iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Announced With New Designs, 3D Touch and 12MP Camera

The iPhone announcement has always been one of the biggest events of the year for the smartphone industry. The phone which started it all, now in its 9th-iteration, is not only arriving at a time of record profitability but also extreme competition. Can it do anything new to distinguish itself?

“The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come in the same display sizes as before, with a 4.7” display at a 750 x 1334 resolution, and a 5.5” display with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, respectively. But there’s more.


3D Touch

Force Touch, or as is marketed by Apple, 3D Touch is finally here. It is more sensitive, faster and offers varying amounts of inputs depending on your pressure. Such as if you press the screen harder than usual then in the base OS the system will open up a contextual menu or peek inside an app menu.

Different pressing patterns can be defined and used with-in the apps with endless possibilities. There’s also a new Taptic Engine which provides real-time feedback to your presses.

Check below video for a demo on how 3D touch will work:

Newer Designs

The Design has changed too thanks to a new aluminum alloy unibody. They’re both heavier and thicker, most-probably thanks to the Bendgate farce, with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus both weighing 143g and 192g respectively.

They’re also thicker by 0.2mm over their last iterations. Finally, the display now has the Ion-X covering of the Apple Watch.


A9 has Arrived

The already-powerful A8 processor has given way to a new A9 one, which is said to much faster than before.

According to hard figures, the 64-bit processor is 70 percent faster in CPU tasks, with 90 percent faster graphics.

Storage options are the same as before, though, at 16, 64 or 128 GB.

This means as much as you hate Apple for it, the 16 GB variant is here to stay. The M9 motion co-processor has been retained, though it has been improved. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the rumours of 2 GB RAM amount to.

Improved iSight Camera and Retina Flash

The 8 megapixel sensor has finally been replaced for a new 12 megapixel iSight camera which supports 4K video recording now. It now carries 50% more pixels, as well as focus pixels by the same count. As is usual, the larger 6S Plus also comes with OIS. There’s a new mode called Live Photos which records one second before and after a photo to create a short video.

The front-facing camera has been bumped to 5 megapixels, with a unique take on front flash. Dubbed the ‘Retina Flash’, the display now gets 3X brighter with customized lighting to help you take clear selfies.

Faster connectivity, too. Comes in Pink

The new iPhones support faster speeds over both Wi-Fi and LTE. The number of LTE bands now stands at an impressive 23. Wi-Fi is twice as faster as before while the TouchID fingerprint scanner is said to be just as faster itself.

Apple kick-started the gold revolution a few years back and now it is time for pink. Officially called ‘Rose Gold’ the phone will likely be brought by all kinds of audiences like the gold one.


The pricing is mostly the same as before. The 16 GB iPhone 6S starts at $649 for the standard 16 GB model, add $100 each time you make the storage upgrade. The iPhone 6S Plus instead starts at $749, continue the same step-up ritual here, too.

  • iPhone 6s pricing:
    • $649 for 16GB,
    • $749 for 64GB,
    • $849 for 128GB
  • iPhone 6s Plus pricing:
    • $749 for 16GB,
    • $849 for 64GB,
    • $949 for 128GB

Tech Specifications

  • Display:
    • iPhone 6s: 4.7-inch Retina HD display with 3D Touch at 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
    • iPhone 6s Plus: 4.7-inch Retina HD display with 3D Touch at 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi
  • Weight:
    • iPhone 6s: 143g
    • iPhone 6s Plus: 192g
  • 64-bit A9X processor with built-in M9 motion coprocessor
  • 7000-series aluminum structure
  • tougher double Ion-X process glass
  • 12-megapixel iSight camera with 1.22µ pixels
  • 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash
  • Second-generation Touch ID
  • 4K video recording support
  • Colors: gold, silver, space grey and rose gold
  • Price:
    • iPhone 6s pricing: $649 for 16GB, $749 for 64GB, $849 for 128GB
    • iPhone 6s Plus pricing: $749 for 16GB, $849 for 64GB, $949 for 128GB
  • Availability: Pre-orders start September 12, available from September 25 in limited markets

This year, Apple has decided to concentrate a bit more on the depth of the iPhone experience. While the end product must be experienced before any judgement, the first impressions certainly look positive.

  • What about battery and Fast Charging??? Is Apple aware about Battery developments being made by other companies?

    • People had been saying this for every (s) iPhone model but yet every iPhone becomes the most selling iPhone. Look at the stats for iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. There won’t be any exception in this case and 6s is going to be the best selling iPhone again!

      • iphone 4 big failure
        iphone 4s is a bit success and 5 c is flopped phone. iphone 5 average
        5s and 6 are good success for company

        • iPhone 4 big failure????? LOL!!!! It was the first iPhone with Retina Display and got a huge success!! You’re right about iPhone 5c though but everything else is sheer horse sh*t! Next time please do some research before commenting about something you don’t know.. Will you?

          • iphone 4 big failure of apple.
            you need to research more and chek how much s3 sold with respect to iphone4
            i guess that was the same phone having signal issues and steve job have to admit that blunder he made and as per customer ls review he provide free bumper which reduce signal issue and even pay back to those customers who already bought from apple store.

            • Man who are you? Can’t you just understand English or you’re this dumb to understand stuff? I said every iPHONE!! I didn’t talk about all the phones out there.. I was talking about iPHONES only!! Every iPHONE becomes the most selling iPHONE!! Go google it!

              Plus the issues got resolved very quickly because of Apple’s prompt reply! As soon as the issues got resolved the sales were as high as a kite!! Google that one too.. Good day!

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  • why and why You didnt mentioned Battry…6s had 1800 mAh around … while iPhone 6 had around 23 or 2500 mAh …. ZenfoNe Xiaomi and OnePlus r far bettr then Thiz

    • Doesn’t matter, its iOS not android. New processor is energy efficient and there’s a

      difference for Energy consumption between iOS and Android so you can’t compare them with same mAh.

  • so note 5 and s6 edge plus will face competition now.
    bad luck of samsung again.
    3d touch is something way better than the edge on screen.

  • There is no new design just change of material. Battery is same as the iPhone 6.i think we must wait for iPhone 7 or should change a taste bit by going for xperia z5 line up especially z5 permium.

    • No its different. Basically in long press you just tap, hold and keep holding. Whereas in 3D Touch you long press then it initiates an action and additionally you apply force on your hold to press deeper then you will see the next action and then apply more pressure to see further action. 3 level of pressure sensing . Tap, hold and press.

    • yeah
      like you give phone to paindoo and he will use that force touch
      they press harder and longer

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