Intel Launches quad-core Broadwell Processors & Iris Pro 6200 GPU

Intel has released the long delayed quad-core Broadwell processors alongside Iris Pro 6200 GPUs. The higher performance chips were announced at Computex 2015 in Taipei.

Overall, nine new quad-core chips and one new dual-core chip have been announced with five being for laptops and five for desktops. Aside from higher processing power, the new batch of fifth generation Broadwell chips will come with Iris Pro 6200 graphics which is poised to be a significant upgrade.

Intel Iris 6200 Pro promises 35% better media performance and twice as better graphics performance

The new graphics chips promise about 35% better media performance and twice as better graphics performance compared to its predecessors. The chips come with 128MB of eDRAM cache as part of the processor package. This is helpful in increasing memory bandwidth for GPUs and can also work as L4 cache for the CPUs. The chips being integrated into the CPU free it from the constraints of DDR3 TAM and makes it come close to the mid-range AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

Out of the 10 chips announced, 9 are quad-core and one is a dual core variant.

broadwell with iris pro

In the quad-core chips, four are mobile chips with HQ moniker, three are for small PCs with an R moniker and will come soldered to motherboard while C series are for desktops and come unlocked for overclocking.

Laptops will use chips with the HQ moniker and will provide double the performance compared to the predecessors. This is definitely something consumers will keep their eyes on. Heavy gaming on medium settings or professional multimedia consumption could become a much more pleasant task.

Skylake processor will NOT be compatible with existing hardware due to a new architecture so if you are building a new system, it might be better to wait than purchase Broadwell with Iris Pro

Something to keep in mind though is that the Skylake chips with a new architecture are also supposed to be released some time in Q3 this year. The delay in release of the Broadwell chips makes them top of the line only until Intel releases the newer processors which will support DDR4 RAM and bring a host of other improvements.

The new processors will go on sale with a starting price of $266 and top out at $366 for the desktops. Mobile chips however will cost up to $623. The new series of processors will go on sale within the next two months.

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  • Finally some good integrated graphics! Now i’ll surely buy an intel cpu when building my new custom pc…

    • Integrated graphics seems to be a good option for laptop processors. If you are building a custom PC, you’d be better off with a discrete graphic processor.

      • I am going to build a custom pc, but not so much focused on gaming ;) It will also be on a tight budget.. about 40-45k rupees . So a discrete graphics processors will really break the bank.
        thats why im thinking of choosing a broadwell cpu rather than say, a haswell cpu plus a dedicated graphics processor.
        Please do tell me if you know of a better option than this :) it will really help :)

        • Warning: I am going to confuse you more than you were, anyway…
          If it’s a normal PC, then there is nothing wrong in buying a Haswell cpu, considering the fact that you have the options to upgrade in the future if desired. However, as I am not aware of the market prices of AMD in Pakistan, I can’t recommend these although they seem to be much cheaper internationally, and perform just as good as Intel (in normal computing, not gaming). You may give AMD a consideration, which will be much cheaper, if it is cheap in Pakistan as it is everywhere else. You may just avoid the hassle and go for intel, but AMD can’t be ignored. I warned you that I will cause confusion though.

          • I know a lot about AMD gpus so nope, this doesnt confuse me (take that!) And yes, i did consider the AMD stand alone cpu + standalone gpu thing. It surely is cheap. But its availability in pakistani market is scarce. I dont wanna go to karachi just for getting the cpu i want and then find out that the motherboard which supports its socket is in islamabad!
            Hence i chose intel which is more mainstream and easily found here.
            (I also considered ordering online. Wont do much of a difference. As i read a few posts on propak which told the reliability of online shopping in pk is very low.)

          • apus suck at gaming if there’s no discrete gpu to 2nd it. intel is better optimised for gaming BUT a/c to the OFFICIAL PC Master Race guides , AMD cpus are painted in a MUCH worse scenario than they actually are. There CPU’s are still good at gaming and not as bad in comparison to Intel as they are painted. An average pakistani youngster , who can acquire cash though tutoring kids , saving pocket money , saving eidi/b’day cash gifts and so on…. should think about gaming in Mid-High settings at 720 P with an average of 30-45 Fps , since currency is a nightmare in pakistan.

            @anasqamar:disqus , i presume u are from pakistan as well ?

      • mah nigga!

        anas said it absolutely right! discrete graphics are necessary for EVERY desktop , regardless of purpose.

        • nope. you’re not so special that i read every comment o’ yours :p

          jokes apart , mate , i believe IF you are building a PC on your own , a little bit of extra horsepower wont hurt , esp when you have got that fat wad o’ cash on-hand.

          so , i believe you need some build help (from your comment below , oh the irony) ?

          • Hehe, bro, i think you really dont know much abt pakistan. If i want to make a gaming pc. It’d take atleast 70000 rupees for a decent one. So yup, 45k rupees aint such a “fat wad o’cash” in gaming pc terms.
            Also, i dont like to just keep my thoughts in the clouds. The availability of the AMD-ish motherboards n cpus in pak is scarce. As nobody except the tech savvy people like me knows about such good processors. Here, every salesman will tell the same story :
            “Bhai AMD ke cpus ki koi demand nahi aur wese bhi intel best he”
            So intel cpus are my only option. Making my choices rather difficult.
            And on the gpu side, much the same story. 15k for a decent one. Now. If you consider the price of a regular 3rd gen core i5 processor, around 11k + 15k for a discrete graphics processor. Thats 26k or almost 60% of my budget gone right there!

            • You are getting an i5 3rd gen for only 11k?! That’s cheap! like less than half the price of the original

              • I only did a guess at that moment and didnt realise that i accidentally posted the price of an i3!
                I5(3rd gen) starts at around 17 k . so, no it still isnt cheap :P

                  • I am thinking abt that. Will do a search but im not sure if i’ll find all the parts. I can though, make an uber-awesome gaming pc if i just get a two good amd or nvidia gpus . (then use SLI or Crossfire technology in them to join them together.) This will result in quite good gaming performance on a cheap price.
                    But then again, there is the factor of market availability. Pakistanis are not so texh savvy you know (well, most of them atleast) so its gonna be a very hard hunt. But im hopeful about it . ;)

                    • wow! SLI! i never thought of doing that… anyhow , do tell me which gpus u plan to use for that !
                      obviously , you’ll need to spend some of those precious hours doing deep searches , esp since most shop keepers are more or less computer illiterate and really make things difficult. but i really hope you do find the parts for a cross-fire. that’d be EPIC ! imagine GTA V on Ultra or witcher 3 with all settings on HIGH ! (*sheds tears of potential joy*)

                      If only the currency was stronger , the rulers competent and devotedly sincere and retailers/dealers/shop-keepers diligent and honest people WITHOUT Greed flowing in their veins , the PC MASTER RACE woulda been one of the most happiest and joyous communites ever in this otherwise sombre region …

                    • I agree to every bit u say ;) but yea, im having some difficulty in finding a good gpu as there are almost NO spare gpus available at all at olx!gonna try next. Fingers crossed :)

                    • Lol yea, changed my mind on the gaming part, a computer absolutely MUST be able to play games XD

            • you got more money than me tho … so still a wad :D

              anyhow ,
              good to know you think humbly and dont let your thoughts “in the clouds”
              . But seriously , i do know about pakistan.hel i live (read trapped)
              here. everything is soo darn expensive !

              anyways… as you might
              know , people here are really narrow-minded and all this whining about
              AMD being useless is simply lack of knowledge. Agreed , per-core
              performance is better on Intel but AMD is cheaper and can still perform
              ably in games.

              but i guess if you are completely against the idea of gaming on ur current pc … then , leave out the GPU and save up later.

              Good to know another tech-savvy guy like me. :)

              • Haha, still not agreeing on the wad thing. :P
                Jokes apart, building a custom pc here is harder than one may think. Even fighting in the WWI would be easier! All you jeeded to do was get a gun, a uniform and know how to press the gun’s trigger. Voila! You are an official soldier!

                • well , if you’re thinking of building from scratch yourself (assembling all parts in the case , doing all the wiring and so on…) then its kinda labor. Get ready for half a day’s of great hard work and brace your toolkit :D

                  BUT on the contrary if ur talking about pricing , availability and variety of core PC components (and letting the assembling part be done by a computer technician or so on…) then you’re most probably right. im looking for a gaming pc myself but i think the technocity people wil just try and swindle me into unfair prices and make their best effort to rob me with notorious rates and below-par hardware … so im gonna wait a while.

                  that WWI thing tho , epic! (mind you , they were desperate for people enlisting , so i guess they just cheaped out on the criteria :D )

                  • Lol, i know, i have read a bit abt it, back then they needed all the forces they can muster. So yea, becoming a soldier was as easy as pie!
                    And yea, im gonna do the wiring myself. Just collecting parts for now…
                    I actually like building pcs. I currently have a VERYYYYY OLD dell optiplex gx280.
                    Hage done quite a lot of experiments on it. Hopefully it will help . incase i fail, there is always the computer technician living next door to help! XD

                    • get out (dont take it the wrong way ,its an english expression for expressing disbelief) i ALSO had a gx280 myself ! sold it some time ago. currently using a laptop for browsing and stuff.

                      well , nice to know you gonna do all the work yourself. If you do manage to get your hands on some SWEET deals for the CPU , don’t mind tipping me off with the details :) (my main concern is the cpu and gpu actually)

                    • I surely will share the details, (might actually make one for you ;) ) but it might take some time for me to make this dream a reality.
                      currently, im only 14 and the 45k rupees i wont be getting straight away. Im planning to get 1-2 important components each month. So that my family’s budget doesnt stumble much. So this project may be a long one ;)
                      i might also sell this GS4 i have to get some of the final pieces of my puzzle. And some parts like the casing and cooling i’ll recycle from my gx280.
                      so really. Right now i only hope i find a good deal which my parents agree to buy me…….
                      P.S. I started using a laptop at the age of 7 incase you’re wondering abt my knowledge ;) never used a desktop till 11 XD

                    • Nope… no UPS can handle it but in my location, i dont have to face much loadshedding (only 4 hours out of 24!) So i dont really need to worry ;)

                    • nice… at age 7. you missed out by quite a few years tho :p , i started taking avid interest in Pc since age 2 … agreed not the most sentient stage , but i really liked exploring what those THICK IBM keyboards (i believe u may have seen some) did. I actually started gaming at age 4 or 5 with those sega titles being emulated on PC :D
                      been using a mix of desktops and laptops since then :)

                      i believe that GS4 was actually a PS4 ?? if so , i bet that’d go at a good price and might actually help u out quite alot.

                      well , good luck in your build. some more advice for u. MAke sure you buy CPU and GPU in the VERY end. prices will be lower and you might be able to get a good , enthusiast class GPU at a killa price!

                      off you go in the ever-green world of the PCMR !

                    • Hehe, found a good gpu (brand new) for 12k !
                      Nvidia gtx 650 1 gb.
                      i think i can find an i3 cpu easily around 8 k so yup, under 20 k, my combo will be complete ;)
                      Will keep you updated on my parts list :)

                    • hey … dont go for the i3. i’ll personally advise you to hang on to an i5. if 3rd gen i5 is outta budget … try the 2nd gen. physical cores trump ideal/logical cores.

                      also , do some more searches on the gpu and try to get a 2gb version of that 650. even if it costs 2k more. Believe me , you’ll thank me later :)

                      btw , which market are u shopping from ? technocity ?

                    • I’m checking in the hafeez center ad site…
                      Its lahore section has some ads. Albeit the ads are old.. quite old… they do give a hint about what is available at hafeez center.
                      i may not get the advertised product. But hafeez center has a lot to offer.
                      yup, i did check the 2 gb version. I think an extra 2 k really doesnt hurt ;)
                      So now, its a 2gb gtx 650. Also checking price at
                      heard that it does show real time stock stats. Hope its correct as i might order the parts from there ;)
                      The 2nd gen core i5 might be a bit difficult to find. But according to my findings, even a pentium will be a good choice (obviously its not the usually known pentium pcs (P I,II,III,IV,V etc. )
                      Im talking about the newer pentiums, 5250 etc.

                    • Found the pentium, 9k on homeshopping . 24k for a better combo than this core i5 cheers!

                    • I have a case n a PSU of 250 watts already along with a cooling fan(gx280 recycled) … so… yup, my pc is ready!
                      And it totals to only about 39k! Now that is value for money!

                    • umm… wait a second , you’re going wayy too fast ! i have some advice for u but first u need to tell me what have u got so far.

                      can u list all the specs you have prepared so far .. in a organized list format like this :

                      cpu =
                      gpu =

                    • Cpu : Pentium g3258 9k

                      Gpu : nvidia gtx 650 (out of stock

                      :'( ) 12k (1 gb) im not gonna get the 2 gb one as according to GD(game debate) it doesnt add much oomph into it ;) also, it almost makes my budget go to 50k which is quite high.

                      Casing : Corsair 230 T (cooling fans included) 10k

                      Ram : 8 GB DDR3 from ADATA 7k

                      Motherboard : GIGABYTE ga297hd3 atx 13k

                      Power supply : corsair-vs350 4.5k

                      my current casing turns out to be verrryyyy small and cannot get much upgrades… so i opted for the corsair. But now the total price is 55.5k :( i need to bring it down somehow.

                    • Hmm.. i think i should opt for the cheaper 5.5k h81 motherboard… as z97 is for overclocking and i dont think i’ll need that much…

                    • How much is the radeon 7770? If its around the same price, get that. Also, that Pentium G selection is good, much better than an i3. You can also check for prices on Ebay. I looked at a radeon 7770 worth ~8.7 K (with shipping)

                    • Nope, 7770 is quite expensive, r7 250x is near the price. But unfortunately the gtx650 and the 250x are both our of stock. I will need to get it imported by the people.

                    • That pentium g is the BEST pentium intel has made so far, those are not my words, the critics say that. The gaming performance of this processor is on par with the core i5! But only the cheaper models, the expensive ones are certainly better …

                    • Also, i needed a 300 watt power supply atleast. So i got the corsair which is 350 ..

                    • Had to change the 5.5k motherboard with a 14k one… as i wanna overclock my new rig from 3.2 to atleast 4 GHZ…
                      the pentium is MADE FOR OVERCLOCKING! <3

  • whats the point of this its so expensive to start with again wait for a few years then buy!!
    now if this impacts the prices of haswell to drop considerably then i am definitely getting an i7 octacore but this is Pakistan yha pr nai cheez aane se purani cheez mhngi hoti hai!

    • Would be wise to see what AMD has to offer in 2016. They may have something surprising with their new Zen architecture after the failure of FX processors.

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