships at Facebook, speaking with media at the launch of in Pakistan

Launch event or was attended by high-ups of Telenor Pakistan, including Michael Foley, CEO, Telenor, Irfan Wahab, Deputy CEO, Telenor Pakistan and Aslam Hayat Khan, VP, Telenor Pakistan.

Facebook officials, lead by Ime Archibong, Global Head for Strategic Partnerships at Facebook, in first of its kind representation from Facebook in Pakistan, were also present at the event.

Telenor has said that its initiative is aimed for first time internet users. Company has said that its currently not looking at any business proposition, instead the whole initiative is targeted to convert more users to internet.

Here is the list of websites that can be browsed for free:

  1. Facebook
  2. Telenor Mobile Portal
  3. AccuWeather
  4. Babycenter & MAMA
  5. BBC News
  6. Bing
  7. ESPN Cricinfo
  8. Facts for Life
  9. Girl Effect
  10. IlmkiDunya
  11. Malaria No More
  12. Mustakbil
  13. OLX
  14. Telenor News
  15. UrduPoint Cooking
  16. Wikipedia
  17. BBC Urdu

How to Access These Websites

Telenor users, in whatever city they are or whatever package they are on (postpaid included) can go to from their cell phones to access these websites. While accessing website, users will be presented a list of websites they can access for free.

Alternatively, if you are smartphone user, you can download app from your respective app store an use it.

Any usage with-in website (or the app) will be free.

Both 3G and 2G users can access for free, and there is no need to subscribe or activate anything. You can start browsing for free, right away!

Below is how it will look like when Telenor users will visit from their mobile browsers:


Telenor has said that more publishers will be included in the list of available websites and local content providers can work in-line with Facebook guidelines to apply for their inclusion in

More commentary, on this whole initiative, its impact on internet usage in Pakistan, and possible outcomes for internet users, telcos and publishers will be discussed in separate stories. Stay tuned.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Why youtube opens without any VPN, proxy when someone sends me a link of youtube through the message box of Facebook when I click the link I can browse the whole Youtube without any problem. I’m amazed!

      • Dear aamir. Please share some details about recently launched Telenor 3g Connect and 3g wifi connect usb dongles and their package details. I heared they are way much cheaper than other telcos

        • its a 2200rs device for usb verson and 2500 for wifi version dongle. first 2 months are included with 20 gb and 30 gb respectively. after that it has different packages with 1000/month for 20 gb 1500/month for 30 gb. i guess its better than all telcs including ptcl wingle

          • o bhai Telenor is using bandwidth provided by PTCL. So PTCL is making more money by selling bulk bandwidth to 3/4G operators.

  • Great awesome will keep me updated with cricket scores no need to ssuscribe to paid score check service.

  • From one perspective its great news… But is it really as good as it appears? I mean, I am really concerned about privacy and such…

      • I am not a expert, but I know a thing or two. When the service is free, then user is the product.
        As you may have noticed, all the traffic, even to other sites goes through the domain of “”. And you are still asking, what that means?

        • Nothing in the world is free, you have to give something in return if not the money.
          In this case, we are providing them traffic on their domain. But that does not mean your privacy is at risk. :)
          Just Relax and enjoy this free service ;)
          or don’t, it’s up to you. :P

        • all the websites uses encryption technology to hide data to access by external users. dont be worry

        • Sorry for being ignorant. Are you saying that is working as a proxy for Telenor users? How is it even possible without changing your phone’s proxy settings?

          Second possibility would be Telenor routing all traffic through’s proxy server, but hey, what would Telenor do that for?

          PS. I’m assuming that the user is browsing the websites on the stock browser.

  • if we turn on our mobile data without package our balance will be gone in no time as there are many apps that continuously consume data in background. so whats the point of this service?

    • yehi to kamal hy aisi services ka. you need a sim with zero balance to avoid bill shock.

      • I have a sim with zero balance but us pay internet he ni chl rha to mai kesay browse kru. Telenor is very clever

    • you can use Apps like Android Firewall to only allow specific apps of your choice to use mobile data.
      it can also be done without app through settings but that’s a bit tricky.

      • I don’t know whose fault is this. People who don’t know their balance will be deducted by running apps in background or companies that can’t give us affordable packages to masses.

      • That option is only in android not in IOS and Microsoft. Plus we have to change setting of different apps all the time in android.

        • iOS has better data control. If you go to your cellular settings you can just turn off cellular data access to everything except the browser.

        • sorry this comment is stupid, obviously you have to change setting of each app, as its that application’s option. and once done you don’t have to change it.
          for example, many news apps have an option to auto update, or notify for breaking news, you have to turn that option off, else it will update for new news or breaking news.

    • there is option in setting to restrict the data for different apps and allowed access to any which you need , more there must me some app on store regarding this issue

  • Thats fine! But the list of free websites disappointed me a lot! Hoping they add some usefull website to surf!

    • which websites would be useful in your opinion? you can suggest them to by visiting their page

    • You mean Wikipedia, Accuweather and BBC Urdu are useless websites? They are providing almost all types of basic, useful n important internet services free.
      If you want soundcloud, that would’nt be free…. Or red_ube?? Forget it… :D

  • This is awesome; Telenor is the real trend setter and market leader in terms of innovation and customer experience

    • Hoho Innovation Lmao This Service Has Already Been Flopp All Across Now They Have Come In Pakistan So That Idiots Like You Will Give Them Your Freedom

  • All hail king mark!
    I prefer my freedom over few hundreds. anyone can afford 3G smartphone and can’t afford small packages?
    slaves will be happy on this deal!

    • Yes there are people. They can buy a smartphone but not 3G packages because smartphone is a one time/longterm expense but internet packs require money weekly or monthly.

      • Dude seriously? have not you seen packages of all telecom companies? there are even 50RS packages if a student really eager to browse through the web for education purpose only.
        and a bird in gold cage cannot call himself “FREE” his all luxuries are being controlled as will do

  • do we have switch on mobile net to use
    then mobilenet will cost us
    its just deception

  • This project was especially for remote areas and there are remote areas in Pakistan where you can’t find any coverage from Ufone and Telenor instead Zong is providing coverage in those areas like remote areas from Gilgit some parts of interior Sindh and some parts of Punjab as well. If it was Zong instead of Telenor then it was better for the people out there.

    • LOL I Think You Dont Have a Brain Or Maybe Youre Just Joking I Aint Gonna Use This Cz Im An IT Guy I Know Exactly What They Are Upto

        • ha ha you guys make me laugh so hard and what do you know about using internet org as a proxy to access other websites smart ass users could access (for free) only a few websites, and Facebook’s role as gatekeeper in case if you don’t know about what Facebook as a gatekeeper means then ill you’ll have to be sign in to Facebook to use internet org that means your all online activities will be tracked by using your own Facebook account so there is no chance of accesing other websites using some proxy
          Don’t Believe Me then try to research more than your office boys

  • I Am Willing To Pay 10000 For a Broadband So That I Can Surf Whatever I Want To Instead Of Being Your Slave

      • he means to say its better to be free while paying for a service than to be a slave of free services that limit you to only a few websites and be monitored 24/7.

      • You’ll Give Up Your Freedom You Have To Be Sign In To Use Internet Org Services They Can Track Whatever You’re Doing Online

    • ——————–
      Who said is for you?

      We’re missing the most important point here.

      This initiative is ONLY for the underprivileged people who can’t afford WIFI or Smart Phones yet want themselves to be connected to the internet.

      You only need a primitive mobile phone with a working browser. That’s it. No fancy stuff.

        • Jub wo access ker raha hai to mobile data on kerne wala option usi phone main hota hai

            • Ap zara aik bar check ker lo. Aisa koi phone nahi jis main ooption na ho…kbi dekha hai aesa non smartphone jis main mobile data hur waqt on ho?

              • Ye aik aisa phone tha (or jis jaise 1000ro phones thay) jo browser open krte hi net se connect ho jatay thay. Is mein android ki trah notification drawer pe koi “mobile data” ka option nhi tha.

  • I am not sure what the hoopla is all about, and more importantly, how will Telenor make money — may be its share of the revenue on click-through ads or may be the intent is to encourage bandwidth usage. With 5 MHz in 3G spectrum, it appears that Telenor is struggling to fill up its bandwidth which is probably not being used a whole lot at this time.

    Telcos are globally struggling to capture revenue lost to OTT providers and may be its an attempt to bring a few “outsiders” within its fold, but in doing so, Telenor has also become sort of a regulator by deciding what’s free and what’s not. The free websites are nothing to be excited about —- Malaria No More???? I mean, seriously????

    • As per my point of view, Facebook will pay to Telenor according to the bandwidth that will be consumed by the users. If you look at the list of 17 websites, you will see that these all websites are light weight even if you open Facebook images are allowed to see but you can see images by just subscribing social pack.

  • Athough websites are less mentioned in the list
    but its good approach
    and we should appreciate it…

  • This initiative is nothing more than the promotion for telenor and facebook. This is nothing like free internet. Not even google is included. Plus if they want to really provide the access to people, who do not have that, they need to come plans and devices which cover the remote areas. What about people who do not have telenor. what about people who do not have phone and want to use free internet on , lets say a desktop.

    This could be good promotion for your business, but this defies the very defination on which Internet dot org was built. Thats “Gives access to internet to 2/3 of people who do not have it”.

    • Dost yeh koi nai baat nai hai
      sub ko pta ha yeh apni promotions kr rahe hein
      100% sacha kon hota ha ag kal ???

    • Its cheaper to buy a phone than a desktop, its possible to keep using a phone in power outage, its easier to maintain a phone than a desktop, mobile browsers are more data efficient than a full desktop counterparts. Should I keep going ?
      If you get the time read the FAQS of, they don’t want to have carrier exclusivity in any country, all carriers can get on this program if they want.

    • You mean Chusserburg. Idiots sell him their privacy for a petty access to social network. hahah what a lame human generation we have these days.
      This daylight robbery failed even in tiny countries, and thats why they quickly turned to Pakistani market to benefit from abundance of ignorance and nonsense among us. Pak is a goldmine of real consumer data with absolutely no legal deterrents.

      • I was wondering why a company like facebook is giving that much impotance to Pakistan and so quickly after the launch of that project. Because they know this nation is “Laawariss”

  • Do I have to be on a 2G or 3G internet package to make it work? Because it is not opening at my end without any package.

    Also, I can’t find any app named on Windows Store.

  • This is just a way to access your personal data ,SMS and other data as in their acceptance policy you are agreeing to giving them access to your mobile and personal data,

  • Zero balance walon ky liyeh best hai aur Balance jin logon ky account mein hoga woh khatem ho jaye ga.

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