Samsung Unveils First 2 TB SSDs for Retail

Today, Samsung has announced a duo of new 2 TB SSDs in its 850 Evo and 850 Pro series of faster storage medium. It becomes the second company after Intel to offer such storage options, though, the first player in the average consumer market.

The standard Evo version is priced at $800, while the faster, longer-lasting Pro $1,000 so they’re certainly not cheap but that is, of course, not the point. They do, however, carry 5 and 10 year warranties, respectively. They maintain the 2.5” form factor and are 7mm high so they can make their way to most laptops in the future.

The 2TB Samsung Evo 850 costs $800 while the 2TB Pro 850 costs $1000

The drives utilize the new 3D V-NAND architecture which stacks cell layers on top of each other which results in higher density under a smaller footprint. The enhanced RAPID mode allows you to use system’s unused RAM as a cache to further boost performance. This feature is turned off by default but can be turned on using the Magician software, available for Windows.

Both SSDs carry the sort of speed we’ve come to expect in similar products. The Evo offers read/write pace of 540 and 520 MBps respectively, while the Pro ups the former to 550 MBps while the latter remains the same. The Evo is expected to write at least 150 terabytes worth data in its lifetime before giving up, while the Pro doubles it to a staggering 300 terabytes.

The Evo can write at least 150 TB worth data in its lifetime before giving up while the Pro doubles it to a staggering 300TB

On paper, you may be stunned by the price but in truth, it really isn’t much. Both the 850 Evo and 850 Pro cost approx. twice as their 1 TB versions and are actually several times cheaper than the similar, $4,500 drives Intel sells to enterprise customers. For people who need this kind of storage, it is difficult to find a better package. Following the current trend, the price will likely go down anyway.