Nauman Dar Reappointed As President & CEO of HBL for Next 3 Years

Nauman K Dar has won three years extension to serve Habib Bank Limited again as CEO and President till 2018. Dar first took this charge in 2012 and replaced Zakir Mehmood.

HBL’s board of directors reposed trust in him on his performance and decided to choose him to continue to lead a dedicated team of senior bankers to expand operations of bank in domestic and international markets.

Dar has been a career banker having a wealth of working experience for about 30 years in Pakistan, Europe and Africa. He was heading HBL’s division of International, Corporate and Investment Banking before promoting as top banker at HBL.

From 2012 to 2014, HBL profit rose from Rs 22.3 billion to Rs 31.8 billion

During his three years term, Dar has continued pace of bank’s profitability and expansion in network unabated with supervision of acquisition of Barclays Bank Pls, shares sell-off of the government stakes and major decisions to bring strength in the operation of HBL and its penetration in different sectors.

From 2012 to 2014, HBL profit rose from Rs 22.3 billion to Rs 31.8 billion with double digit growth.

HBL Express, a branchless banking service was introduced whereas HBL’s Islamic Banking Division issued Sukuk worth billion.

The bank witnessed technological advancement in the operation including connectivity of real time branches and launch of online banking to consumers.

HBL has paid off its debts of $50 million to International Finance Corporation (IFC) that was borrowed soon after privatization of bank for the purpose of expansion of services.

HBL had deposits of Rs 1 trillion in August 2014 and doubled them to Rs 2 trillion by end of 2014

Besides, the bank endeavored to increase its shareholding in First Microfinance Bank including acquisition deal of shares in the PICIC Asset Management Company through its subsidiary.

The bank, which achieved a benchmark of achieving deposits of Rs 1 trillion as first in the banking industry in August 2014, multiplied its deposits by 100 percent to Rs 2 trillion by end of 2014.

The branches of network increased to 1,650 from 1,450 in the period of three years which made the bank the largest in terms of its presence locally. In 2014 alone, HBL won five  international awards including Pakistan’s Bank of the Year by The Bankers, Safest Bank in Pakistan by Global Finance, Best Bank in Pakistan by Euromoney and etc,.

  • Honorable President HBL

    From the core of the heart, we congratulate you on the extension of your service contract for the next three years and we pray Allah Almighty to bestow you such enhanced strength of mind that enables you to endure adversity with courage to accomplish remaining passions of your proficiency.

    Hope, you will not forget the HBL Express Business partner’s miserable condition, looking for your sympathy to compensate their financial accumulated losses of 144 Franchises more than one billion during last more than three years.

    God bless you and intensify your acumen.

    Here I would
    like to quote from the Islamic history during the Hazrat Umar caliphate, once lot of tax received from the Egypt and caliph was very surprise for this super recovery by the Governor of Egypt and asked the peoples how it is possible that tax growth has increased this much high within one year then some one from the court, stated that if the calf will not get the milk to fill its stomach than definitely yield of cow milk will be high.

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to share the ground realities of HBL Express Branchless Banking. Habib Bank Limited had introduces its Branchless Banking system during May / June-2012 Hub Agents & Retailers were invited to submit their applications and successful candidates as Hub owners were asked to build their Franchises offices as per prescribed BOQ that cost each franchise Rs.750,000 to 1000,000 per Hub (actually there was no need for such offices) and total 144 Franchise offices were build by the qualified Franchisees in each district & Tehsil head quarter all over the Pakistan
    & Azad Kashmir and each franchisee was asked to develop their own retail net work to expand the business base.

    HBL Express Launching

    Soft launching of the project was carried-out but it took about one year to satisfy the State Bank of Pakistan for the issuance of the Branchless Banking license and project was finally launched commercially during-2013 but newly installed process computer net work Sybase-365 fail to handle the peak loading capability and thousands customers billing arrear had became permanent headache and several customers utilities meters due to non payment were got disconnected by the utilities companies and caused HBL Express a bad name in Branchless Banking market.

    Franchise BOQ quality assurance

    It is mater of fact that during the August-2012 BB HUBs were came into being on war basis and even their construction, electrification, fabrication, paint work and Franchise offices completion was executed as per prescribed BOQ in a record time of 10 – 15 days and every body was very optimistic to execute this state of the art business in
    a twinkle of an eye. S&D management was on its full swing and would like to
    see BB Hub operational in minimum time frame and even at several places newly
    construction work was painted while entire structure was wet enough and consequently wet painting have been deteriorated and several HUBs are now ready for renovation. It is worth to mention that each Franchisee had spent more than 750,000 to 1000,000 rupees to built Franchise as per given BOQ and four times of this amount they have spent to keep the Franchise door open during last three years and still facing permanent loss every month even after, commercial launching but still business is not reaching to its break through event and question of profitability is still a dream.

    HBL Express low yields

    While HBL Express Sybase-365 system was performing uncertain performance, meanwhile several other Branchless Banking brands came well after the HBL Express and successfully captured the market but HBL Express fail to get proper business in the market due unusual system errors late payment surcharge (LPS). A vital reason of its failure was non availability proper telco support with the HBL Express while other brands possess telco facility. U-Fone was initially agreed to facilitate HBL Express
    but later they straightly refused and launched themselves U-Paisa in the Market. It took more than two years to rectify the system faults of Sybase-365 but the market peaks had passed. OMNI, U-paisa, Mobicash etc were well behind and lately launched but very fast became the prominent brands of the market but HBL Express was remain last name in the list of Branchless Banking.

    Several times we have suggested HBL Express to add some prominent products from HBL basket and reinforce the HBL Express market and conserve the customer’s deplete that is the result of initial two years system bad reputation.

    Business Partners in continues loss

    During this unproductive long span of time Hub owner were constrained to run their Franchise continuously in loss due to no business or profitability but have to keep open & maintain their nice offices with prescribed strength of man Power and essential utilities. An average monthly expense of Franchise is tabulated below.


    At present HBL Express possess few products but no profitability and its market share is also very minute and due to low profitability business partners are constrained to loose the curiosity in their business.

    Jis Khait Se Dehqan Ko Mayassar Nahin Rozi

    Uss Khait Ke Har Khausha-e-Gandum Ko Jala Do (IQbal)

    Present Business Scenario

    At present, more than 120 Franchisee are still on board, as others have quit their business to avoid further continuous loss or company has terminated many of them to
    avoid any legal consequences because they were forming a common platform to
    raise their issues to court & relevant higher authorities.

    Please be remember that HBL Express Management is not resolving the issues and fail to make the business viable in last three year, nor agree to discuss the apprehensions
    of the Franchisees and if any one tries to highlight their concerns on any level, they immediately terminates that franchisee to avoid any legal consequences.

    Therefore, you are humbly requested to intervene in the issue and probe into the matter to redress the grievances of badly affected HBL Express Franchisees who have been suffering financially and mentally distorted due to their huge monetary loss of
    more than approximately 1.5 Billion rupees at National level, only due to bad planning, poor feasibility, mismanagement and inadequacy of biggest banking group of Pakistan (HBL) under the auspices of state institution SBP.

    HBL Express has become bone in our throat and either decision is not other than the loss, wastage of time and money.

    Please think a little that how we can survive in this present business scenario and please sense our internal feelings, keeping yourself in our situation. Trust me please
    that we have came on the road due to this continues loss producing business and we are constrained to take loan from relatives to keep the door of HBL Express open and time is not away when our children will starve due to un-availability of food to fill the stomach because our entire investment has finished to keeping the HBL Express operative. Of what mistake we are being punished at this extent.

    It is last but not least, that if our business partners are in loss & un-Happy then HBL Express may not be successful and this weak building can not be strong enough to stay in the tough market.

    With best regards,

    Engr. Nazir Malik, Proprietor,
    AWAKS Enterprises Sargodha (CSGD-001)
    SMAREC Sillanwali Sargodha
    Tel: 048-3008888 Cell: 0300-8604333

    • I am also from Sargodha and using HBL Express, The system has always worked fine for me .. I think there is something wrong with your internet connection.

      • Looks like a paid stooge of HBL. The entire agent network is fed up with this service and bearing losses each day and here we have a person who has put it entirely on internet connection. Taaliyan bajao iske liye bhaiyon!!

  • Honorable President HBL
    Nauman Dar Sahib
    we congratulate you on the extension of your service contract for the
    next three years and we pray Allah Almighty to bestow you such enhanced
    strength of mind that enables you to endure adversity with courage to
    accomplish remaining passions of your proficiency From the core of the heart. I HOPE SIR you will solve HBL EXPRESS issue pending last 3 year .i am AGENT of you bank last three years .your bank cannot convert his this business in profit but the bank this policy finish all our capital and i am suffering finical problem . not able to pay my children school / college fee. every month i am bearing about 45000 rupees lose in HBL EXPRESS BUSINESS and BHL is responsible for this .Allah always bless you with good name and health . i request please help me . thanks



  • I wish to name the individuals from HBL who are responsible for what HBL Express is today. First and foremost is Faiq Sadiq who had hardly any sense of this business but still ventured into it by picking up people on double triple packages from the industry whose competence could not be justified with the packages offered. Yet bringing the franchisees to this condition, these people enjoyed all the benefits of the bank during their tenure including bonuses, promotions, foreign trips etc. all this is happening under the honorable president but he has kept a blind eye on these so called senior bankers. Another in the list is Azfar Jamal, who is now heading the ADC of NBP. He formed a team of individuals who were not worthy in terms of competence but had quite friendly ties with him so were offered good position and salary. The SnD head Ghazanfar Ali Khan is another example who instead of performing his duties was busy lobbying with the higher management to get a promotion, in which he succeeded. i can go on this but its no use since the bank has taken no interest in it for the last 3 years and im sure the business will shut down if it continues like this.

  • These people will continue to suck blood from the agents/ franchises to fulfill their targets. They are least concerned of their plight and all they care is to achieve the maximum out of their business partners to please their senior management, HBL is exploiting its name to hurt these people financially..

  • shame on HBL and shame on those people running the affairs of HBL Express. They are a disgrace to the bank.

  • Dear President HBL wish you good luck for your future and its great achievement that HBL won Five international awards under your supervision it awesome Man, but here i want to draw your kind attention towards your new project that is Branch Less Banking according to me it is better to Say WORTH LESS BANKING because no on getting benefits from your poor services except of your Employees who are involved in this project and showing you extra ordinary results which are Zero in reality and your agents as well as Hub owner suffering from very miserable situation by investing is life time saving in your Project of Worth Less Banking. I hope you would seriously look into this issue and resolved Customers as well as business partners issue.Thanks

  • Praiseworthy Mr. President of HBL

    I cordially congratulate you for your
    extension with this anticipation that you’re extension may bring some changes
    in current scenario because current state of affairs not even giving peanuts in
    returns. Since May 2012 all franchisees surviving in critical situation and
    they still doing, franchisees all efforts went totally in vain as management
    not even want to hear complaints and why this management would worry about, they
    are receiving everything in shape of promotions & others lavishness from
    the bank and those who are doing efforts day and night to stable HBL branchless
    banking they are getting nothing hence I request you Mr. HBL President to
    please thing about franchisees and feel their pain by putting your self at their
    stage. This is the last chance for you to utilize your this extension in a fruitful
    manner otherwise nobody can stop this business to be demolish.

  • Dear President
    Frankly speaking that your HBL Branchless Banking project is a big scam, profitless business, worthless service and acknowledge that HBL Express S&D team is manipulating monthly volume of D.R (domestic remittances) figures manually & making fake figures according to their wishes and if any HUB owner or team member tries to emphasize any true figures to higher responsible personals then S&D god Fathers giving threats him for franchise cancellation or job termination etc so mostly peoples are keeping mouth shut.

    We don’t know why you as a President of HBL not taking action against such offenders and it is also not less than miracle that SBP governor also keeping his eyes closed on such offence.

    All HUB owners, retailers DOs are feeling helpless and trapped in this monkey illegal business where no profit, no hope of profit, no respect, no future and day by day franchise structure is facing de-valuation but S&D team is giving lie hopes like a gambling scheme that is only to keep their jobs secure.

    Please take action against the fabricators, lying S&D god fathers, form a special investigation team, take HUB owners in confidence & interview them in absence of S&D team members to reach the internal reality of this project.

    It is not difficult to conclude that is screening not done immediately than this project will not go beyond December-2015

      • Several emails and letters have been written but no response. We don’t understand what ethics they possess
        Dar Sahib
        The areas which doesn’t have BSP are operating permanently in loss and your HUB owner’s are waiting your action and claiming damages because Hbl management is the responsible for their miserable conditions

  • Mr Presedan.
    HBL Express is ur product ? R u satisfy with its service to the public?
    Mr.Dar every person make mistakes when he works.
    Admit that is ur mistake that whole population of country is effecty of this.
    Batter close it.
    Don’t ask ur managmint batter ask ur frenchies all over the country.
    42 …. F ..Phs 1
    DHA. LAHORE. 03006051799

  • Senior management of happy boot lickers (hbl) has distanced itself from hbl express as they do not want to bring bad name to their fake reputation. laawaris ki tarha chal raha hai bas jo ek din band hojayega…

  • Dear Sir,
    HBL Express story is like a killing plan for looting poor HUB owner’s hard earned money by showing greens gardens but there was nothing more than the dry prickly bushes and it was a trap of hunters. Please note that we, specially the Hub owners of non-BSP areas, are the part of the beginner’s 144 franchisees, suffering in drought cyclone since more than three years and if we leave this business means our total investment loss and if we continue this business further means we have to bear more loss in sense of HUB operating cost.

    Please recognize that HBL Express Management is responsible of this loss and it is clear cut HBL policy failure because we accepted this business due to HBL big name. Therefore, you are requested,

    Buy back our franchises because this business is not feasible at all.
    Compensate our investment and operating loss for last three years (Approximately Five to Eight million rupee per HUB owner).
    Ask each franchisee to submit their claims as it was asked during 2013 but not paid our claims yet.
    Set an investigation committee to understand the reality of this white elephant & cause of its failure.
    Bring to justice its launching team who has started this project without proper feasibility.

    Honorable Sultan Ali Allana, owner of HBL and His Majesty Prince Agha Khan, please intervene and help us on humanitarian ground because we have lost our life time saving in this business and it is impossible to earn that much during our remaining life. Being a highly praiseworthy personality on the face of the earth, please support for our right cause.

    Hoping most positive response

    • Don’t keep high hopes, in soodkhoron aur munafakhoron se koi umeed na lagayen chahay woh Sultan allana ho ya aga Khan khud, Sab business man hain yeh.

  • “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

    HBL has committed a financial fraud by launching this project and looting the money from fanchises who trusted in it’s name.

    The first strike call given by Lahore franchises was failed due to non cooperation from usual Mirs & Jaffers and now everyone is individually licking it’s wounds and awaiting for miracle. Try the second strike by getting UNITED and take HBL & STATE BANK to court on the below points:

    1. That, it was agreed between HBL and franchisee that a franchise for the purpose of branchless banking & for control of Retailer Agents for Branchless Banking (BB) throughout Pakistan would be assigned to franchisee for which he needs to invest Rs. 10-15 lakhs and franchisee will touch the breakeven mark in six months. Further for the approval, he was asked to find a suitable location for HBL (BB) Hub in his nominated area and the required location should cover at least 400 sq. feet area and the monthly rent should be in the range of Rs.30,000/- to Rs.50,000/- in large cities.

    2. That, in compliance with the agreement franchisee effectively took a place on rent especially for this purposes and bare all costs as per terms and conditions of the said agreement but all is vain.

    3. That, it was revealed that at the time HBL signing BB agreement with franchisee, it was NOT authorized by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to do a commercial launch in Pakistan. The necessary approval to launch BB commercially was granted in April, 2013, after about nine months of signing up the contract.

    4. That, the HBL BB (HBL Express) management has acted illegally by advertising and signing up contract with franchisee and luring him into an investment where as it was not having regulatory permission from SBP to commercially launch this project, which is tantamount to a financial crime.

    5. That, at the time of signing up the contract the HBL BB (HBL Express) management had intentionally concealed from franchisee the fact of missing the mandatory SBP approval for the commercial launch as otherwise franchisee would never have signed up this agreement.

    6. That, for providing BB services neither the concept of having a bank branch like dedicated hub exists in BB Regulations nor any other competitor bank has adapted such model. Only the HBL has pioneered this model at the cost of franchisee and similar hub owners which has miserably collapsed.

    7. That, franchisee has been duped to invest money into this project ‘in the name of HBL, the largest bank of Pakistan’ as per July 6th, 2012 letter of HBL which has indeed proved to be a “win-win” or positive scenario for HBL and its employees only while a rather devastating and negative predicament for franchisee .

    8. That, the HBL BB (HBL Express) management has ONLY been able to learn the BB business and sustain its presence in the market at the cost of franchisee and similar hubs which is now making millions in the name of the pay and perks at the cost of franchisee and similar hub owners.

    9. That, in order to hide its failure the HBL Express Management has been asking hub owners to make fictitious DRs among themselves, at the cost of hub owners so that they could show better results to higher management in Karachi.

    10. That, the whole HBL BB (HBL Express) project has pathetically failed since its startup. And that such a project is a clear tale of mismanagement and mal-administration.

  • Honorable President HBL
    Nauman Dar Sahib
    we congratulate you on the extension of your service contract for the
    next three years and we pray Allah Almighty to bestow you such enhanced
    strength of mind that enables you to endure adversity with courage to
    remaining passions of your proficiency From the core of the heart. I
    HOPE SIR you will solve HBL EXPRESS issue pending last 3 year .i am
    AGENT of you bank last three years .your bank cannot convert his this
    business in profit but the bank this policy finish all our capital and i
    am suffering finical problem . not able to pay my children school /
    college fee. every month i am bearing about 45000 rupees lose in HBL
    EXPRESS BUSINESS and BHL is responsible for this .Allah always bless you
    with good name and health . i request please help me . thanks
    liaquat ali HBL Express Basirpur

  • Dear Mr. Dar, Have u ever heard about ‘HBL Express” a subsidiary of Hbl. If Yes, Since last four years I am suffering. At least now, It must be at no 1 in ur priorities.
    Aleem Ahmad

  • HBL Express ki Oonchi
    Dukan Pheka Pakwaan

    Dear President.

    Ever since the soft launching of
    the HBL Branchless Banking project, its feasibility remained questionable
    because business was very small but shown gigantic and suppressed its franchisees
    to put dead investment approximately one million rupee along with its monthly expenses,
    more than eighty thousand monthly but business was not capable to produce even
    monthly electricity bills of the nice BB HUB office. Thus, loss became the fate
    of unlucky franchisees those caught in the trap of HBL. In addition show-up of
    the HBL management and bogus stories, forthcoming attractions, definitely looks
    very charming and by the passage of time it was proven that it was Oonchi Dukan Pheka Pakwaan.

    It is very true that HBL Express franchisees became stupid
    & pipits in the hands of knave & liar management because the franchise
    offices were high standard and it was true copy of Wateen franchise but the
    business offered was not more than PAN-SHOP.

    Dear president

    You know the true stories of your subordinates but not
    taking action because they are your personal friends e.g. Azfar Jamal was your
    friend and escaped to National Bank and you did not asked him while leaving
    when his project was taking last breath. Faiq Sadiq is your right hand and
    Ghazanfer Ali khan is best friend of Faiq Sadiq. Poor franchisees have been
    looted by this group and no one listen them and franchisees kept quite to save
    their dead investment and on the hope of good days and as a result they are on
    road today, regardless of profitability, not a single franchisee can say that I
    am not in loss.

    We propose you that once just give announcement that HBL
    Express all franchisees have to submit expense report of all three years then
    true figure will come in-front of you.

    Remember that the poor franchisees invested on the name of
    HBL and trusted the brand but now it is time for the Bank to compensate their
    loss being a big name in the Pakistani banking sector.

  • جناب صدر صاحب

    حبیب بنیک آف پاکستان

    جناب اعلی!

    گذارش ہے کہ مین نے حبیب بنک آٹو بان روڈ حیدرآباد مین یونین آف جرنلسٹس (
    انجمن صحافیان حیدرآباد ) کا اکائونٹ کھولنے کے لیئے فارم جمع کرائے تھے
    لیکن آئے دن کوئی نہ کوئی نیا اعتراض لگا کر مجھے واپس کردیا جاتا ہے اور
    مین سخت پریشان ہون اس لئیے آپ کو گذارش کرتا ہون کہ بینک اکائونٹ کھلوانے
    مین مدد کی جائے


    محمد رمضان

    موبائیل نمبر 03332803909
    سی این آئی سی ؛ 4130869007153

  • Dear President,
    ABL provide deduction free services having salary account with it, While your bank charge me Rs. 116 per month for the only transaction of my salary each month.

  • can i get the email address of CEO Nauman dar?? acttuly i want to mail him due to some agreement issue with HBL Branch….sillanwali…. is it available on google ? HBl branch sillanwali district sargodha the 3 years old agreement will have been ended on 31 may 2018. according to bank management i will hv to access with upper management…..kindly i need your assistance at that time

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