Zong 4G Devices Packages

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Zong 4G Devices Packages

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Zong Monthly MBB - 24GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 24000 30 Days
Zong Monthly MBB - 65GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 65000 30 Days
Zong 3 Months MBB - 24GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 24000 3 Months
Zong Monthly MBB - 100GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 100000 30 Days
Zong Monthly MBB - 150GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 150000 30 Days
Zong Monthly MBB - 200GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 200000 30 Days
Zong 6 Months MBB - 65GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 65000 6 Months
Zong 12 Months MBB - 65GB (Device Only Package) -- -- -- 65000 12 Months

Zong, Pakistan’s biggest network of 4G users, holds both 3G and 4G LTE licenses. This means that the company provides plenty of internet options in the portable internet devices. Zong provides a range of 3G and 4G devices that you can choose from staying in your comfort zone.

These devices come with a purchase fee and a subscription package that you can buy. Zong’s 3G devices include;

  • 3G MiFi,
  • Zong Super 3G Dongle and,
  • Zong Super 3G Wingle.

Zong provides plug-n-play and rechargeable devices as well which include;

  • Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei) for Rs 2,000.
  • Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home) for Rs 2,000.
  • Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei) for Rs 3,000.

You can enjoy 4G speeds that reach up to 150 Mbps. Zong’s 4G device packages start from 24 GB per month at Rs 1,500 and reach 200 GB per month for Rs 10,000. So, if you are an extensive internet user or just stay there in bits and pieces, Zong has got you covered.

One more thing to be noted here is that the device price itself doesn’t include the package price. Users have to buy the internet bundle subscriptions separately.