Zong Introduces 4G MiFi with Monthly Data Limit of up to 200GBs

Zong has officially launched its Zong 4G MiFi device that comes with up to 200GBs of monthly data limit. This device is currently available in Karachi only, however, company plans to roll-out same device and packages in other 4G covered cities during coming days.

With a device price of Rs 2500, Zong’s 4G Mobile Broadband Wifi offers a theoretical speed quality upto 150 Mbps. Zong says that device price is the most affordable offering in the mobile broadband industry.

Zong’s 4G MiFi device has a range of 10 meters, option of LTE/3G/2G fallback, and ability to connect up to 10 devices at one time.

Data Packages 

There are several monthly data options for this particular device, and they range from 10 GB for Rs 800 to 200 GB for Rs 6000.

Check below packages available for Zong’s 4G MiFi Device:

Monthly Packages



Three Month Package





It also needs to be noted that this product is an addition to Zong’s portfolio of mobile broadband products. Currently, Zong offers the most varied range of products, including 3G Wingle, 3G Dongle and Mifi in addition to the device launched today.

In this regard, Mr Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong noted that “As the only 3G & 4G mobile operator in the country, the uniqueness of Zong lies in its exceptional data speed. We are very committed to providing our customers with the best data experience, and this device is yet another addition to Zong’s achievements.”

This launch will be followed by a nationwide launch for the device in the coming weeks, as well as the launch of 4G Wingle.

      • Only 800rs and this package is discontinued and new packages starts from 1500rs inclusive off all taxes means you have to pay 1500 only.

    • new packages aj kal ap enjoy kar sakty hain
      3 month package / double volume
      3999/144GB ( 48GB each month )

      ZONG 4G ya 3G handset me bhi ap ye SIM use kar sakty hain or kisi unlocked modem me bhi use ho sakti hai

      SIM free hai or just 149 Rs TCS pay kar k ap is ko ghar pe mangwa sakty hain

      you can enjoy double volume offer

    • Can anyone tell me the inquiry code of 24gb package i have taken this package but i am unable to check remaining Mbs

      • it was over 2 years and this promotion is ended now 10gb package is available only on internet sim for 1000rs

        • Dear Sir,

          Thanks for your earlier response.

          I want to get this package. You are requested to kindly let me know 1000 is including all taxes ? and what will be the cost for me at start including USB device.

          Looking forward for your swift response.


          M. Mustafa

          Mobile 03060895228

    • Zong 4G
      2500/50GB monthly
      24GB/1500 Monthly

      Save 12000 Rs.
      12 Month package (50GB every month) 18,OOO Rs.

      Save 5000 Rs.
      6 Month package (50GB every month) 10,000 Rs.

      USB-2000 Rs
      MIFI-3000 Rs

      Rawalpindi / Islamabad Customers can Get FREE home delivery & activation
      Coverage Map is available on Website.
      CALL us 03125095007 for Quick Delivery


      • Well… Other operators are charging 64KB / pulse. A pulse is, whenever your cell phone send a request, either its 1KB, 1Byte or equal to 64KB your bucket will be deducted by 64KB or greater upon greater download request.
        Here in Zong, you’re charged 1MB per pulse. Means if your cellular data is on and you’re doing nothing, your cell sends an alive request. But you will be charged 1MB on each request.
        I subscribed to 2GB package and it was over in 2 days. 500MB overnight while all background apps were off..

        Got the point?

        • As per my experience , i am using Zong 3G on my Huwaei router , using it for PS4 online gaming and casual browsing on laptop, ipad and mobile. And my monthly usage is not more than 2GB

          • Impossible if its ON 24 hours.
            Ever tried keeping it ON for long hours?
            A common man is unfamiliar with this technicality but people are angry why their buckets consumes so fast? Zong is trying to make people fool and want to earn a big capital she spent for auction.

            • It is always ON. Have u checked with Zong ? I cannot see it anywhere on their website

              • Impossible!
                Go through their website, why didn’t they mentioned the pulse rate while all other operators are mentioning? Because its a hidden trick and can only be verified from support. Even the CSR guy was unfamiliar with that, he asked me to wait and then he confirmed that 1MB per pulse they use to charge.

                • I dont know why it doesnt work for you this way. I was using telenor 3G before and had the same consumption. But Zong is having much better ping and higher 3G speed in my area which is good for Online gaming. Still i am having the same consumption.

                  • Abrar, I agreed with you regarding speed. No doubt Zong has superb speed. Even I got 16Mbps in my area. But due to technical background, I was curious why consumption is too much even when everything is OFF. But zong confirmed 1MB pulse charging.

                    I don’t know what’s good with your SIM. If it’s the same with you, I would love to purchase your sim at any cost :) hahahaha

                    • It means i am lucky to have this consumption as my sim is always on. Only thing is that i have ported from warid to zong a long time ago. Secondly, i am also getting superb speed in my area 12 to 14 Mbps on 3G. So i can imagine when we have 4G coverage in my area , i can fly with the speed :P

                    • Hmmm. Let me think about porting in to Zong.
                      Well… regarding speed, a recent test in my area about 3G was 9Mbps and ridiculously LTE was 7Mbps. Both warid and Zong are not good enough on LTE. But speeds are quite amazing if constantly they provid 7-9 either.

                  • If you’re gaming, then go for 4g. Both Warid and Zong should be good enough. You get a ping advantage on Lte.

          • Abrar Bro can you please check under network setting while connected to zong 4g if you are getting a Nat 2 or Nat 3 on PS4. I am using Warid and i get Nat 3 and thus online gaming is very restrictive. Thanks

            • Hassan Any Ideas on how to fix this NAT type 3 issue on PS4 as I have switched DMZ on and I have opened ports as well but it still doesn’t work. Any port I open does not work with port checker on the Internet. Am using Zong LTE USB stick

              • No man all these mifi’s are useless for console gaming. Ptcl is the only solution at the moment, only a network engineer will be able to shed some light on this issue.

              • Btw i checked on Ptcl charji (Same device as Warid Mifi) and i got Nat2 on Charji which is fine for gaming so evidently its something to do with networks rather than devices.

                • Hmm..Thanks for the input. I too have a chargi and will check the PS4 with that too. Chargi does not give as good of a speed as this Zong one but oh well at least it works with online gaming such as GTA 5. Thanks.

            • I have Huawei 4g router, i am using zong sim in it and connected it to ps4 via lan cable.

              • Dear could you pls tell the which huawei router you are using model num something pls spcifie and what nat you getting? Thanks for rep

        • Funny like Hell

          in bucket it does not charge you by pulse dude. charge you per bytes.

        • Brother u r absolutely right the samething happend with me Zong is overcharging and looting pupils whether we use data package or not our money will be left with zero balance.

          • salam bahi did u buy zong 4g mifi?? what your experience which bundle you r using pls share

        • Ohhh !
          Now I know what was happening with my Zong 4GB monthly bucket !
          Damn !
          I never used it more than just browsing facebook and it hardly lasts a week.
          Thanks a lot bro.
          You are an awakener.
          I previously contacted Zong CSR too in this regard and he told me to subscribe for a bigger package maybe 30GB/Month which will Cost near Rs4480/month incl. tax. :D

          I just said “Haraam ki kamai hai kia mery paas” :P
          Sorry CSR I was very angry at that time because nothing was making sense at that time. But now I know, Thanks to Afraz bhai :)

          • @shahzaibrehman:disqus You’re welcome.

            Since Aamir Ata is sleeping and he didn’t reply to any of my email or comment. Please spread the word your self.

            • You did a great Job. (y)
              I appreciate it.
              Aamir should have taken some notice as we trust that his blogs contain all the important information related to that particular topic, but he has disappointed us this time.

        • With reference to your email; please note that charging Unit of Default 3G/4G package will be 64KB/0.62 Paisa’s.

          In case you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to write to us.


          ZONG Customer Care Team

          • Yes True!
            But we are talking about subscribed bucket. Not default package. I know default charging unit is 64KB but if you have subscribed to any bucket, it charges you 1MB per pulse. That’s why it drains the full bucket so quickly.


    • Yeah i subscribed zong 4GB/month package and i used huawei wingle beleive me i only use it for casual browsing means facebook(no Videos), propak and some other websites and data is consumed only in about a week whether i also used telenor 3g 4gb/month bundle and it lasted for about 25 days for casual browsing so i think zong is looting people by charging 1MB per pulse and i mostly use internet in night no daytime browsing coz i work in office and internet is available there..

    • Bro u r absolutely right.. In three days i’ve lost 10GB data even though i’ve downloaded nothing… All i use is fb and youtube.. Sometimes when i m not even using the phone i lose 100 to 200 mb.. I read ur comment before buying but i thought it can’t be true because thats cheating but now I believe u.. Can’t we do anything about it…? Zong sucks..

  • This could be the big threat to PTCL, as 10GB for 800 while ptcl charges aprox the same for Max 2Mb. Bus apfront cost thori kam honi chaya,

  • Now that is all i wanted … perfect in every sense .. beats the crap out of PeetCl’s pathetic packages and speeds .. and every other operator for that matter… Zong has won me. . . buying right away…

    • It’s time for PTCl–also for Ufone 3G– to look at the present internet market otherwise their business will come to an end that I don’t want because it will be a crisis of laying off the employees. I think PTCl should maintain the prices of its packages to the lowest rate or comparable either Zong 4G or Warid 4G. If they don’t, PTCL will deserve to be called PEEETTCL!!

    • For home users like me who use more than 150GB/month this is still
      not a viable option as i pay 2500rs for 4mb dsl for 300GB cap which
      works well on optic fiber.

      But good choice for people who are fedup of PTCL evo or DSL..

  • I need a 4G USB dongle that should support both Warid 4G LTE and Zong 4G LTE, anybody knows about it?. It’s said that some dongles support only Zong 4G whereas some only Warid 4G, is it true? I think both networks support the same band and Cat version, doesn’t it?

    • Both 4g networks run on 1800 frequency, so all you need to do is unlock it and it can work with both.

    • It is better to go in market and buy the Huawei 4G Dongle or modem . That device will be unlocked , you can use any sim on it.

        • Buy PTCL Huawei EC5377u-872 WiFi 3G/LTE router
          It is available unlocked for Rs.5000 in market. you can search on olx. I have purchased same device in Rs3500 from ptcl and unlocked that device by myself.
          I’ve check zong and warid on my device and they are working on my unlocked EC5377u-872

      • Hi, looking for good internet provider for my ps4. What are u using and how is the online gaming expirence?

        • I am using Zong sim in Huwaei 4G router. Although , there is no 4G coverage in my area , it works much better on 3G also . Ping is always less than 100ms and getting speeds of average 12 to 14 mbps. I am able to play COD AW , BF4 and BF HL without any lag

        • By the way , i also checked Warid LTE but their LTE sucks in my area. Maximum speed i received was 3 to 4 mbps and ping was more than 250ms. It is better to check the coverage in your area , then decide. Zong 3G is even better than Warid LTE.

        • Ptcl is the only option as for online gaming you get Nat 3 on ps4 which causes connectivity issues with other players in online gaming.

              • Now can you please tell me whether i can use ufone and mobilink 3g on evo charji cloud device……….if so, then how can i unlock it…can you guide me about the process……i mean where will the code that u sent will be used for unlocking….i need the steps involved in unlocking it for using it with all 3g networks….Thanks for your support.

                • Insert Non Accepted Sim card (Telenor,Warid,zong) it should Prompt an Unlock code screen

              • This is my device..evo charji cloud..i dont know whether it will support mobilink or ufone 3g?…..

                • you can’t unlock this device. get PTCL Huawei EC5377u-872 from ptcl for just Rs.3500 and do not activate new ptcl sim which will come with new device. and unlock your new device and enjoy any 3G/4G ISP

                  • Ptcl valay activate ker k hi detay hay! Ap ye batayain kia sim ptcl ki koe sim bhi ati hay kia evo charji cloud kay saath.. By the way device kaisi hy use mei..aur agar ptcl sim active hoevi ho to kia unlock nhi ho sakti?

                    • 1-bhai aap device ptcl OSS se buy nahi karna, un kay kisi dealer se buy karna. aur sim ko activate nahi karwana.
                      2-jee haan PTCL charji cloud kay sath Charji ki sim bhi hoti he.
                      3-PTCL Huawei EC5377 device use me achi he, jab kay charji kay start me aik device aai thi BandLuxe company ki P530(Slider device) woh bilkul farig device thi.
                      4-aur agar ptcl charji sim activate ho bhi to koi masla nahi he tab bhi aap ki EC5377 device unlock ho sakti he. woh to main ne is liye mashwara dia tha kay agar aa ne ptcl ki sim use nahi karni to phir us ko activate karwane kay jhanjhat me na parain.
                      see the attached pic of my EC5377 device with Zong sim after unlocking. on the left side in pic u can see the most pathetic device P530 BandLuxe by PTCL.

                    • Bro unlock ka tareeka kia hay aur ap nay kaun kaun sims is pe check ker chukay ho..disconnect to nahi hota?wifi ki range kesi hay..aur battery backup kesa hay.. Device mei sim dalnay k baad setting to nahi kerni parti?

                    • perfectly working all 4g 3g,i hav same device bought 4800 & one of my friend unlocked from Regal mall road LHE for 1500, pm for details

                    • Bro,i live in karachi.. I am talking abt ptcl evo charji cloud.. Where i can get this device unlocked in karachi

                    • salam bhai.mere problem ap jaisa hai same.mere comport activate nae ho rahi.can you please help?

                    • Dear how can i use my zong broadband sim on ptcl chargi huawei device?
                      Imei of device is A000004FED7E68
                      S/N D7KBY15401003163
                      MODEL = EC5377u – 872
                      Plz guide thanksss

                    • connect your modem to your PC through Wifi and open modem setting page in your browser by typing IP address of your modem: it should be like enter “admin” as user name and password without quotes and all small. on that page click on “Settings” click on “system” click on “Device Information” and there you will find all information.
                      may be your modem menu little different than what I explained above but you can manage to get software version there by using hints above.

          • Hi Aoa
            can you send me the unlocking code if i buy a new Charji device today?
            Actually i want to use Zong 4g.

          • Dear how can i use my zong broadband sim on ptcl chargi huawei device?
            Imei of device is A000004FED7E68
            S/N D7KBY15401003163
            MODEL = EC5377u – 872
            Plz guide thanks

    • Get warid or Zong 4G wingle or Mifi device

      Unlock it and use on both or all networks.

    • Please go to Saddique Trade Centre. P30 and get the Huawei device that supports
      all sims including ptcl Char Ji, warid lte and Zong 4g. For detail u may call me at 03004032424

    • The only bummer …. but i think it’ll soon be available in my city (gujranwala) as well ;)

    • Btw, for 8,000 Warid offers unlimited internet. This is not a package but thier base rate.

  • 50 GB in 2000 rupees is just awesome. PEETCL offering 4 Mb connection in 2100 and here u can get speed of 2 MB/s to 4 MB/s average speed. RIP PEETCL

    • agar ptcl ne speed double nai kee 14 aug 2015 tak to mein be Telenor ya Zong pe shift ho jayeon ga. 4 Mbit PTCL DSL user here.

      • I think taxes are there on prepaid scratch cards but if you use post paid then I don’t think there is tax on that.

  • Now the competition is on between all cellular operators in 3G and 4G by offering affordable packages. Consumers will take benefit of this competition.

    • practical varies depending upon several factors. The major one is that how many people are using the internet in your area (or your tower – i guess). So at peak hours, the speed will be slower as compared to other times. You will have to check the speed personally during peak hours because its different for everyone.

  • I was surprised with so much bandwith resources and chinese minds at its back why zong is silent when Telenor is making inroads .. I got the proper answer today. Esy kehty hn stylish offer.

  • PTCL should change its DSL strategy from charging for speed to charging for bandwidth cap, otherwise these mobile operators are certainly going to kill it.

    • PTCL DSL is unlimited that’s why they are still surviving and people use PTCl DSL for heavy usage so if they put “cap” on it like Mobile operators, then PTCL will kill it themselves!

  • Asslam o Alaikum any body tell me how to subcribe these pkgs via scratch card or with payment please comfirm me

  • Are these new packages are applicable of existing 3G packages (on Zong 3G mifi devices) because old packages are not economical.

  • Well after including all the taxes you will be needing to load Rs. 2200 to activate your Rs. 1500 package and its not a good deal. For a casual/normal browsing and surfing Evo Wingle is the best. Downloading torrents on mobile is useless as you have PC for that purpose. For a few GB’s packages wingle is best though I am not a fan of PTCL customer care services but still that is good enough. 20gb/1500 per month is excellent.

    • dear the data sim which doest not have voice calls function will not deduct any tax, if you load Rs.1500, you will get Rs. 1500

  • Awesome !
    This is what I was expecting from Zong for a very long time.
    Great work.
    Zong Please bring it to Islamabad as well, ASAP.

    • bro try tht unlocked Charji cloud ec5377 100% working all LTE 4G ,3G .u may get # isb 03349952439 sms for details,thx

  • @aamir7 from the comments below its obvious that zong is having a pulse charging of 1mb. please make a post on it just to let other people know.

  • Aamir bhai now a days zong also offering new offer for zong users in lahore… On every recharge of rs200 zong will give you 1 free pass for sozo water park… But for this offer you need to recharge your credit from there franchise or service center :) … My friend got 3 free pass of sozo water park from zong which is valid for 1 month

  • Hello every one did anyone buy zong 4g mifi?? what your experience which bundle you r using pls share

  • hey Afraz . u still there . I had read your comments about the hypocrisy of zong. then i talked to the zong’s guy . They are claiming that their pulse rate is the same.No company can’t charge more that 64KB , it is in the agreement. That’s what their site claims here

    I am kinda confused . I was so in the mood to get zong 4g LTE device until I read you here. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks bro .



  • I bought zong 4g device 4-5 days ago with 24 gb package, I check today it’s already drained 18 gb data with only use Facebook and android for whatsapp 11am to 7 pm without any streaming.
    Plz help me out what I should do?

  • extremely casual user here ( no much streaming) … today is 11th day and it says i have already consumed 28gb of data…… wtfffffff is zong doing to its customers :@ :@ :@Arslanejaz33:disqus

  • Charji Mifi
    charji wingle
    2OOO Rs Monthly 3OOGB
    and 15OO Monthly 50GB Packages available

    Zong 4g wingle
    Zong 4g mifi
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    also have services of unlocking


  • ————————–Charji Mifi
    ————————–charji wingle
    2OOO Rs Monthly 3OOGB
    and 15OO Monthly 50GB Packages available

    —————————Zong 4g wingle
    —————————Zong 4g mifi
    Packages 1500/24GB 2000/50GB

    charji unlock device
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    also have services of unlocking


  • Zong 4G mifi
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  • PTCL Charji Huawei Unlocked ( EC5377-872 )
    Zong 4G Wingle unlocked
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    Zong 4G mifi
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  • Firmware of Charji Cloud EC5377u-872 Is Available


    PTCL Charji Huawei Unlocked ( EC5377-872 )
    Zong 4G Wingle unlocked
    Zong 4G Mifi unlocked

    Zong 4G mifi
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    Charji mifi cloud
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  • Anyone from Rawalpindi Islamabad .
    Looking to Purchase these internet devices
    Double Volume Offer
    ZONG 4G mifi
    Zong 4G wingle
    FREE (CoD)
    FREE biometric activation & door step.

  • Assallamu alayikum guys
    Good News for those having charji huawei cloud ( jo k update na hua wa ho)

    Charji Ec5377u 872 Huawei
    Huawei firmware available

  • Unlocking for all zong 4g / warid/ mobilink / telenor

    ptcl evo unlock nahy ho gye

    100% unlocking karwao all model devices

    gar bathy bathy he rabta karye ap ko kahye janye k zurat nahye

    apny all model 3g 4g mobilink wifi cloude telenor zong warid ufone stc
    zain mobily viva etesalat huawei zte alcatel all model 3g-4g usb or
    router ko unlock karo or all network sim use karo

    apny usb k info mujy send ksro ma call pe hy ap ko unlocking kawao ka

    unlock honye k bad ap har network k sim apny usb m lga k internet cla sakty ho

    unlocking 100% working ho gy insaallah


    plzz not asking ptcl wingle evo unlock

    plzz no miss call


  • Dear arslan ijaz how can i use my zong broadband sim on ptcl chargi huawei device?
    Imei of device is A000004FED7E68
    S/N D7KBY15401003163
    MODEL = EC5377u – 872
    Plz guide thanks

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