Wi-Tribe Launches TV, Security and VOIP Apps for Users in Pakistan

Wi-Tribe Pakistan has launched a number of apps that cover a variety of segments from TV services on Mobile phones, to security and voice calling.  These apps were unveiled at the ITCN Asia 2015.

The company has unveiled three apps; Wi-Tribe TV, ResQ and Buzz which present some pretty cool options for users.

Wi-tribe TV

Wi-tribe TV brings live TV experience and radio streaming Smartphone screens. The app seamlessly integrates both entertainment mediums and opens more options for users in Pakistan. The apps allows the users to enjoy over 100 local and international news, entertainment and sports TV channels. The service also supports an additional feature of video on demand. The app provides high quality video content and covers all popular Pakistani TV channels for on the go enjoyment.

Wi-Tribe TV puts up competition against the PTCL Smart TV App. Wi-Tribe states that the apps will be charged at Rs 150/month starting October.

  • Is available for Wi-tribe and non-Wi-tribe users
  • Provides Instant access to most popular shows and programs with Video on Demand features.
  • Provides live TV streaming on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the service is also available at tv.wi-tribe.pk.


ResQ is a security app which sends alerts and location details to family and friends in case of an emergency. The application uses normal mobile connection and smartphone’s GPS location to alert contacts in case the user is in danger or in need of immediate attention. The app is designed to make users feel safe. The new app is indeed a welcome addition as it’s a not-for-profit app made just to help people.

ResQ is a perfect companion in emergency situations with options of alerting upto 3 contacts. The app also has an on-screen widget on home screen and features alerts to be sent without unlocking the phone.

The app can be used to send emergency alerts by using the following methods:

  • With a single tap send an SOS Alert with current location to friends/family in case of an emergency!
  • ResQ supports homescreen widget that can be used for easy access to send out the alerts
  • It is possible to send alerts in situations where it is not possible for user to unlock the phone. The user simply needs to press the power button 4 times to generate alert.

ResQ can be downloaded from Google Play store and Apple Store.


‘Buzz’ is a VOIP voice calling app that provides free voice calls and group calls through a pre-assigned virtual number. The app also offers localized app stickers, unlimited text messages and files sharing features making it a proper messaging app. Buzz differentiates itself from the rest of the messaging app bunch through free app to app conference calls. The exciting app is an alternative to Skype, WhatsApp and Viber for Pakistani users and gives a local touch while communicating.

The app lets people connect through voice calls with friends and family from anywhere in the world in the form of individual and group calls (upto 30 people at once) using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Buzz VOIP service also serves as a business number enabling users to utilize a virtual number for business or personal use just like a mobile number.

  • Provides unlimited text messaging, built-in emoticons, file sharing within chat sessions
  • Enables seamless sharing of photos and voice notes.
  • In addition to app to app calls, Buzz enables users to call directly any local and international mobile or landline number.
  • Simply recharge with Wi-tribe Scratch Cards or Credit/Debit card
  • Enables users to stay connected from anywhere through a working virtual number for business or personal use.

The app can be downloaded from www.buzzapp.pk, Google Play store and Apple app store.

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  • I am already using witribe tv
    but buzz is not working. when i send message for verification by buzz message not sent.

  • I have used Buzzapp and really like it, especially the virtual number feature. However, I was not able to make payment using my Visa and MasterCard because of some problem in Etisalat payment gateway.

    I really appreciate the efforts of Wi-Tribe team in introducing this wonderful app for Pakistanis. At the same time, I request all Pakistanis to use this app for communication with at least their Pakistani friends and family members. Otherwise, such endeavours usually fail after some time because we like “imported” things for no reason.

  • One of the most stupid yet most expensive internet in Pak. 1mbps internet on rs 1500rs plus taxes.. Joke of the decade!

  • First they should improve their service. Internet crawls most of the time and sites do not even load properly especially images.

  • Plz tell me mujhe witribe cards sy bill pay krna hai kesy krun sb kr lya means msg sy and my witribe sy jxt 1 card recharge succesfull hoa hai lekin koi bhe email nh i conformation ki plz some one help me

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