How to Join Digital Blackout Campaign to Block Internet Taxes?

As you may all know that Pakistani digital publishers and bloggers are blacking-out their websites in protest against internet taxes.

Everyone is encouraged to join blackout in which home-pages are turned black for a certain duration. Below are the tools through which you can join this blackout-protest.

For WordPress Websites

This is how you can implement full-page black-out on your wordpress websites:

  • Download this plugin (its free)
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Plugin settings will be as following:


Please follow all settings as mentioned above and then save these settings and click on “All Ads” and then click on “Add new ad”

Here in the editor, simply upload a banner — exactly like you upload an image on usual posts. You can download Blackout Banners from here.

When banner is uploaded and displayed in the editor, save the ad and that’s it. Please make sure that you are following above displayed setting.

You can also download other web banners and Facebook post images from this link.

You can contact us (aamir at propakistani dot com) if you are facing any issue in implementing this.

Who is Currently Part of Digital Blackout?

We are in process of streamlining the process where websites are being identified that are blacking out.

Currently several dozen websites have joined the campaign, including and

You can also notify us by filling this form if you are blacking out in protest against internet taxes. Please make sure that you have implemented the black-out before filling this form.

Every participating website will be mentioned explicitly here on this page.

How Individuals Can Join

Download Facebook post images from here and share these on your wall. Everyone’s counted.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Your website seems not to be blacked out, it still has the same color scheme here with me even if I reloaded the page after deleting the browser cache.

      • I am using chromium on Arch Linux, I tried by switching to incognito mode too and got the same result. However, it worked fine with firefox.

      • Amir please get rid of this annoying blackout thing from your website, whenever open any post it appears which is very annoying. Don’t destroy your Blog please

  • Lol, blackout should be total blackout not like this false impression. Ye to woi bat hui na ky roza bhi ho ar chup ky nimko b khaty raho. Come on, if you really care for internet then simply blackout your whole website, there should never be a close button to remove blackout. If you wil not do this, we will assume you have biased heart, eyes, nose, and the pen.

    • But, if you will impose complete blackout, you will lose revenue that is the biggest “fear” you currently have. If you are stronghearted go for complete blackout and soon you will see blackout om your future ;-)

      I am saying this because you are front line army, make a sound impression but not like this baby step.

      • You can not blackout whole site. You will need to change theme in most cases.

        • Bhai isi theme main color change karodo, whats the big deal. Kaunsa is site main hazaron colors chal rahe hain :) just find and replace chalana hai CSS par sir. Not a rocket science.

    • samja karo bhai..paise bhi to kamanay hain.
      I guarantee you kay ye sab bhi hamari waja say hua hai..he is urging(tarlay) everyone to do the same :D
      I know Aamir very well.. but as you know there is a new generation emerges in late 2012 called youthias(youth). He is one of them and the way he runs this blog starts changing in a pattern. He is absolutely politically motivated and involved in biased reporting and even now propaganda. otherwise I like this person despite his political affiliations.

  • No blackout dear. If you want I can change setting of your website for you. leave a comment if you want me to change your index page

  • Janab yeh tu har page par apka banner ata hai aur automatic band bhi nahi hota and close button se hi chal raha hai.

  • Internet and Cellular services should be heavily charged with 50% taxation. Because of lowest rates for their services around world, 17-18% on services serves nothing…..All cellular companies should reconsider their Packages and services and offer same what is offered in U.S and Uk (modern world)… By this we will avoid reasource wastage, unnecessary communication, And lots of electricity and time…!!

    • Let me analogize your point:
      Instead of Taxing the Internet heavily, let’s Tax Electricity Heavily!
      We would then use less resource!
      We would only use electricity for Power Plants, hence ‘unnecessary’ electricity usage would not be used.
      Also, speaking in terms of Internet, there is a lot to consider which you, I’m afraid, haven’t. With the increase internet availability and decrease in its cost comes an economic boost. Business do prosper with a good internet connection. If you don’t believe this have a look at the Modern World. There are numerous examples especially in the U.S, where the big companies have decided to stay on their copper infrastructure. The copper infrastructure has slow internet bandwidth, as well as high latency. But, as soon as local ISPs started the fiber to home high speed internet access, it attracted business in those areas. The same thing can happen in Pakistan. In order for economic boost, it’s better to not make the internet costly, thinking to “save” resources (like how many actually ‘utilize’ resources?). But instead, its better to improve the internet structure, and make it cheaper to the masses. This also has other benifits like e-commerce, etc.

  • You are doing business in pakistan and earning handsome amounts but not willing to pay taxes. Still you say Pakistan is going to bankrupt and there in nothing in Pakistan. You people are willing to blackout for not paying taxes but not willing changing the mindset of Pakistani nation. Instead of blackouts, you should encourage people to pay taxes by showing your willingness to pay taxes. How can a country progress without taxes?? Do people not pay taxes on income from internet all around the world??

  • The hypocrisy here is so strong, internet companies should definitely be taxed but after only certain threshold of revenue, and I believe propak is wrong in here to urge people to boycott when there are also earning a lot from marketing.

  • close