Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3 Takes Phones from 0 to 80% Charge in 30 Minutes

Qualcomm has been using Quick Charge 2.0 on its previous generation flagship chipsets which was capable for charging a phone from 0% to 60% within half an hour. The feature was nothing less than amazing but Qualcomm has gone and done it again. The new Quick Charge 3.0 will be used to power up the next generation Snapdragon powered handsets.

Quick Charge 3.0 is “4 times faster than conventional charging”. That means four times less time is wasted on charging smartphones. To put it into perspective, Quick Charge 1.0 was 40 percent faster than normal charging methods. Quick Charge 2.0 managed to amaze everyone with 75 percent faster charging. Quick Charge 3.0 in a separate ball park by bring twice as fast as Quick Charge 1.0 and 38 percent faster than Quick Charge 2.0. Quick Charge 3.0 can charge a phone from zero to 89% in just 35 minutes.

Quick Charge 3.0 can charge a phone from zero to 89% in just 35 minutes

Quick Charge 3.0 also brings other improvements to smartphone charging. Qualcomm uses the new INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) technology with its super-fast phone charging process. The new technology enables the device to determine and request the voltage that is required from the charger.

The new tech also supports a much wider array of charging voltages. Quick Charge 2.0 used 5V, 9V, 10V and 20V. Quick Charge 3.0 can use any voltage from 3.6V to 20V with increments of 200mV allowing the device itself to govern the voltage required for charging depending on usage and conditions. Quick Charge 3.0 is also USB Type-C ready and backward compatible with older Quick Charge versions.

Quick Charge 3 will be available with Qualcomm’s next gen hardware

Qualcomm’s latest tech will be available with its next generation of CPUs. So far, the upcoming list of chipsets includes Snapdragon 820, 617, 618, 620 and 430. Two of these, 618 and 430, were announced alongside Quick Charge 3.0. Expect to see Quick Charge 3.0 enabled devices by the end of 2015 with Snapdragon 820 and 620 with other to follow later in 2016.

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    • You can still make use of quick charge 2 technology.. which is already available. Its 0 to 60% in 45 mins.. as compared to normal charging which takes 4 hours to fully charge and some more than 2.5 hours in charging 60%…

  • its a common perception that battery life degrade with large amount of charging current. suggested current amount is 10% of the total battery capacity. an electronic expert should shed some light on this,

    • the perfect charging rate for a battery is 0.1C. That is 10 hours for one charge for its longer life and more cycles.
      But as advancements take place, this may be too old concept. We in underdeveloped places read from text books published not later than 5 years before!

      • yeah maybe. but there’s a thing. i have meizu mx5. during 0-60% it implies fast charge and the phone heats up , so i am curious its the battery that heats up or the charging circuit/IC .

        • Its the battery. If you noticed the car battery charging at some shop. They charge it with high current and it heats up!

          Also battery circuit is a small pcb. It can be made to handle high current without heating.

          • well Lead acid batteries are charged with high current at car shop because normal charging won’t activate 100% of the cell, this is what i read at a manual at AGS official battery service center , but story can be different regarding Li-ion batteries. anyway better use normal charging and use fast charging when really in a hurry in order to prolong the battery life span.

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