Online Jobs: Pakistani Man Loses Rs. 24 Million on Internet, Requests PM, Malik Riaz for Help

We have told you before about these fake online jobs that ask for registration (few thousand rupees in advance) and then promise you a healthy income on monthly basis. We have seen countless people losing thousands of rupees, but this guy called Muhammad Nasir from Battagram has reportedly lost over Rs. 24 million in online jobs.

Muhammad Nasir, as we checked, got himself an ID — that’s what they call it — for few thousand rupees. This ID is issued from random people that offer online jobs. Cost of these IDs vary, depending on the monthly return they offer. For example, an ID that would cost Rs. 10,000 should get you Rs. 5,000 per month or around and so on.

Prices for these IDs can go as high as half a million rupees, while their monthly return increases in the same proportion too.

To cut the long story into a short one, Nasir kept on buying IDs by investing thousands after thousands. Soon his total investment toll reached Rs. 4.3 million and that’s when he started convincing his friends and family to buy these IDs too, who on Nasir’s assurances invested Rs. 19.5 million against a monthly return that promised them to get their initial investment recovered with-in 2 months.

Nasir naturally had a cut in his FnF’s investment, and this is why he had convinced them to invest and risk their money.

Now, as one can imagine, people who offered online jobs ran away and Nasir and his FnFs lost all the money they had paid to buy IDs. They made all possible efforts to track down the people, but all went in vain.

Nasir — who lost his own Rs. 4.3 million  — is yet to repay Rs. 19.5 million to his Friends and Family, but he doesn’t have a single penny in his pocket while his doors are being knocked back to back for repayments.

The man is lost.

And here is what you can learn from him:

  • Greed is a Curse
  • There are no Online Jobs that Promise you thousands of rupees
  • There is no job that asks for registration or investment in advance
  • There is no easy money in this world
  • There is no money that comes just because you invested somewhere!

Whenever you find a way of earning easy cash, do yourself a favor and just don’t take it.


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • pity on such people “Greed is curse” which fits on them very well .. khud tu dooba sath dosroo ko bi lay doba sadness.

    • You are not 100% Correct, Kuch loog masoom b hotay hia… greed is not the only reason.

  • is also one such website. they collected money via perfectmoney and paypal and now they are not returning anything back. one of my friend lost lots of his money.

    • yeah i was also thinking the same as you, it could be fraudy hero can do all the dramas & fake people to get the desired amount of money he wants or Allah Knows who is right or wrong

  • I really feel sad for that guy, but on the same time i get amused by his stupidity. He should have wasted such a HUGE amount of money on something like that. He couldve easily used that same lump of money to make some small business. Like poultry farm, buying some shops in a well known plaza etc.

    • he could have invest hefty amount to some good & real place with real people but afsos ap jese log jis tarah sochte hai us tarah kash agar ye nasir bhi sochta to esa na hota

    • yes true but then he has to work , but he prefer to earn money without working

  • Strange to see an Australian domain in the list, you can complain about them easily if they are involved in any sort of scam. Their nationality and their IBAN number can be put under scrutiny. Sorry i thought it’s au but it’s ua.

  • I am also a victim of that pitty scam jobs, back in 2008 when i was in high school i imvested 10 k to get registration in a online job but company ran away after few months and i got only 2500 in return of 3 months hard work. But i learn a lesson from loosing that 10 k that there is not a easy way to get rich in nights from internet

  • wah appeal malik riaz sy ker raha hai.lagta ha asliyat nahi pta uski bhi

    • amir bhai how r u? this jahanzeb from Dallas Tx USA. kindly tell abt malik Riaz.
      most of time i seen ur programme really appriciated and jolly and all the time i listen ur naat sharif ….MA PUNJ TAN KA GHULAM HOON.. MADINA KESA LAGE GA… I LIKE THATS… i listened u r coming to USA … when and where? i m ur fane .
      plz send me ur contact number on my email [email protected]

      • you talk like meera btw
        thnx for appreciating my programs.
        I have no plans to visit US in near future coz I’m busy here on TV.
        Malik riaz is business man actually a corrupt turned muderer bussiness man

        • Malik riaz ki buraye karnay say behtar hia k pehlay kudh koi acha kaam karoo nalaiq liaqat

  • I lost 10k in lahore back in 2011. i forgot company name but the person’s name was Ch. Faisal Rauf, the fraudia with long beard. Office was in faisal town, in faisal plaza.

  • Scam appeal, scam person. First line of ad is lie because he has no reason to justify his “greed”. I think, he is another “axact” shoaib shekh, now in fear of scrutiny, just doing propaganda.

    Please PM don’t fall in to this lie.

    • Also, he is claiming his invested money but not subtracting his earned “profit”, that he has been already paid off. In fact, he should be jailed because he put others in danger too. He is just shekh chilli, stupid!

      • Look at his email address, looks like a “obaash insaan”, jo galti kr ky maa baap ky pechy chupta hy ky m to massom hun. Hate this person! :-(

  • Few things. Its Closed by FBI , so as zeekrewards ,bannerbrokers. These schemes are refered as HYIPS. High Yield INvestment Programs. And i donot believe he can loose this much. Who actually have written wrong URLs.LR closed 1.5 years ago so why this appeal now i wonder?

  • What? How could these people be so stupid. Wasted huge some of money on fraud domains which are not even spelled correctly. If he had invested that much money in stock exchange and had bought shares of reputable companies, he would have already made millions.

  • Smelling some scam in this appeal. However, all these web address are clearly fake. Check the whois, fake fake fake.

    No information on these names on Google. I have noticed one thing that all these names are related to some popular names with minor spelling change only.

    I am still surprised that how he find these names & why he invested that much especially when there is nothing, no history about these names :(

    I am sure that this guy is fake himself :(

  • Propakistani Please delete this post. You just posted this article with no reason. The person is just trying to fool people. If he is not laying he should give proofs regarding his/her emails.

  • May be this person is lying
    But our respected FIA, courts, Ch Nisar, PTA should take strong action against these persons running fraude jobs.
    Just see, Daily jobs are advertised on the newspapers.

  • ملک ریاض جیسے دو نمبر بندے سے فریاد ؟یعنی ایک فراڈیے سے لٹے اور دوسرے سے مدد کی امید هے . کیا اب حماقت اور لالچ میں پی ایچ ڈی کرنی هے

  • before investing money on some online job kindly do check/search them accurately & deeply about the company & its policies/procedures

  • How stupid one has to be, to spend 24 freaking million on such online jobs. If he did have that kind of money, why did he not start his own business? Agar Gol Gappay ki ReRhi bhi laga leta to acha kama leta.

    Even if this is true, I have ZERO sympathy in this person because he lost all that money because of his own sheer stupidity.

  • I’ve heard this story before. Oh yes, i remember !! Its the movie hera pheri !!

  • Why he need job if he had that much money? He could have started his own business

  • How did dukhi khandan managed to invest 43 lac in the first place. Kahan se ae itne paisy.

  • bhai itni batain na banain agar kisi ki naik dili ke sath madad nahi kar sakte to itni bahisi bhi na dikhain wese bhi yahan par jitne log comments kar rahe hai wo mostly elite class khate peete hain……………..kisi ki mushkil waqt main madad krna hamara mazhbi fariza hai.think it………

  • Seems his friends and relatives are very very rich ppls…see the amount involved 19.5 million… and then he got money to print the add for help…

  • Seriously, when will our people learn. Even I know people in my social circle, who are well educated and know that this is most likely a fraud and the return they are getting on it is not even Halal but still they are investing money in it.

  • Uff kai kai din fakay hotey hain aur janab ne email address tou is trahan diya hai jese 24 hour yeh janab email he check karty rehty hain. :D

  • RAtoo raat ameer bannay kay khuwab…. oo bahwakufaaa thoree see cash laga kay Get a job in TMA, CDA, Passport office, Revenue department… Or ratoo raaat amir bun jatay…!!

  • Something fake type feeling on this appeal. Not a single website mentioned above works. No past screenshot data for any site. is a company still operating in other sector and doesn’t look suspicious at all. WHOIS data is available for all sites. I’m wondering if he is right why they haven’t been tracked down.

  • Mere khyal mein govt ya PTA ki website pe aik page hona chahiye jis mein tmam fake websites ki aik complete list ho, taa’ke pakistanio ko pata chal sakay k ye website fraud hai, mere kyal mein to 80% logon ko to yehi confirm nahi hota k unki surf ki hui web fraudi hai k nahi..

  • I spent 5.5 thousand and learnt the same lesson.. but one thing is redicleous… Malik Riaz why…. ???

  • This is lame story, All those websites mentioned above are banned by FBI & C.I.A and American National Security long time ago. This man from Pakistan is making up fake stories to rob public money from PM and Malik Riaz. Be careful

  • These were not frauds these companies were closed i just invested 1000 Rs.
    and Made 100k Rupees From these Companies mainly from

  • close