Zong to Launch 3G and 4G Wingles and MiFi Devices

Zong has announced that it will be making available Zong 3G and 4G wingle and a 3G/4G MiFi device for its Mobile broadband customers starting next week. There’s a 3G dongle on the offering as well.

Initially 3G and 4G wingles and MiFi device will be made available with free internet for first three months. Each device will come with variety of free incentive and discounts.

All 3G and 4G Wingle and MiFi devices use Zong’s 3G and 4G network and speeds will be dependent on the network conditions in your area.

Our tests with 3G and 4G Wingle and MiFi devices got us similar 3G and 4G speeds that we received on our Smartphone tests. So speed is going to remain the same, other than the fact that you will get an other than smartphone device to connect to Zong’s 3G and 4G network.

Check below the details for each device and their pricing details.


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Zong 4G LTE Wingle





  • 4G LTE speeds
  • Plug n Play
  • Supports upto 10 Wifi devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones etc
  • Connects to any power source (USB power socket, USB car deck etc)

Price and Packages:

  • Device comes at a initial charge of Rs. 12,000, which includes:
    • 60GB data limit for three months
    • Double the volume on the first 3 subscriptions of any MBB bundle.
    • Usual MBB packages available after first three months (given at the end of post below).
  • Total Price includes device, 4G SIM card and data limit for first three months

Zong 3G Wingle




  • Super 3G speeds
  • Plug n Play
  • Supports upto 10 Wifi devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones etc
  • Connects to any power source (USB power socket, USB car deck etc)

Prices and Packages:

  • Device comes with following three prices
    • 3G Wingle Start Pack – Rs. 3,500:  20GB data limit for one month
    • 3G Wingle Gold Pack – Rs. 4,500: 40GB data limit for one month
    • 3G Wingle Platinum Pack – Rs. 5,500: 60GB data limit for one month
  • Above prices include device price with SIM card and free data for 1st month
  • Buy a 3G Wingle and get double the volume for first three months on any MBB plans (given at the end of post)

3G MiFi Cloud












  • Connects to any power source (USB power socket, USB car deck etc)
  • 3G speeds
  • Supports upto 10 Wifi devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones etc
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Battery time of up to 6 hours- Standby of 300 hours.
  • LCD for status display
  • Acts as a mobile hotspot

Prices and Packages:

  • MiFi 3G device comes with following prices
    • MiFi Starter – Rs. 4,850:  4GB data limit per month for first month
    • MiFi Bronze – Rs. 5,150: 8GB data limit per month for first month
    • MiFi Silver – Rs. 6,000: 20GB data limit per month for first month
    • MiFi Gold –  Rs. 7,000: 40GB data limit per month for first month
    • MiFi Platinum – Rs. 8,000: 60GB data limit per month for first month
  •  Above prices include device price with SIM card and free data for 1st month
  • Buy a Super 3G Mifi and subscribe to any MBB bundle and get double the volume for 3 Months

Zong 3G Dongle



  • 3G speeds
  • Plug n play
  • Supports 1 super 3G connection only with a laptop or PC only

Price and Packages

  • Packages:
    • Dongle Starter – Rs. 2,650: 4GB data limit per month for first month
    • Dongle Bronze – Rs. 2,950: 8GB data limit per month for first month
    • Dongle Silver – Rs. 2,800: 20GB data limit per month for first month
    • Dongle Gold – Rs. 4,800: 40GB data limit per month for first month
    • Dongle Platinum – Rs. 5,800: 60GB data limit per month for first month
  • Above prices include device price with SIM card and free data for 1st month
  • Buy a Super 3G Dongle and subscribe to any MBB bundle and get double the volume for 3 Months.

Zong Mobile Broadband Packages

  • Please note that all prices mentioned above with the devices include device price and free data bundle for first month.
  • Devices also include double the volume limit for first three months.
  • After third month, packages can be selected from below list:

MBB Plans


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For those who don’t know, here’s the difference between Dongle, Wingle and MiFi devices:

  • MiFi == Operates without USB socket, and can run on battery for six hours. It creates WiFi hotsport.
  • Wingle == Will need a USB charging socket (Laptop, Car socket) to operate, will create WiFi hotspot.
  • Dongle == Will need a Laptop/Computer USB socket to operate — it can be used with a single computer. It won’t create WiFi Hotstop.

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    • Agreed too..Although Warid offers maximum of 35GB, but price is cheaper than Zong, i will grab Warid’s MiFi device tomorrow and set it up in the office network, 35GB is enough for me coz i’m already using Zong’s 3G package with restricted access to the office staff. Really expected Zong to be cheaper than others like they were in 2G, right now only ufone is expensive with limited speeds.

      • Are you kidding me. You get a 50 GB limit with ptcl Charji just by paying 1/3rd the price of zong. Zong is only offering 60 GB for 3 months. That’s pathetic.

        • Zong offering 60 gb just for 3 months whoo did,nt know that :v this article not give complete info which u telling me know complete trolled article :v

    • now packages are not these as mention above
      & it’s not expensive because you are purchase high speed not low speed ptcl stuff

      USB 2000 4G WIFI
      Rechargeable 4G WIFI 3000

      RWP ISB only

  • I would suggest buy a cheap android phone and insert a ufone sim in it and activate 5 day package. These packages are too expensive.

    • And do what? Check emails?? The max speed that Ufone offers is 3Mb/s…. I wish Ufone wouldn’t use such cheap publicity stunts like yourself, and tawry advertisements, and instead focus on speed, reliability and providing ECONOMICAL 3G packages.

      Zong and Mobilink are cheaper than Ufone, despite of them having double bandwidth. Ufone should realize it’s AUQAAT and offer prices similar to Telenor or cheaper if it wants to survive, instead of tawdry advertisements and publicity tactics.

    • Universal Modem are bit Expensive but gives FREEDOM

      I have New Device of Huawei 4G LTE USB and cloud
      in which you can use ALL 3G 4G LTE Network Sim

      and you can enjoy their daily weekly monthly packages

      upto 10 user can connect with this device

      all Sim Working Including ZONG 4G/3G/2G
      WARID 2g/LTE
      Telenor 3G/2G
      Ufone 3G/2G
      Mobilink 3G/2G

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      Jis ko Chahiye main TCS kar Sakta hon.
      Kindly Call if you are serious in Buying

  • Gr8 .. I am planning to get a Mifi Device but confused that If I get TP Link 5250 Mobile Wifi = 6000PKR or go for ZONG Mifi Cloud = 4850PKR .. Any suggestions please?

  • If someone could explain me briefly, what’s the difference between these 3 — wingle, dongle & Mifi ——– Thank You!

    • WINGLE is a device which needs power source to operate, it has built in wifi which allows 5 – 10 user to connect simultaneously, dongle is a device which can be operated with computer or laptop required driver files and connect only one device, MiFi is a device comes with chargeable battery rest of its function are similar to dongle

    • Dongle:It is a piece of small USB that we can plug in to PC/laptop in order to use internet.

      MiFi:It is just like a portable router which we can use during mobility/outside our home or office in order to access internet through wifi on laptops/mobile phones etc.

      Wingle:It is the combination Dongle & MiFi.

    • MiFi: Will run without USB socket, and will run for 6 hours without any charge. Will create WiFi hotsport.
      Wingle == Will need a USB charging socket (Laptop, Car socket) to operate, will create WiFi hotspot
      Dongle == Will need a Laptop USB socket to operate — it can be used for a single computer. It won’t create WiFi Hotstop.

    • Subscribe weekly for 7 GB in just 60 Rs. It
      will cost 300 Rs with all taxes for 30 GB per month. I consider all
      people fool who are not using this Mobilink offer.

  • Can we use other network sims for 3G/4G on these devices OR we can only use Zong Sim ? Because these devices are from Huawei not from ZONG itself ?

  • Wonder why someone will buy lte wingle in Rs 12000 you can buy refurbished or used 4G phone in 12000 and can sale whenever you want and can swap sim card any time with best offering network at time

  • Baraan Hazaar Da 4G LTE!!! Kitho Ho G! PK ho hya!!! PEETCL sy pee ky aya hon kya!! Reham kar!!! 12000 main sy 1 hetha dy aur 2000 kar!!!!

  • It is better to go for TP-Link M7350 or TP-Link M5250 than these costly as well as low quality devices by Zong or Warid.

      • I know but it will soon be available in Pakistan.You can try M5250 which costs around Rs.5200.And we can use it for any network sim card with 3G.Whereas these devices by Zong & Warid are network locked.

        • are you able to use it with Mobilink or Zong 3g sim? i tried both and didnt work on 5250. Ufone 3g worked but its speed is very low

  • Pacakges are very expensive !!!
    ufone giving appx 1500 GB per month in 240 rupees

    and telenor giving 191 GB per month in 180 rupees

  • I have tested Zong device in Lahore as sample device its really a pathetic and unstable.
    And Riwand Road really pathetic

  • This huawei mifi device will only support zone network? Why not buy an open network 3g wifi device and use with jazz 3g @ 150 pkr for 5GB monthly
    how much are the open network devices available for tplink or huawei?

  • This post is quite confusing for me, at one place it’s mentioned that MiFi device can connect to any usb source, in the bottom, it’s mentioned that MiFi device operates without usb…someone confirm me which MiFi device is rechargable through computer? This or Warid’s one?

    • it can operate without USB source and run on a battery for 6 hours. However, you can connect it to a USB source to charge battery — or if you don’t want to run on MiFi’s internal battery.

  • bahi in device main apna paisa barbad na karo ik dsl line lo wire wali router lagaho or enjoy karo unlimted gb

  • Well Mr.Aamir Dont you think its time for some 3G quality of test time ??? post us the practical review about which carrier has stable 3g/4g with max speed

  • Very Expensive
    As EVO Wingle has created lots of costumers so ZONG Needs to offer economical rates but its look like ZONG will go down on initial stage but may be its Strategy and by the time we will receive new rates (Like 50% off ) from ZONG

  • Is golay maan 3G itni mehangi hogae hy… yaha k log kaisy gujara krain gy…torrent kaisy chlain gy…yai to lul hogya bhai…

    • Bhai 3G/4G k aane k baad Ufone ka Janaza nikal gaya he.Ufone k 3G ki speed sab se thaki hui he.Currently Telenor & Mobilink are leading the Market.Ufone sirf aur sirf fazool ki advertisements karta he

      • r u serious
        i am ufone customer waiting for its 3g
        i have heard they giving 5mbps(600KBPS transfer rate )

        • Yes bro I have tried every operators 3G and Ufone is worst.aur jo aap 5mbps ka aap bol rahe ho wo sirf ek package me milti he jo 12am se 12pm tk k liye he.Ab ye batao k raat ko 12 baje k baad saala 3G use karne ka kia faida.aur usme bhi speed sirf 0.50 mbps ki speed milti he.aur bolte 5mbps he

      • Mane aj ufone call ki speed issue par to muje operator ne bataya k hum apna system 4g par upgrade kar rahe hain takay users ko achi speed mil sakay ab sawal ye k bina 4g license k ufone ye kese kar sakta hai

        • Yaar mjhe lagta he unho ne naya bahana dhoonda he rates barhaane ka.4g license k bagair koi 4g par kese upgrade hosakta he.Agar aisa hee tha to unko 3G ka license bhi khareedne ki kia zaroorat thi wo aise he 3G le aate.I think eee wrang number he !!!

  • Aur disconnection k saath aur agar kabhi ptcl update kar raha ho to slow ho jai aur agar ap k area main ptcl ki wires na support kare to aur rola itna kafi hai

  • It is just start.Tariffs will reduce sharply with passage of time when other 3G/4G operators will also introduce their wingles, Dongles etc.Future is bright for data consumers.

  • Why not by a 3G modem for 3K and insert sim of your choice and start browsing the internet. The only drawback is wifi unavailability but BEST for personal use, no other can compete.

  • zong demoline sim aai hui hay
    price 15000 pkr

    Zong Demoline sim info.
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    Features:Call: 10paisa/min @zong to zong. 1.50rs/min other networks
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  • Limited Time Offer

    Internet USB or Wifi Devices sirf 500 mai

    1mb 20gb 1099
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    3 Day’s Free Trail & Free Delivery (Karachi)

    Muhammad Aqil


      • Gandawa zong towar ka msala ahim hy is ko zong compeni tak punchana awam ka kam hy warna saholiat se mahroom ho jainge #zong

    • Ramzan bhai, abi initial phase hai. Is me sb companies un areas me ja rhin hain jaha customers ziada hain takey ye apni investment recover kar skein. Jb in ko profit hona shuru ho jaye ga tab ye ahista ahista tamam areas me apni services layen gi.

  • too much expensive, Zong want to recover his money which he paid to PTA for 4G. No one will go to it.. Mobilink 3G pakages are cheap and fast , 7GB for a week in Rs:60 rupees

  • Can we use a mifi as a modem with PC/laptop?
    Please Suggest me a good mifi device with 3g plus 4G Lte support.

  • Instead of buying this overpriced mifi device, order a 4g dongle online from siites like aliexpress or ebay… make sure you get the proper model supporting the required bandwitdh for lte….

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