Exclusive: Chinese Tech Giant is all Set to Enter Pakistani Ecommerce Scene

A Chinese tech company that specializes in online selling with Rs. 272 billion annual turnover is all set to step into Pakistani ecommerce industry with-in next few weeks, we have been told by sources who are directly aware of the development.

While we are under embargo and aren’t allowed to reveal much, we can confirm you that commercial unveiling of this new ecommerce company is due with-in next one month.

According to information made available with us, the said Chinese company will hold cent percent shares of new company that has already been registered in Pakistan. They have setup its headquarter in Islamabad and team building process is almost complete while a warehouse in Karachi is nearing its final phases.

We were further told that this new Chinese company is aiming to open up Chinese market for Pakistani consumers, who are usually reluctant to order products from AliExpress — or if their orders take forever to deliver — will now be able to buy products from Chinese manufacturers from CheezMall.com.

CheezMall will allow Pakistani consumers to buy international brands from abroad and deliver them with cash-on-delivery option

CheezMall will work on Cash-on-Delivery model — even for international brands or the products that will be brought from China — along with various other payment channels including credit cards, easypaisa, mobicash, upaisa etc. to make sure that their products are accessible to everyone.

CheezMall.com — through its strategic logistic partners such as DHL, Singapore post, China Post — is aiming to ship products with-in 2-5 days with-in Pakistan for local brands. However, international products from international brands that are to be brought from China will take 10-12 days for shipment to end-users.

Seemingly CheezMall will host variety of local brands along with international brands — including sophisticated Chinese tech brands — to offer more variety and options to consumers.

CheezMall, exactly like its parent company in China, will deal directly with manufacturers to eventually offer lower-than-market rates to consumers.

Most importantly, CheezMall will act as vendor and will be responsible for all product related issues including after sale and support services. This means that customers won’t be given a excuse that a product was faulty because vendor was unable to supply product as advertised or other similar excuses that we hear from current ecommerce players.

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Above story is a gimps of the potential that Pakistani market has to offer to investors, local or foreign. With over 180 million population — and internet population growing at triple digit rate — there are countless unexplored areas that are to be tapped in next few years. And right now is the best time to step in and invest in such lucrative Pakistani market.

Expect more details about CheezMall, brands that they will be offering, and information about the parent company during next couple of weeks.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Goood news.., although agar postman say bana k rakh lo.,., to AliExpress ka parcel bhe aajata hey..,

        • no they dont.,, i have bought more than 40 items uptil now..,. and have lost 3 of them (didnt delivered by postman or never came to pakistan dont know)..,, but never received a call from post office about those items.

      • Lol. Aam aa aur jaa sakte hain. Qubee Internet chal sakta hai, jo far more dangerous hai shopping se, kyunke internet personal data steal/read karr sakta hai. Pakistan main India se bananas, onion waghera aa sakte hain Britannia Industries, Tiger Biscuits, Dabur, Himalaya products.. hell, even Ponds aur Fair & Lovely ki indian made creams sell hoti hain.. seriously flipkart ne kisi ka kya bigarna hai.. Last but not the least, don’t forget ”The Raymond Shop” nuff said..

  • They should bring chinese mobile phone brands like xiaomi and miezu… They have much better features than those already being sold in Pakistan.. And if they can bring those cell phones than i am the first one to buy from them..

    • you cant IMAGINGE the amount of Glee im filled with !

      i’ll FINALLY be able to lose my smartphone virginity with a Chinese Smartphone , one which trumps all those over priced brands !

      • tell me one thing…all these weird and new Chinese brands I have come to know about here….do they have service centres in Pakistan?

        I mean….if ur phone breaks….who repairs it?

        • i bet … if they are officially here , then service centres do the job BUT otherwise , its basically your good ole street shop electricians …

          but this so called Tech Giant entering the scene … claims it’ll handle all warranty , repairs etc

          so looking forward to this…

  • Great newss…. i hope they dont work like daraz and kaymu. I hate buying from Kaymu they supply 3rd quality products..

    • Totally agree on Kaymu. You may get what you ordered for but majority of the ppl are getting fake products. I myself is victim of Kaymu. Complaints are piling up day by day. One of Kaymu BDM who resigned recently shared this with me when I contact him to help me out for a refund. BTW, 99% chance is that you will not get a refund. I didn’t get mine.

  • Excellent news! Although Aliexpress and few others are also good options to purchase Chinese products in economical but it takes almost 40 days to reach.

  • I think this tells the story. Alibaba owns the domain. Welcome Alibaba to Pakistan!

  • WOW if this comes in, i’m definitely gonna buy my next laptop through this site.

    • i’ve also heard some exciting news about this site but thanks to propakistan for confirming the arrival . waiting for the launch :)

  • Pro Pakistani Team please do research first before posting any article …

    This is Fake news and no Chinese website is coming to Pakistan …

    • Brother you will get your answer by end of September dont worry :P. BTW news is confirmed, Thanks ATTA for sharing. You always break the news first :)

  • ‘ve also heard some exciting news about this site but thanks to propakistan for confirming the arrival . waiting for the launch :)

    • i think we’ll be paying some kinda adjustment for that … watch out for slightly increased prices …

      • Many Pakistani products, although priced a little high, are of superior quality as compared to the Chinese ones. I don’t say we should not welcome such companies. My point is that we should also manufacture products in Pakistan and encourage local industry here.

  • this is great news for pakistani like me who like to buy from ali express even did some orders but eventually when a local vendor will do it will cost low and warranty claims such issue will help out .. looking forward for more developments on this project.

  • OMG ! will i be able to buy chinese phones ?!

    P.s : what about chinese electric vehicles ? I’d LOVE THOSE too , a cheap clone of a smart for two or Renault Twizzy is MOST welcome !

  • Let’s hope it’s Alibaba. Cheez is testing their website at Of course no product catalog as yet but you can get the feel. Scroll down at the bottom. See the payment option. First is AliPay which is Alibaba’s payment solution. Though they sell AliPay services to other business but why would such giant & direct AliExpress competitors will use AliPay? Beats me. Now open the AliExpress, scroll down and compare Cheez whole payment banner with AliExpress. I am sure you will not find any difference!

    • Agreed, it is not only the footer which matches, Cheezmall is using the same prototype for their website which is used by AliExpress, for the frontend at least. Items are categorized in very similar manner on both sites. What I am not able to digest is that Cheezmall’s management is denying any relation with Alibaba group, if they are true, why are they using the prototype of AliExpress for their site?

  • I hope this embargo don’t held forever like Electric Rikshaw Article, where #Propakistani was under similar tight lips embargo and false hopes to reveal further details soon.!!!

  • If Zeb Khan is CEO of Cheezmall, how does it prove that Cheezmall does not belong to a tech giant or it is not a tech giant itself?

    • Which Tech Giant, can you please tell us for the sake of our poor knowledge ???
      As far as i know CEO is Zeb Khan who was just playing cricket in Leopards cricket league some years ago at shinghai.
      Studied textile engineering.
      Tried his luck in textile sector hhapparel.com.
      How come suddenly he became so called “TECH GIANT” ???

      • Lol jis Zeb khan ki tum baat kray ho na wo Italian brand chalata hai. Addidas reebok and walmart mae supply chain ka head tha aaajse 10 sal pehly. I guess apnay detail se ni peehi linkedin and his other profiles :P. News is confirmed now fingera crossed yaeeeeeeeee !!!

          So, People ! Jis company ka Marketing Executive jhoot bol raha ho to baki ap khud soch lain k kya haal hoga us company.
          I’m serious Haider Qazi cheezmall company k so called marketing executive hain. Aur qazi hi cheezmall facebook page ka admin bhi hain.Isn’t it Qazi sahb ??? ap baki awaam ko ullu bna saktey hain mujhe nai.

          Aur Lagta hai qazi sahb apko sahi tarha se parhna nai ata.Sirf adidas k planning manager reh chukey hain Zeb khan na k supply chain head.Aur yeh unki linkedin profile mein b mention hai.Check experience section of profile.

          Lets suppose that u r not lying, then how come head of supply chain becomes a “Tech Giant” all of a sudden !!!
          BTW meri ap logon se koi dushmni nai hai.Lakin sach jan’na logon ka haq hai.Agr ap waqai mein logon ko sahi maanon mein Amazon aur flipkart jaisi services de sktey hain to i’ll be more than happy to buy from u.


    Will this tech giant sell smartphones on the official price or will we still have to pay taxes and custom duties on its products?
    For example, OnePlus One is officially of 320 dollars which is approximately 32000 PKR but federal taxes and custom duties makes the final price of the imported phone around 51000 PKR.

    kya ye CheezMall hamain official rates par sets baiche gi ya taxes k sath ?

  • They are fake…their support team first confirm your order by a long meeting with their so-called CEOs and director afterward they call you again and again, demand for sending amount in advance…and commit to ship your order after 15 days and “AMAZING THING” is that they apologies to ship your product hahahahhahaha bloody Online shopping store “cheezmall”, actually its not “cheezmall” its “FAZULmall” :P hahahaha

  • Great work. I hope that daraz and kaymu website. I hate buying from Kaymu they supply
    bad quality products. I think our exp shopping website is lootlo.pk because
    the produce is genuine & time on delivery…

  • close