Maker Fest Is Coming To Pakistan For The First Time

Maker Fest is a two-day exhibition to promote art, innovation, creation and imagination in the country and is going to be held early next year. Internationally known as Maker Flaire, it’s coming to Pakistan for the first time under the label of Maker Fest. SAMAAJ is the group behind the event, funded by the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation (MJFF).

The event attempts to assist the ‘maker’ community to build and create and advance in economic strength. Maker Flaire is already held in Africa, America, Europe, Japan and India. The event started in 2006 from California, USA and is now held twice every year with hundreds of thousands of attendees and participants.

Maker Fest invites everyone from sculptors and painters to showcase their works of art to technical enthusiasts to design robots, gadgets, programmable devices and other techie stuff. Anyone who can create anything interesting falls under the category of a ‘maker’.

The event is a place for all inventors and creators to bring out their pieces of innovation to the public. The organiser claims that most talent is wasted as they do not get a chance to bring their inventions to the public. It’s a busy world so making yourself noticed can be a hard feat. Maker Fest is a platform for those people to get noticed not only by people around them the whole of the world that follows the Maker Flaire.

Taking Part in Maker Fest 16:

The event organisers invite volunteers and makers to register themselves and attend the event from anywhere from Pakistan. Volunteers can contribute to Maker Fest and register here by filling out a form. Makers are welcomed to register here and become a part of Maker Fest. The page also lists a number of projects that the organisers are looking for. Musicians, presenters and food vendors can go here for more details.

When Is It Going to Take Place?

The event will be open to public and free to attend. It’ll be held on the 15th of February 2016 in Lahore.

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