How to Disappear Online [Infographic]

In a viral video from a few years ago, a social experiment was conducted. A man posed as a psychic and proceeded to tell his amazed customers details about their life they swore nobody else would know. At the end, a small team of people were revealed who were simply using their names to mine information about them from the internet.

The scarier thing is that the situation has gotten even worse. With 123456 still being one of the most popular passwords online, it’s clear people don’t care as much as they should about their security. The increase in computing power means that it’s become very easy for a rookie hacker to correlate a person’s online behavior and build a profile.

How accurate are these profiles? Well, a report indicated that the information you provide to Facebook alone is enough for a computer to determine your personality better than your close friends and family. Now just imagine tons of other information streams like Instagram, Twitter etc and that’s your elephant sized online footprint.

So how do you reduce it? How do you gain some semblance of privacy and security? Well, this infographic aims to inform you of exactly that.

how-to-disappear-onlinevia WhoisHostingThis

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    • Here is why this article is not stupid.

      Your name is Ahsan Salman. You live in Karachi, probably reside or work near Clifton. You probably work at some bank and studied from Karachi University.

      I am not professional and this is just an example to show how someone can easily rip you off if they want.

      You may argue that you intentionally left this information publicly available. But in case someone is trying to hack you or even in worst case, looking to cause you harm, this information will get them started and will eventually lead them to you.

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