• kashif

    Hi Kamran Bukhari bhai……

    I just browsed this site for nokia mobile phone and i saw a gold made nokia 1200 :D

    just check this link and price of Nokia 1200

    do u believe Nokia 1200 in 13400 rupees.

    thumbs down for their data entry oprater….

    • Kamran Bukhari

      lolz @ price of 1200 :) That’s why I wrote in the end, There is nothing perfect. Dude, perfection comes with experience and they are pretty new, i guess!!!

  • Fantastic review, I’ll give them a try!

  • ZJ

    Interesting site. Thanks for the review.

  • Altaf

    Indeed Homeshopping.PK has a great service.

    I am sure they are going to set a new standard of customer service and will lead to better trends in the whole industry!

    let us support such people so that good customer service can become a common norm in Pakistan’s industry.

  • Yasir

    Your experience may be good but most of the Pakistani websites are set up for the sole purpose of committing fraud.

    Even websites with direct transfer options from banks like shophive are not reliable. My friend had a very bad experience with them. And it was not even a mistake it was done purposely.
    Some websites state that they will deliver the product in 24 hours when in reality they don’t even have the stock with them. After you place the order they buy it from market and take more than 5 working days and then deliver cheap quality goods with no warranty, customer service or responsibility of the goods delivered.
    Its our hard earned money and many people have different stories of fraud with online Pakistani companies to share. Maybe that’s why we don’t shop online and some honest businesses are also suffering.

    In West they have strict laws and they cannot sell crap to customers. If they have a typo like they advertised 30 instead of 100 they will sell it for 30, at least that’s what I experienced.
    And consumers/buyers are protected by strict laws unlike here in Pakistan. You can get a refund from pay pal while shopping at ebay if there is any fraud.
    Here the companies deny to replace a faulty, broken thing bought from them. Sometimes they charge and don’t deliver a thing (happened with shophive) etc.
    While shopping in person we can check and try the product so that’s the way things will remain here till some laws are there to protect the consumers and till consumers are educated about their rights.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Totally agreed.. Rule of the thumb in E-Commerce is “You give me service, I will give you money”.

  • Kashif Khan

    Have used their service many times and also tried most of the eCommerce stores in pakistan in the past. Home Shopping have to be the best one out of all of them considering their lower then market prices. I have personally checked their prices with the market and I always kind them cheaper and very happy with the quality of products being offered by them.

    I feel proud of the fact that a service like this is being offered in Pakistan

    Wish them all the best and hope they become the ebay of pakistan :)

    Kashif Khan
    Pakistan State Oil

  • Osama Ali


    paid review anyway..

  • ali

    well i had a bad experice with homeshopping.pk.
    Once i got lured in by the cheap ipod they were offering. It was around 3k i guess. They said that this ipod is exactly the same as original ones & the pictures they had uploaded were of the original ipod (cheating that is).. Once i got my ipod, i was depressed to see its condition. the box had scratches all over it & the ipod was very crude. It didnt include a charger & had to be charged by the data cable. The sound quality of the headphones was pathetic. I called them & they guy said well sir, in this price apko yahi milley ga. I was like then why on earth r u cheating peoplel, tell them the truth that this ipod is no way near the original one.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Only Company staff can comment on it.. Lets see if they are up for interaction with customers.. We are looking forward to this space update too..

    • Hey everyone my name is Haroon Sultan and I am the Sales manager at Home Shopping Pakistan . I would first of all like to Thank ProPakistani.com to issue this review on us and also inform all readers that this is not a paid review in anyway and is here just because we have won ourself yet another satisfied customer :)

      We stopped selling the Cheap Replica China made iPods on our website long long time back only as some of the customers expected it to be just like the original one even though they were just paying only Rs 2990/- for it. For that price you were getting a mp3 Player which had 4GB memory and you could use it to play videos, Songs and pictures and other then all this you could have also used it as a 4GB USB Stick as you could just plug and play it on any PC. The iPod came with a 6months warranty so even if their was some problem you could have always gotten it changed not sure why that was not done .we offer a 3 Days return policy on all our products and you could have just returned if there was something wrong with your delivered product.

      You need to consider the Value it was offering in the price of just Rs 3000/- if you would have paid as much as Rs 13000 then you could have just walked away with a original one. Yes I do admit the sound quality was not as good as the original iPod but its not supposed to be “as” good in the first place as its a replica ipod not the original. The pictures which were listed were of the replica product and as the looks were identical you might have thought that we listed the original ones ..

      Btw many of our customer loved that product as it provided great value for the price it was for and we still get calls for it but we do not keep those in stock anymore because some of them might assume them to be like the original iPods.

      Please try our Original mobile phones and see what its like to buy something original with Home Shopping. We have many satisfied clients and offer a 3 days Return & checking warranty for all our products which no one in Pakistan offers for the time being.

      I just looked up our data Base and we do not even have a customer with the first name being Ali who bought a Replica iPod so Im not so sure if this review is from some customer or just some guy from some other online store trying to give us a bad name .. could you please confirm us your order number or username password to the website cause if you bought something you must have that and this way readers can log in and check for themselves if you even bought the ipod from us in the first place?! ..

      I have been with the company since it started and I know this for a fact we do not let any unsatisfied customer go by as we understand that our business is online and everyone is looking at us all the time .If you can prove me that you did buy an ipod from us then I am willing to offer you a full refund of your purchase please provide your login details so all can see what this is all about.

      For all the other readers I would like to inform that in Pakistan we offer Cash on delivery service so you never pay for something you do not want in the first place like in western countries. If for some reason you get something you are not 100% Satisfied with then you have full right to return the product and not accept it and ask for a replacement and hence it would be our duty to do that for you. We are selling electronics and are also buyers from the international market but we try our best to be sure that what ever is being bought for you is of the highest quality but it is you who have to tell us that by giving your product feedback on our website.If even one of you think that something is not worth the price we would just get it removed.

      Mr Yasir thinks that all Online Shopping Companies in Pakistan are opened with the sole purpose of committing frauds so I would just like to ask him that how he thinks we can even commit a fraud when we are not even taking your money in advance and offering you Cash on delivery. So the transaction is all offline you pay for what you see .. How can that be a fraud !? Over all we feel that with all the security features being offering Online Shopping is much safer then any western country where you have to make those unsafe Credit card transactions online before even seeing the product with your own eyes.

      All Online Stores in Pakistan are doing their bit in providing you services but customers need to understand their role and see what is being offered by them and hence keep them secure at all times. If you opt for services like Cash on delivery you would never have to end up paying for something you do not like! ..

      In the end if any of our customers reading this then please give your positive or negative feedback about us here and also mention your Name and Phone number so people can not think that we are writing them ourself :P ..

      • Adnan Ali

        Yasir, thanks for being open about your relationship with the reviewed site and opening yourself up for critique and questions.

        I have to say, that if a visitor to your site can not differentiate between the original and replica versions of the iPod, then it is your responsibility. You can not expect people to see the lower price and then understand that it is a replica version.

        The condition of the item you are selling should be put down in detail. An example is individual auction on eBay. If the seller fails to write that their might be scratches on the box then the buyer can return the product and eBay will penalize the seller. Similarly the images should be of the individual item you are selling, specially if it is a used item.

        Good luck with your efforts. We all want the pioneers to succeed in Pakistan but we also want to establish SOPs, ethics and trust as early as possible.

      • Shahrukh

        How much did Home Shopping pay or influence ProPakistani for writing a blog in favour of you? nice try. We are stung one by HomeShopping crap .. advice to all other, be careful with them…

  • Yasir

    Well after checking the prices of mobiles (coz the review is of mobile shopping) and comparing them market I also thought that this is a paid review :)

    By the way some comments it seems are from the company’s staff :D

    • Kamran Bukhari

      We at propakistani believe in strengthening the e-commerce scene of Pakistan. We will appreciate all who do their best to help the masses. If we can’t stand for our future entrepreneurs, who else will…

      Do you really think companies pay us to write review? I hope not..

      • Hello Mr Kamran Bukari ,

        Thank you for reviewing us and sorry that you have to face allegations such as this being a paid review.
        I guess only time would tell this and all we can do is offer the best we got at the best prices and soon people would feel that online Shopping in Pakistan is not all just a fraud.

        Thank you

  • Ahhh the best online shopping site i have ever found for shopping online in pakistan :) especially the mobiles section is awsum

  • Malik

    i will not recommend homeshopping at all . i got a blackberry with scratches all over it after waiting for 10 days and multiple emails and phones . very old phone when i paid them for brand new and when asked them about it , they said what do you expect for a 20% lower priced product then a market . STAY AWAY !

    • Yes sure .. may we have your user name and password for the website aswell … so we can all see if you really did buy something from us :P

      How come you paid Cash for it when it was delivered to you and had all scratches on it :) did we snatch your money and ran away :P ?!

    • till today waiting for your order number !?.. stop making fake stuff against us as its not going to bring us down now .. start working harder on your own website ;)

      • IMRAN

        Amazing a Reply after 3 years.. now i am reading this in 2014 and heard allot about HSN and all good except these comments…
        but yeah sure with your confidence and those allegations without proof i will not trust them but you…
        anyways if it is really a paid review than they can also be block by propakistani to not to prove them.. :P :P

  • second thought, homeshopping is not cheap at all.

  • HI,

    i am running flowersentiments.com since 2007 and its been a wonderful experience. There is no doubt that some websites are really shocky, but ecommerce in pakistan is booming up. My personal experience as flowersentiments owner is quite encouraging.

    in one of above reviews, i read that pakistani ecommerce websites have sole purpose to fraud, well, this is absolutely unfair for people like us. We are trying our level best to provide best services to pakistanis. and believe me, we are very proud of a pakistani ecommerce online shop.

    Please do not trust bad players, but do recognize people who are sincere in their services.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Imran, we look forward to more future reviews of e-commerce websites in Pakistan. We are still working on the modalities. Till then, Pump up!!!

  • Nabeel


    It was my first online shopping from anywhere.. i wax bit confused… cux i wanted to buy a pocketPC HTC touch HD… which was only available at homeshopping.pk.. spending 47k was a worthwhile… i contacted homeshopping.com … n got my product within a day… it was worth spending… n the service was really goood… ;)

    Homeshopping rox..!!

  • Umar Anwar

    One of the most worthy that can be called “Online Shopping Portal” from our country that can make you proud? Yes Indeed. From Cell Phones, to shopping from ebay, I had and still enjoy the best service given to me by them.
    Try it and find it out yourself..

    Good luck and keep it up Shayan.

  • Kashif

    if they really are so down to earth that they changed the mobile (of course Kamran Bukhari had to open the box as he himself said that phone was with full accessories) not only one time but 2 times i am 100% sure they are going to be closed within a month. on the other hand it seems paid review to me also.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Don’t you know that mobile phones in Pakistan get re-packed? There is nothing wrong with packing the phone back as long as you get the scratch-less phone. They are offering the check quality before you give them money. So, if you find anything bad about it, you still have the option of returning back.

  • Usman Ali Shah

    hi…i have tried few other online shops in pakistan…..believe me no other can compete with homeshopping.pk in term of price/quality and quick services…….i have recently bought few blackberry cell phones from this site and very cheap rates…..a used BB strom is for 20-22K here in peshawar,cell phone and charger and i got a brand new bb strom 9530 with everything..leather pouch etc and free car charger too…..for just 26000PKR….. even they selling the Garmin nuvi gps devices on a very reasonable prices too.. thumbs up to guys @ homeshopping.pk

    Usman Ali Shah
    0333 9299960

  • First of all I wonder why are people calling this a paid review. Leave aside whatever is written in the article or comments, do you think that Amir and his fellows will write a paid review? Atleast I don’t believe that he can do so.

    Now coming to the topic, I have been with HomeShopping.pk since around a year now and I believe that they have a vast collection of products with reasonable prices and a great method of “payment on delivery”. You order the product online, get it delivered to your doorstep, check the product and pay the person. Where does the risk come in? And for their behavior I have no reason to go against Kamran Bukhari. Every time I have called them, Shayaan and Haroon have always helped me getting the right thing for the right price.

    For those who say that their prices are high, I don’t believe it to be true. You are getting the stuff you need while sitting at your home so you have to pay for the service too. If you compare spending the extra on homeshopping.pk with the expenses and time when you go to the market to buy a phone, I think homeshopping.pk is still cheaper.

    In the end I would just say that they are doing a great job by promoting eCommerce in Pakistan and I hope they will provide even better services in the time to come.

    Now please don’t call this a paid comment, I hope they pay me after seeing this. LOL!!!

  • Moeid Shariff

    Assalam Alaikum to everyone here..
    I just bought my HTC HD2 cellfone 2 days back..and i personally went to the karachi office at tauheed..met shayan ..i would say not a big setup for an office but for online shopping that was adequate…i got my cellfone checked first and after i was satisfied i paid the amount..one thing i must say they should lower there prices a bit to be competitive..and i am also availing their ebayinpakistan.com services to check the quality and customer support..
    If any one has questions about my shopping experience add me on [email protected] ill be happy to tell..

  • Homeshopping.pk are open for your Positive or negative reviews on us as we feel that it would only make us better and help others to understand us better.

    We have emailed all our customer about this page and requested them to write what ever they think about our service as they are the real and the only ones who have a write to judge our services as they have tested and tried us.You might be seeing more reviews coming in due to the email being sent to our customers.

    Thank you

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Shayan, Its good of your that you asked your customers to write negative reviews too if they had any. Moral courage is all we need to build up. We look forward to more customer feedback here.

  • Recently i bought Nokia 5530 in Rs.18400 from Bahawalpur, now when i try to check its rate at homeshoping, this model rate is not available.

    As kamran bukhari said they replace open boxed fones two times, i cant belive it how they manage to sale things in that way.
    What u think is it possible by homeshoping as if we buy thing from a shop and open box at shop then they also dont replace it.

    I also think this is paid review.
    GOD knows better.

    • You really think your Nokia 5530 came sealed packed when it was imported into Pakistan :p .. All Nokia phones being sold by anyone United or Mobile Zone come into Pakistan without their boxes and then repacked with that “Seal” you guys are always looking for!.. You have to judge for yourself if what ever you are buying is of the highest quality and yeah our phones at least come with their original boxes which we get from the company and are not made in Pakistan. When you get the phones from us they are all boxed pack and would have the “Seal” on them but we do not feel we doing anything wrong by admitting the fact that they are repacked as think about it how can we unlock a phone for you without even opening the box !? :p

      In the end I would like to say we offer Cash on delivery so you buy what you see and at all times you have your 100% right to reject a order if you feel the quality is not up to mark for any reason and we shall make sure that we keep on sending you things of the highest quality as no ones likes taking a return right !?

      • I know mobile zone and etc pack mobiles in pakistan but when we claim any problem they dont replace it with new fone but repair it.
        So how you homeshoping always repack things when user regect them?

        One thing is really admirible by homeshoping that you have to pay after receiving and checking it and if you are satisfied then pay.
        Is it really true?

  • Okay – here is the deal, there are tons of reviews we have done so far – all those are paid too?

    I am feeling embarrassed to justify such an allegation.

    Only banners on this website are paid, not the content.

    Please don’t indulge us in your competitive jealousy.

    Its a matter of fact that Kamran Bukhari had planned to cover other shopping stores as well – but we need to re-think our strategy now.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Its totally my pleasure to have support from you on baseless allegations.. Thanks Dude!!

  • Miracle Concepts is an independently managed Software Development and IT Consultancy Company in Lahore Pakistan, providing web design and development, 3d animation, flash animation and website services at very comfortable prices.

  • Rafay

    The prices of nokia phones are high as compared to market.

  • We need more ecommerce sites in Pakistan. We’re already way behind other countries when it comes to online shopping, and safe online shopping for that matter. A lot more needs to be done to develop the confidence among people with the resources to shop online to actually do it in this part of the world instead of visiting the mall or other stores.

  • kkz


  • Hello,
    I’ve been developing and implementing e-commerce stores for a while now. HomeShopping was literally one of the best stores that we’ve done on a larger scale. We agree that the design does not seem to be on par with most other stores but at the end of the day we must realize that with the general online public in Pakistan it’s really hard to convert hits to sale’s since most people generally stay on the first page or at max move on to a single category just to view prices. Keeping that in mind, we felt the need to keep the page generation time low therefore allowing the site (which has over 9000 products currently) to open up a little swiftly.

    Yes, a new design is in process and will be implemented sooner or later, but at this point we find it much more important to allow the customer an easy to use and easy to understand webstore.

    I agree with what Johnny98 has said, we really are behind in term’s of e-commerce from almost all other countries with an online presence and that has a lot to do with customer experiences with people who have committed fraud. We hope an online payment system such as PayPal (or similar) is either developed or implemented in Pakistan with the required blessings from the financial sector but till then I think it is safe to assume that we’ll still be at one corner of the market that the general public of Pakistan will never get to experience.

    I would love to hear from all of you regarding any issues you may have faced in terms of the usability of the site. Rest assures, we will try our best to address them both quickly and efficiently.

    Till then, I want you all to look at another service site of HomeShopping Pakistan developed by us, its called eBayInPakistan.com

    Shahbaz Khawaja

  • Hello,
    I’ve been developing and implementing e-commerce stores for a while now. HomeShopping was literally one of the best stores that we’ve done on a larger scale. We agree that the design does not seem to be on par with most other stores but at the end of the day we must realize that with the general online public in Pakistan it’s really hard to convert hits to sale’s since most people generally stay on the first page or at max move on to a single category just to view prices. Keeping that in mind, we felt the need to keep the page generation time low therefore allowing the site (which has over 9000 products currently) to open up a little swiftly.

    Yes, a new design is in process and will be implemented sooner or later, but at this point we find it much more important to allow the customer an easy to use and easy to understand webstore.

    I agree with what Johnny98 has said, we really are behind in term’s of e-commerce from almost all other countries with an online presence and that has a lot to do with customer experiences with people who have committed fraud. We hope an online payment system such as PayPal (or similar) is either developed or implemented in Pakistan with the required blessings from the financial sector but till then I think it is safe to assume that we’ll still be at one corner of the market that the general public of Pakistan will never get to experience.

    I would love to hear from all of you regarding any issues you may have faced in terms of the usability of the site. Rest assures, we will try our best to address them both quickly and efficiently.

    Till then, I want you all to look at another service site of HomeShopping Pakistan developed by us, its called eBayInPakistan.com

    Shahbaz Khawaja
    [email protected]



  • Faisal Iqbal

    Dear All,
    I had very favorable experience with homeshopping.pk, when I bought a blackberry 8800 from them, apart from getting couple of days worth of delay which had genuine reason (their Islamabad representative Mr. Kaleem was getting married) heck he still delivered the set on walima day.
    Somehow blaming the reviewer of being paid, well sir; just go to Anandtech.com (one of the most trusted site concerning all things technology) and read about how western media being given the perks to do the reviews you will be amazed.
    I can imagine reviewer getting a worthwhile experience and stating the same in his article, I do hope they go ahead with doing other online ecommerce reviews for following vendors,
    2)Galaxy Pakistan
    4)Myshop onlne and Myshop online value
    5)Panorama computer and components
    And I would like them also to review homeshopping.pk efforts regarding Ebay and specially Amazone.com, because if it works then this sort of venture is ground braking and we do need an honest review.
    M Faisal Iqbal
    [email protected]
    Sorry I will not leave my mobile #.

    • faisal, their ebay/amazon service seems quite expensive to me like about 10% – 15%

  • Bilal Khalid

    aWhh God !!! Why the people on earth is so crazy for appreciating the right work … For those who are keep on criticizing without even bothering to come up with solid facts or proof I’ll advice them keep your mouth shut … Other than that I would like to appreciate the Home Shopping Network Team to keep up the Good Work and my best wishes are with you 4 company who came forward with this initiative as You’re 1 of them who representing the real picture of Pakistan.

  • after a long time i found a best site to do online shopping polanis.pk they were offering N900 in just 49,000/- and the market price was 56,000/- i was shocked. and placed a order i got my phone 2nd day it was brand new with all accessories with DT warranty after that i asked them how you are selling in that cheap price they told me they are giving promotions and they told me polanis.pk will start promotions for buyers and sellers.
    i am still confused what they want to do but i am satisfied with polanis.pk service
    i prefer you to hit them
    polanis.pk best of luck!!!

  • My first experience of on-line shopping with http://www.homeshopping.pk
    Hi I am from Mirpur Azad kahsmir.
    Many of my friends told me, do not shopping online especial if service providers are from Karachi. My friends told me, all people of karachi are frudster, they are not good in dealings.
    As I already confused but for my satisfaction I called to their provided number.
    On enquiry I told them I want to buy “network unlocker device” but on one condition, I will pay after receiving the product.
    The service provider Mr shayaan tried to convince me but I refused to do trust. And I was keep insisting him to do as I said. In talks I used many harsh words for him bcoz he was not accepting my condition. And I appreciate Mr Shayaan for his tolerance to deal me very nicely and reply me very well.
    After many calls,emails and chatting with Mr shayaan. finally I decided to take risk and I paid all the amount through the bank.
    At the same day I got response from http://www.homeshopping.pk and I was very surprised. I already made my mind, I waste my money but It wasn’t.
    Mr Shayaan called me and gave me the confirmation of payment & order.
    Within 12 days I got my device through TCS. The day before Mr. Shayaan confirmed me, he is posting my device.

    Now I can say that online shopping in Pakistan is trust able.
    And Mr Shayaan have proved that he is man of his words. Due to Mr shayaan I can say that all the people of Karachi are not fraudster.
    And I shared this experience to all of you who are reading and to my friends, who are believing online shopping is insecure in Pakistan. But Know they have change their minds.

    In the end, Thanks to Homeshopping.pk for their best service and make all Pakistan proud by their honesty.

    • Jawad

      @kamaran bukhari..
      well you must be a lucky guy… i bought NEXUS 7 tablet from them and with in a month it stopped working and now its been 3 months my tablet is with homeshopping and they haven’t gave me any satisfactory answer.

  • Sameer

    My experience with Homeshopping.pk is more of an escapade rather than an experience. I would like to share it with all of you over here, especially those who have misconceptions and have developed a negative mindset about the e-commerce industry in Pakistan and websites or portals that support or promote online shopping.

    I and a friend of mine were interested in purchasing HTC Touch Pro 2 (Sprint) after browsing through the website of Homeshopping.pk. It was then when I called up at the number on the website and got to talk to Shayaan. From the day we placed our order till the day (3-4 days) our handsets were delivered to us he walked us through every step of the way updating us and letting us know the status of our product(s). I am sure we were not the only customer’s he was dealing with at that time but he took up our case very personally and with assurance.

    Ofcourse I must admit in the beginning we started off as having doubts about the products on this website as to whether it will be new or not, or we’ll be getting something else instead of the real deal. Shayaan transparently told us that the handsets will not be unlocked and that we might have to get them unlocked ourselves from here. But we asked him to get it done for us and without any questions he got them both unlocked for us. The devices were brand new mint and we walked away as two happy customers.

    Unfortunately, the next day I tried to flash my HTC Touch Pro 2 with a ROM from the http://www.htc.com website. I was completely unaware that it would screw my ROM and make my HTC unusable unless it was flashed again correctly and carefully with the proper ROM. As I did not want to further experiment with the device, I called up Shayaan with this story the next evening and asked him what I should do next. He could have conveniently asked me to goto Saddar and get it fixed/flashed, but I was hesitant and didn’t really have a good experience with the latter. He asked me to bring the handset to him and that he will try to fix it for me, please note he said ‘try’, even though it’s not really his responsibility and I caused the fault on a Sprint handset which Sprint themselves might not even replace because it was unlocked and they have their weird policies. I gave the handset to Shayaan, and he took up my case so seriously and personally, I myself am in customer support and I know what it takes to reach out to a customer and help him with issues/queries.

    I had lost hope after 4-5 days till the time he was trying to recover my phone, but Shayaan came up with a solution and fixed my handset and it was as good as new again.

    What I would try to conclude here is that when a dealer sells his product with no such warranty and then reaches back to you to help you fix issues throughout the way it surely builds up more trust and confidence, and I am sure that I will be looking forward to buy more products inshAllah from their new portal http://www.ebayinpakistan.com as well. We should promote such websites and portals as not only we are getting excellent products at great prices but also because they are making e-commerce and online shopping really easy and secure. I would like to thank Homeshopping.pk for their service and quality.

  • Qassam Jafri

    Home Shopping.pk has come up wit new services such as Flowers and Sentiments delivery services. The website is almost up and up and functioning you can pay visit if you like http://www.gift-shop-pakistan.com .

  • Saleem

    Hello all good topic ! I saw this and decided to give home shopping a try and they really are as good as people say ! happy to see something like this in pakistan and i will request all to support such people then to try to find something negative all the time . Do not be like GEO !

  • agha gul ahmed

    hi everybody,just 2 days back i got my new htc hd 2 from home shoping ,yar they are the best cheaper than market with all accessories they rock,
    but i had same problem like bukari sir .it wont work on telenor ,instead it rocks on all other network.
    so plz if any body give me solution of this problem ill be thankfull to him.

  • agha gul ahmed

    hi everybody,
    the problem of my htc hd2(leo) has been solved.
    yhanks to massive research on net .its the t-mobile kit rom problem.
    i upgrade it trough orignal htc 1.66 rom,
    and hardsl my device and vola its better than ever.
    i need a serial no. becouse mine is not accepted on htc suport because of vendor ristrictions.
    but i take care of it through massive browsing.lol

    so if u got a t-mobile kit htc hd2(leo) its dosent support telenor and few other softwares like no youtube,co,pilot and few sms hotfix etc.
    and one more important thing is that ur warranty is also intaket any the logo of t-mobile along with its settings all gone u have a fresh device in ur hands.

    so dont worry be happy good luck.


  • Khalid

    WHy isnt my comment showin ?

  • shahid786imran

    Good, darny k liey 1 waqiah hi kafi hota hy, jabkh dar sy niklny k liey kafi waqat lagta hy,
    agar overall survey kiya jaey to ziyadah tar online shopping ko dislike hi kiya jaey ga,

    yahan to phisically purchasing krty huwy dar lagta hy, online purchasing to door ki baat hy

  • Sohail

    I need to know from Haroon sultan as to y credit card payment is not accepted. Secondly master visa logos have been displayed but no use in shopping than whats the purpose of showing it.

    • Shayaan

      Credit Card can not be accepted on our portal due to
      not having a Pakistan based merchant offering such services . One is but they not willing to lower their rates making it difficult for us to work with them as we try hard to keep our prices down for our customers. Now we did have a US based merchant some time back but due to having high volume sales in the recent past we got some not so friendly calls from the state bank telling us that we might have face charges cause of flight of capital ! .. The Reason we have logos on the website is because all USA based customers can use their card once they are done placing the order.

      We now have GSM Based credit card machines so when ever you order and wish to use your card we shall send the rider with your product and the machine.

      Thank you

  • Salman Asad

    all I can say is that they know what they are selling and they are very good at what they are doing . Got my item within few hours and a job well done !

  • Hi,

    I bought BlackBerry 8120 Pearl with Wifi from homeshopping.pk and within 2-3 months it start giving many issues and it comes up as a replica of China.

    Bad site to buy anything


    • that is impossible … please give your order number if you are true !!

  • Sohail

    Got the iPhone 4 from their store in Karachi Pakistan and very happy with the over all service and product ! ..



    recently i bought iphone 4 from homeshopping.com & i only wanna say that they r not fraud like others online shopping portals ! keep it up guys ! ALLAH BLESS U !

    • Shayaan

      its .com.pk or just .pk sir .. Thanks for spreading the word but be sure its the right web address :D

  • Imran

    How is their ebay/amazon service?? anyone experienced?
    I want to buy some stuff but they want money before placing the order. I know they are right to ask money before placing order but if they are taking cautions why can’t I?
    So I desperately need some feedback about their clients. Has anyone tried that service?

  • Shahid Rahim

    I got fooled by them as well, homeshopping.pk is a very big scam, they offer mobiles on cheap rates because they are refurbished sets, I had my experience with them and they came up with all sorts of excuses to hide their real face.
    these people are fake people who are running a scam in Pakistan, Nobody offers a warranty, then how can they offer a warranty, becos their warranty is only for them, they will service ur balckberry if there is fault, because they are well trained at packing and refurbishing all mobile sets.

    • Shayaan

      As per our records we do not have a customer by your name. Could you please prove yourself by offering your order number for the phone you got sir ? .. We have a 3 days return policy which allows you to replace anything that is faulty and also offer a 1 year warranty ( its better then getting nothing right ? ) ..

      Sorry to say but you are just one of those other website guys who can not see anyone else do a good job so all we can say is that you need to get a life and yeah do not forget to mention your order number.

    • wonder why you never replied back with your order number !!!

  • Ameen Gul

    I was surfing the web for iPad in Pakistan and I happened to visit http://www.homeshoping.pk, their customer relations are the best I have experienced so far, I leave my feedback after I get my iPad 32 gigs wifi. And I would like to request one thing from the admin of Homeshoping.pk that only sell genuine products no matter what and how you get. And Inshallah in the near future Homeshoping.pk will be recognized by every single Pakistani, And your top priority should * INSAF *

  • Ameen Gul

    I wish Homeshoping.pk my best wishes.

  • Shayaan

    As per our records we do not have a customer by your name. Could you please prove yourself by offering your order number for the phone you got sir ? .. We have a 3 days return policy which allows you to replace anything that is faulty and also offer a 1 year warranty ( its better then getting nothing right ? ) ..

    Sorry to say but you are just one of those other website guys who can not see anyone else do a good job so all we can say is that you need to get a life and yeah do not forget to mention your order number.

  • Ameen Gul

    Hey Mr.Shayaan, I’ve not said anything wrong regarding your website I’ve praised your good work for all of us, and I just wished you the best of luck, I said that I will leave comments after after I get my iPad 32 gigs wifi, and I got that, m pretty happy with that, and my request was to be the way you are, like only selling genuine products no matter what happens, and you guys are doing that with great responsibility, so why do you need my order number,

  • Ameen Gul

    I will appreciate any further comments or replies from u sir
    Thanks alot
    And I will continue my purchases from Homeshoping
    Cuz they r da only trustworthy guys

    • Shayaan

      Thank you sir .. Hope you still enjoying your ipad

  • Faraz

    Finally homeshopping.pk on propakistani
    I like homeshopping prices and stuff but customer service has to be improve because mostly shayan phone is on waiting or un attented secondly on live messenger send so many instant messages but no reply from homeshopping so it has o be quick, and same condition on facebook page.
    But i must say great service.

  • Adeel

    Now home shopping is providing cash on delivery or pick up facility in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. so go for it and get nice things in nice prices. Best of Luck to homeshopping.pk ahead

  • Haseeb

    I highly recommend people to buy their stuff from this website. I bought a few things and was taken aback by their customer service… simply outstanding.


    MEDIACENTER is selling ipod touch 4g 8gb for 23,500/
    & 32gb for 29,990 http://mediacenterpk.com/ipodtouch

    & now

    HOMESHOPPING.PK is selling ipod touch 4g 8gb for 21,490/ & 32gb for 27,990/

    i wanna know how HOMESHOPPING selling at so cheap price keep in mind that MEDIACENER is APPLE AUTHORISED DEALER in PAKISTAN .

    please help me i wanna buy ipod touch 4g for less price but i dont want to be scamed by whom i didnt tried before. sorry homeshopping im not pointing finger at u but i want to make it clear please.reply with positive response only.thanks :)

    • Shayaan

      Hey Umair ,

      Well what makes you think that we can not beat the price of the mentioned vendor !? We have our own supply chain and are not dependent on any of the local sources and therefore we offer a better then local market price for the product. We offer iPods with US Serial numbers for which warranty can also be claimed locally and this allows us to offer a better price. Many people have already tested and tried us in the past so they do have an idea .

    • IMRAN

      Ya Khuda!!! Pakistanio ziyada qeemat pe nakhre hote hain or kam qeemat pe darte ho kisi haal me khush nahi hum pakistani… actually mere sath bhi kuch aisa hi ho raha hai.. :D

  • kashan

    oh my god they ppl r big fraud in pakistan they used set in a price of new,im a victim they ppl dont gve any warranty after sale even mr shayan dont recive calls and also change his voice and said im haroon and shayan is out office cum in few hours, my serious advise for everyone beaware by those ppls thanx

    • Shayaan

      lol .. I change my voice haha thats real funny !! well if you really have bought something from us in the past then you should have known that all phones come with a 1 year warranty and 3 days checking and return policy is being followed if there is something wrong with any of the product. Move over if you really are our customer please provide us with your order number so you can really prove that you have bought some thing from us.

  • kashan

    @umair bcoz they ppl sell used 1 not new one
    @shayan `mr u know me better i buy iphone 4g 32gb to 1n 76k factory unlocked but u gve me software 1 after few i get u knw then u ppl said we cant do any thing wid u,my order no is 1269


    Mr.Shayaan ,please answer my queries.thanks :)

    • Shayaan

      Your question has been answered above.

      • UMAIR

        o.k thanks, will think to buy from u guys when i have enough money.ALLAH HAFIZ

  • kashan

    @umair he wont rply u ever i said na they ppl sell used phone and all other stuff from local market and also purchase form olx if nobody agree with this then try this person named by shayan and haroon.
    @shayan kya iss order no. pe iphone sell nhi howa ??????

    [Comment Edited]

    • Shayaan

      Sorry Kashan but there is no iphone that we sold on this order number and if you are really a customer then walk in which an invoice for this order number and you can walk away with 5 iphone 4s for free and this is my commitment !! .. Dont make up stuff when you do not have anything better to do..

      We are always ready to face negative feedback as it helps us becomes better but please dont make stuff which never happened :P .. anyways hope you find something better to do.

  • kashan

    i wiil ur office on monday dont worry bro

    • Shayaan

      Many mondays went by but you didnt show up Mr Kashan still have your free phones with me waiting for you :) .. Please find other and more productive ways to compete with us :) .. good quality work with great customer service can be for a change.

  • saad

    hi guys i was searching for chinese tablet pc and then homeshoping.pk i saw i would love to buy bt their prices are very high as compare to the other sellers like on aliexpress if adding custom and every thing homeshoping prices are very high so i would like to ask shayan that i would love buy from them if there prices are little low

    • Shayaan

      Just pick the one you like and we shall give some discount to bring it in the range for you.. :)

      • saad

        thanks for replying can u arange the one i want that is caled superpad2 or flytouch 3 and want to buy a ipodtouch 4 32gb + apple peel plzz telme me final price of both thanks in advance

  • saad

    hi guys i was searching for chinese tablet pc and then homeshoping.pk i saw i would love to buy bt their prices are very high as compare to the other sellers like on aliexpress if adding custom and every thing homeshoping prices are very high so i would like to ask shayan that i would love buy from them if there prices are little low or any help from u??

  • Nouman

    I want to buy a ipodtouch 4 32gb + apple peel plzz telme me final price of both thanks in advance

  • ImranKhan

    Well Aslam-u-Alikum Brothers/Sisters !
    The blow topic has been discussion the the folling link as well.. just posting here just because you could learn a lesson from my recent experience on a fraud shopping website ( homeshopping.pk ).


    Follow the link above to see what other say about this.

    Well Dr. Saab i can really understand what you said in your 1st post. I’ve kind a similar experience with this fraudulent website homeshopping.pk and shayyan tahir its admin. My online buying experience started from vmart.pk in 2009. i researched about the website and contacted them, asked about the procedure & when i was sure about their validity i sent them the money and i really liked their customer services. Whenever i placed orders the admin contacted me through e-mail and phone call to confirm the order and gave me money transfer details and everything worked fine and i always received the products in time. Recently i was looking for Android tablet and came across their website & facebook account. I noticed their quick responses in facebook and reviews on their website and the prices were also quite reasonable. As i already had a very good online buying experience with vmart.pk so i was completely unaware that they gonna give a very tough time. Well i simply registered to the website placed the order on (2nd June 2011) for 32 GB Asus Eeepad Transformer which cost me R.s 59,999. i received the confirmation e-mail and a call from customer services. They told me that they will order it from ebay and it would take about a week and in about 12/15 days they will send it to me & asked me to deposit the 10% advance as it was my first order from this website. As told earlier i had a very good experience with online orders in the past i simply transfered the amount of Rs. 10,000 in the following account
    Bank Name: Standard Charted Bank
    A/C Title: Shayyan Tahir
    A/C No. 01150230901
    and they confirmed it in next two days through e-mail and after a week on 10th June i received a call from their office that my product has been received by their Karachi franchise from their international office and I’ll receive it on Saturday but unfortunately i did not. On June 12th i gave them another call to ask for the product delivery & they started making excuses this and that. They started ignoring my phone calls and put my e-mail on filter so whenever i send them an e-mail it simply bounce back & never get through. This made me really worried about my money which i already payed but i still waited. on 14th June i received another call from the admin asking me to deposit the remaining amount of R.s 50,000 in the following bank account
    Bank Alfalah
    Account Number: 001401003148
    Account Holder: Shayyan Tahir.

    so that they could send the product and they guaranteed that i will get it the same day because the product is already sent and is in a courier office where i live and i was really surprised why were they doing this to me as i already had payed them 10,000 in advance.
    I was completely unaware because they never made me realize from their discussion that they are actually trapping me. So i simply sent the remaining amount of R.s 50,000. People who place orders Online know how impatient they are when they pay the money and they want their products as soon as possible so i was impatient to receive my product as well so i waited the next day but did not. For the next 7 days I’ve been calling them.. their courier services and they kept telling me that the product is on its way. i was confused and disappointed with my decision to order the products from homeshopping.pk and paying them advance. Now on 22nd i called my local courier office and they said they have received my product and on my way to the given address. I was not present there so i called up my brother to receive the product and he received it. When i came back it saw that the box was packed inside courier’s packing and inside that the box of the product was opened from left side. and the rapping tape on the bottom was completely removed and when i saw the tablet i was shocked to completely torn apart to see it was a 16 GB tablet and it was used. Now if you buy any product come from ebay.com, amazon.com or bestbuy.com . It comes in a new box and the box is sealed stating don’t accept the product if unsealed. Secondly the operation system installed on this android should have been 3.0 instead of 3.1 which was updated by the previous user or the homeshopping.pk themselves and they have been using this product from about 2/3 months. I was shocked and in completely disappointed as they trapped me and did a fraud with me. i called them up and and told the guy about all this and he started excusing i told them i will not tolerate such a fraudulent deal in any case and he said its impossible and started making excuses and said they will resolve so this gave me little home. Now when i made them another call the same day… they started ignoring my phone calls.. they put it on hold or it appeared to be busy. and for the next 1/2 hours i kept making calls as i was extremely extremely worried about my money. So i contacted my brother and before contacting Police we thought we should give them one more call and their luck they picked it up and this guy named shayyan picked up the phone and making excuses and said that my chosen tablet was not in stock so they sent the 16 Gb version and the rest of the money is still with us and they will return it or you can buy something else & when we asked why they sent the 2nd hand instead of newer version and see what he said.. he said sir ” App ka kya khiyal hai hum baghair check kar kaey product recieve kartaey hein ” what a stupid reason that s*nO*B8*** gave me. i asked him to send me the money or send me 32 GB mini SD card instead and he said he will & its been 3 days i’ve received no call from them and my email has been put on a filter and they are not receiving any phone call from my number anymore but I’m not going to let this guy go that easily. I’ve already talked to local police office and we are in a process to block their website as well as they are doing a fraudulent business and deceiving innocent people. Please all the people who read this post please please think 100 times before buying through online websites not just homeshopping.pk but from whereever you buy your first option should be local market its the best option you have and everything is available. Do NOT EVER buy anything from these PAKISTANI ONLINE STORES & please spread this message Plzzz.

    Thank you


  • Abdul Basit

    Thanx for review and Mr.Yasir (sales manager @ homeshopping.pk) I’m satisfied with ur comment. Well from now on em gonna buy each n every product from homeshopping.pk.

    I’m too glad to know that Pakistan is now doing a great work on online shopping.

    Homeshopping.pk SOUNDS awesome… Let’s try them and see whether they could change my “SOUNDS” into “IS”!

    • Abdul Basit

      or not :P

  • Sohail

    It happens a week before this Eid.
    After going through these pages I decided to give it a try. My chosen product was Wacom Bamboo Pen and touch graphics tablet.

    I confirmed my order and transferred the amount into their account.I was told that I would be receiving my order with in 2 to 3 days. Rather…

    I was told after 5 to 6(dont remember exact) days of eid that they dont have the product and their claim was that no body in Pakistan has that product.

    Now they wanted to give me a refund and asked about my account details.

    After sending the details, a series of events started which compels me to believe that either they dont want to send back my money or they are just playing.

    Atlast I told Shayan that If I dont recieve my money with in one hour I would be left with no other choice but to file a complaint. His words were ‘Chalo tum aisay lae lo’, I hung up the phone
    and I contacted FIA.

    With their help the money was there in my account. He told them about some ‘technical problem’ which through some miracle, I guess, disappears from the surface of the earth.

    ‘Aur mae nae aisay he lae layey’

    I was pretty exited about them, when I first heard about them, and felt as having Amazaon at my door steps, but they have destroyed my trust.

    • ImranKhan

      Sohail i can really understand what you said because this has happened to me few months back. homeshopping.pk is such a waste of time and Shayyan tahir is total total ____ guy, making people fool. I totally totally agree. I’ve just sent FIA an e-mail to please close this website as this is a bad business and they play with the emotions of their innocent customers.

      [Comment Edited]

      • Shayaan

        Please be specific and mention your order number in this open forum and we shall see what we really did with you ?! …

      • Never got a reply or nor did your fia came sad to see you guys from other websites do not have any other ways to keep us down :) .. All we need to ask you is your order number and you run away heheh ..

    • Shayaan

      Sohail Saab the product went out of stock and thats what we told you and I can assure you that the refund was made by us and no FIA made us do that .. The delay in the payment was due to the eid holidays like you mentioned yourself above….

      IS our fault that we ran out of stock and for that we should be reported to FIA well please do ahead as we have nothing to hide and its normal to be out of stock for something .. Over all your payment was returned so not to sure where this whole dispute came in from ..

  • Sohail

    No Mr Shayaan, Let me be please remind you of your Company way of working, regarding you being out of stock.

    You people never have stock, on receiving order you make a purchase from a local store and then mail it to the customer. Actually this is what you perhaps mistakenly told me over long series of chats we once had. With this in mind, now If we infer that at that instant no body in Pakistan has that Wacom Bamboo tablet then that would just be a joke. The local WACOM dealers list operating in Pakistan is at the Wacom web, and I already have made the purchase.

    Your argument regarding late payment is just a laugh. No bank stops you from transferring online money due to Eid. And the reason for being late is never Eid, it was just your dishonesty as the difference of time between Eid and that FIA call was 1.4 weeks.

    Regarding your argument about not receiving a call from FIA, I just want to say that I do not need to prove that. It just happened, you know it and I know it.

    Yes its fairly normal to be out of stock for the companies that have one. and no fair company would ever tell you that your product would be at your door steps after two days, when out of stock. Actually let me recall, before confirming my order the only question I asked was about its availability in your stock and the answer was ‘Kysey bath kurtay hain ap, hum ayek international company hain’.

    Any ways keep hunting, you will get what you deserve, if not in this world then in other world.

    • Shayaan

      Well guess what online retailers are not supposed to keep everything in stock and that happens worldwide ..read your ecommerce books again and you will get the idea why . As far as your case of Wacom Bamboo tablet goes we have already told you that we are also buying it from the same local dealer talking about and he at that time did not have that in stock .

      Yes banks are closed due to eid so that is the reason they do not let you make payments and the main reason of the delay was due to us waiting to arrange the tablet and not the refund if you remember .

      As far as your FIA thing goes we would love you to prove it to us please as I can assure you no one called and we process many refunds everyday and I can assure you they all do not need to call fia for it ! ..

      Well any ways you are a customer and like they said the customer is always right and we really are sorry for the fact that we ran out of stock as if something is listed on the website it should be there and we were not able to update as its not easy to keep all 50 K products updated all the time ..

      You got your money back and we hope there are no hard feelings .

      Thank you

      • Sehar

        Oh shut up already! The Fiasco posted on PakGamers (Last comment on this page) speaks volumes of your so called “honesty”. You are a complete tool yourself and you’re playing with people’s trust with your homerobbing.pk.

        Thank God, I read through this page before I ordered something.

  • A.Ikram

    I bought a Samsung Omnia 7 from homeshopping 3 weeks ago. Initially everything went brilliantly and i got the phone on the second day. After i got the phone i realized it had battery issues and the home button would not respond randomly. I sent the phone back to them to be replaced( under their 7 day return policy). It took them 1 week to agree to replace the phone. Mr.Shayaan told me on Saturday that my replacement would arrive on Tuesday. On Tuesday I did not receive the phone. I called the homeshopping office and I was told that the 8gb version was out of stock and it will come in 2 or 3 days. I asked them to send me the 16gb one if it was in stock and i would pay on top. I was told that they would check and call me back. The next day i called myself and i was again told that the stock for 16gb needs to be checked and i would receive a confirmation call at 5p.m. I did not receive any call and I called them myself at 6p.m. Then i was told that the 16gb would be in stock that night and they would call me in the morning and ship it to me. I did not receive any call the next morning. I called them in the afternoon and spoke directly to Mr.Shayaan. He told me that no stock was available and they could send me the samsung focus or give me a refund. I find this ridiculous. This phone was a gift from me to my sister. It has been 2 whole weeks since i sent the phone back to homeshopping. I was promised a replacement and then that promise was not honored. If there was no stock then why promise me a replacement? If stock was available when i was promised the replacement then why wasn’t i sent the phone? This has been a horrible experience for me so far. All Shayaan told me was to get a refund. What about these 14 days of dragging me through hell? This was meant to be a gift and now everything has been ruined.
    If you want the order number. here it is:10524

    • A.Ikram

      I would like to clarify that I am not accusing homeshopping of fraud. Homeshopping are NOT a fraudulent company. Many people have had good experiences with them. All companies have to deal with issues. The mark of a good company is ‘how’ they deal with these issues.

      In my case the Omnia 7 running out of stock is something that can normally happen. The problem is that homeshopping handled this very poorly. I was promised a replacement. And was given the date I would receive it. Instead of telling me there was no stock I had to call and ask why I didn’t receive my replacement(on the given day) only to be told there was no stock. The only choice I have left is to request a refund. Not to mention it took them 2 whole weeks just to tell me that the phone was out of stock.

  • A.Ikram

    As I said, the mark of a good company is ‘how’ they deal with issues. Despite being underwhelmed at best by homeshopping’s initial attitude it seems that things might still be rectified. I received a call today from Mr.Shayaan Tahir. He apologized for all the inconvenience I was caused and admitted that there was a communication issue. He then went on to say that I was promised a replacement phone and to honor this he attained another Samsung Omnia 7 which he would send to me tomorrow. Now to me this symbolizes commitment to customers. Homeshopping started everything off well but despite there being problems in the middle it seems they might finish off on a high note. Dealing with adverse conditions is how you differentiate your company from the rest. As it is I have not received the phone yet but I will post again when I have. But this is going in the right direction and homeshopping might have just won me over as a customer.

    • A.Ikram

      I received my phone the next day as was promised and I have to say that I am satisfied. Shayaan Tahir was excellent to deal with. Yes there were problems but in the end I am a satisfied customer. Homeshopping are committed to customer satisfaction and while they are not the finished article they seem to be working hard to be so. It’s not selling your products that get you customers; it’s how you deal with them after you’ve sold them the product. To this end homeshopping are succeeding. This won’t be the last time I make purchases from them and I will post here anytime I do so because I think it is important for everyone to know how good or otherwise the company is. Homeshopping aren’t perfect, but this is still a growing company and they are better to deal with than most others not to mentiom their customer service is brilliant. It will be great if they don’t rest on their laurels and become even better.

  • I recently bought 2 units of Galaxy SII from HomeShopping.PK, believe me guys they are the best for online shopping in Pakistan. When I first ordered the phone, Mr. Waleed called me to ask some questions related to my order, and he said they are not able to offer Cach-On-Pickup in my area ( A small town near Gujranwala) so I asked for any other option. He said you have to send money in advance through online bank deposit, I said OK I will. After 12 hours of depositing money I got my phone. But…… it was a faulty unit, there was a small dot in the display. I asked Mr. Shayaan for this issue and he said no problem send it back to us and we will send you new unit. Next day I returned the phone to homeshopping. They sent me new unit right after they received the old unit. The whole process just took about 30 hours. After receiving the phone I ordered another Galaxy SII for one of my relative. And both of devices are working great. I’m very happy with HomeShopping.PK service specially their support team is the best. I recommend everyone to use their service.

  • Fahd

    First of all – Shayan i have great respect for you man.

    I bought an HP IPAQ & a few other sets from homeshopping long time ago. To me their products are far more “Original” than anything else available in the market.

    Its really sad to see people bashing the poor site for no good reason- Competitors … Probably! But whats the point? The E-Commerce Scenario in Pakistan is in very early stages, Bashing one website means bashing everything else online which is from Pakistan.

    My second favorite website is autechnologies. Great guys to deal with, since hsn doesnt have a great variety in Laptops & stuff. I was let down by Beliscity. Still i wouldnt call anyone a fraud – But i don’t think they keep stock

  • Danial

    Might be a bit late but this is important info regarding this site. Bought a htc desire from them in march. It began resetting after 5 months due to overheating. Gave it in for repairs and after 4months of repairing they said it was a dead phone and they couldnt do anything about it. Basically lost rs37000. Wont buy from here again

  • Yesterday i got my HTC Radar (order #14947) from Homeshopping.pk, It was complete with accessories and i paid after opening its box. Its really fun to deal with them and they are really cooperative. online shopping in pakistan is something we can trust coz few days earlier i just bought a camera (Canon Powershor A1200)from goshopping.pk. that was also a good experience.

    Also HTC radar and canon A1200 are both very good in their categories, WP& experience is fantastic.

    Muhammad Rashid

  • Saif Khan

    Hi Shayaan,

    I am visited your website but found it’s domain is for sale. Are you still in business or out of it? I need to buy some items from eBay (U.S.) and it weights around 15KG. If you are still in business than kindly reply me ASAP as deals which I am after will not last long.

    Hope to hear by you.

    • No sir the business is still going on and is in no way up for sale … We were being Ddos’d and that is way the website was down for a day.

  • Usman Hussain

    I myself met with a very bad experience with homeshopping.pk…Make sure that you have matched the imei of handset with the box if you are purchasing any cellphone from Hs coz Last week I ordered SE Xperia Neo from Hs and they sold me a refurbished set with an unmatched imei box but after wasting my huge time and bal on complaining Hs they gave me a local imei printed sticker box……Their is no issue for me if the phone is refurbished coz it looks like new without having any problems but the issue is of box coz that the previous sticker on the box is pulled off and then pasted a new imei printed sticker which can be easily judged and still they are nuts thats why they forget to match the serial no……Serial no. is still unmatched with the box as I checked my previous xperia mini x10 whose imei and serial both matched with the box which I got from abroad…..

    • Above comment is mine but this issue is resolved by Mr.Shayaan and now I am pretty satisfied with my set and sorry for claiming it refurbished coz set is 100% brand new as Mr.Shayaan told me some proofs of it and still he offers me complete cash refund if I am not satisfied with the set even after my 7 days are completed but I don’t want to return my phone as I am already using it and it contains my useful data,so its better for me to keep it with me…..

      In the end I will say atleast Homeshopping after sales services are very good as compared to local cellphone dealers in Pakistan…………

    • Its been Two years since that happened and then after this you also bought another phone from us I think .. Hope we were better for you this time around and you not facing any issues now sir ?

  • Salam Friends,
    I had bought a digital camera from homeshopping, price was a bit high than a market price, but i paid it with Paypal, which i had to pay in advance, i paid money in advance but still they contacted me and give me the camera :)

    I am so happy with there service.

    After few days, i bought again 2 memory cards from them and the other day they delivered them to me :D

    Super fast shipping is that for me :)

    I hope they will update there all prices as what are in markets or lower than market then i will be more happy to buy things from them :)

    Umair Shah

  • hassan

    im willing to buy sunglasses from this website but im not sure if they sell original products or not

    • If listed as originals then they shall sure be originals . We also provide official purchase invoice if requested.

      Thank you

  • Aamir

    With my recent experience of buying online in Pakistan, I’d suggest my fellows to avoid online purchase. Homeshopping.pk is nothing new than a Pakistani typical shops. They are good in customer support but many of the devices they’ll sell to you are not compatible to work here in Pakistan easily. And once you have purchased any device then you can’t easily get out of the shit if that device would not work.

    I purchased HTC One SV in last week and before that I confirmed with the support of a known issue that its wifi doesn’t work when we insert the SIM card but support person said they had never heard of this issue from any one who purchased this device from them. When I received the device and checked, it had the issue and then I talked to them and they said to send them the device and I just shipped the device back but when they received they said there was an outer wrapper(packing) that has image of phone should be returned back as well to claim the replacement, that wrapper was the most outer wrapper and without tearing that it was not possible to get the device out so I could not send them that wrapper and they said they can’t replace because of that wrapper. That clearly sounds how sharp they are to avoid any replacement and try to find any possible reason that could save them to replace the device. They would never give you a favor in this type of matters. While in my thinking they being a large network have many options to resolve the issues and give the buyer benefit instead of wasting his/her money.

    • Hello Aamir ,

      Thank you for your feedback and we truly respect it.

      Now just to add few lines from our end so we can all see what really happened.

      Client ordered HTC One SV first one we sold he got the phone the next day and then after that he reported that One SV wifi not working when used with GPRS on.

      This is a manufacturing fault in some HTC phones for which we stopped HTC Butterfly as that phone also had the same issue . We topped the sale for this phone with us and ask this client to send it back for replacement ( We have proof of email asking him to send it back for replacement) Now where everything went wrong is that HTC One SV box has a outer paper shell which might not be that important in most phones but with this it is as the IMEI number is on that and we all know what the value of the phone becomes if it has no IMEI sticker ? .. We asked him to locate it even if torn we would stick it back and return back to the company as we have no use to it here due to the issue but he failed toy provide and said he threw it away hence we were not able to help you out here.

      Thank you

      • Uzair Farooqi

        @shahbazkhw:disqus what are you doing with me than? I ordered Silicon Power Armor 2 TB external drive but you did not had it. And now you are not even refunding my payment back. Is that how you are treating your customers now? My order number is 73808. I paid you the money in advance but now you are not refunding it. Why?

        • sorry we really dont visit public forums to make sure if we have made the payment or not … Every customer that contacts or emails is well taken care of and we have outlets in 4 cities to take care and deal with customers if needed. However really sorry just saw that now could you confirm if you got the refund ?

          • Uzair Farooqi

            I got my refund but i dont trust on online shopping with advance payment. Because it took you guys. 4-5 days to refund my money. And plus you didn’t check your stock before contacting me

  • Haseeb Anwer

    People complaining about Homeshopping’s tactics are indeed not lying. Both of my experience shopping with them have ended in bitter taste. Mr. Shayaan may be trying to run a legit business but they are indeed using shady tactics where possible. Tread careful with them and try to buy from retail outlets when possible.

    And since they always ask for an order number for legit complaints: it’s 48326.

    Here’s a page with my experience with Homeshopping.pk:

    • Suhail Anwer

      Have bought things worth 500,000 with them and never faced a issue ! .. i dont get it you ordered something you took it home and then you complained that you have a issue and HSN refunded you in full then why are you crying ? you should be lucky they refunded as in Pakistan no one offers refunds for such things ! ..

  • Well as far as my experience goes i placed my order of LG G3 32 GB 2 days and 4 hours ago to be exact and didn’t recieved my order. Infact i never recieved a call from them. can u believe it not even a call for the confirmation of my order. Well doesn’t matter that much although they did messaged me on my phone at about 11 pm stating that Dear customer you order status has been changed to Awaiting Shipment. OH. and i forgot to mention i recieved a SMS from them to reply with confirmed or cancelled after i placed my order.

    I added in the comments that i needed my product in Maximum 48 hours. Its 52 hours right now since i placed my order. so much for the fast service.

    now i checked the website for the status of my order and it says REC ISL. i’m a little confused about this.
    My order number is : 83693

    -Hashir Hassan

    Update : i have now recieved my delicate lg g3 at my doorstep. i checked my phone before paying cash to the rider. Right now i’m satisfied with my product.

    • Well we are happy to see your feedback as it allows us to make ourself better. The delivery time in which we are delivering the products is of the highest importance to us after quality of the product and we try our level best to make it happen in the 48 hours . How ever it is a fact that we are still dependent on the courier companies to handle our shipments and yes it is right they at times delay however we are glad ti know that you finially got the product and fully satisfied with it . Happy to see you went on to place order with us after that. Thanks and hope you keep shopping with us for the rest of your life and we assure you that we shall get better why the day as we do have serious commitment that goes in it.

      Thank you

      HSN Management

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  • kamran

    I’ve just ordered Galaxy s6 from HS today, I’ll comment my review here about it then.

    • adil

      They used to be fine at one point. But on my last order they have delayed it for weeks now. Despite having received the payment. and to cover their tracks, they hacked my account on their website and deleted the order record. I am giving them one last chance before approaching FIA for fraud and cybercrimes against Homeshopping.com and their officers.

  • They used to be fine at one point. But my last order they have delayed it for weeks now despite having received the payment. And to cover their tracks, they hacked my account on their website and deleted the order record. I am giving them one last chance before approaching FIA for fraud and cybercrimes against Homeshopping.com and their officers.

  • Zia Rahman

    This review has to be a decade old. Their support, tracking of inventory and refund policy is pathetic. I saw a product online on thier site and then called to confirm whether it’s available or not. They confirmed the availability without proper checking the quality. I paid the instance and after 48 hours, they called and said the product has failed the quality control and they offered to either get a refund or they will provide alternative suggestions. I agreed for alternative but they didn’t provide any alternative within 24 hours so I asked for a refund and sent my credintials. To my surprise, it’s been 7th day of the purchase and I am unable to get my refund. I wonder if they are running a scam or anything. Very very dissapointed.