Chip-Based Vehicle Registration Cards Launched in Pakistan

After the launch of chip-based National Identity Cards being introduced in the country, a new smart system for vehicle registration has finally been launched in Pakistan. The new system was announced at the beginning of this year.

Since Friday, the Excise and Taxation Department has begun the issuance of the new smart Vehicle Registration Cards (VRC). The cards will include details for both, the vehicle and the owner. It is the first time that a smartcard system has been introduced that replaces the existing registration book system. Started in January, the system was developed in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Just like the new Smart NICs, these smart VRCs have an embedded chip similar to sim module. These cards state essential data like the details for the vehicle including its registration number and chassis number, and details regarding the owner of the vehicle including his/her name, NIC number. While the cards list plenty of details on the outside, the chip is capable of storing other relevant and important information regarding the vehicle and its owner.

vehicle registration card pakistan

The authority states that these smart cards provide additional security as stored data is safe from unauthorised access and prevents common tampering methods. Though, there has been no mention of the security protocols which have been implemented to make the stored data secure. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Capt.(r) Mushtaq Ahmed said that “The basic objective of the project is to convert the decades-old system into a modern one, as is practiced internationally”.

NADRA has played a big part in the introduction of these smart cards. The smart cards were proposed by DC Mushtaq Ahmed and Director Excise and Taxation Noman Yousuf. The system had been under development for quite a long time. The system was proposed to the Excise and Taxation department 10 months ago and was scheduled to be implemented in May but some delays prevented the launch up until now.

Issuance of new cards will be charged at Rs 1,450. Both, new and converted cards will be charged at the same rate. In case, that a card owner loses a card’s possession, it will be immediately blocked at the user’s complaint. The Excise department currently lists 850,000 vehicles. The DC said that theory department will convert old books to the new smart cards based on user requests. Stickers for Vehicle Token extension have also been announced.

The new system will also prevent the use of stolen vehicles with fake registration papers. As the VRC system replaces the old book system, it will bring a whole lot of benefits to the car owners as well as the law enforcement agencies. The new smartcards are much more secure and much more reliable.

via Express Tribune

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  • Nice! Now we need to come up with a system so that the driving licence is absorbed by the CNIC. NADRA has been trying this for ages, it’s the traffic police that’s the hurdle.

  • last week i received a new book of new vehicle , no one offer me for this,otherwise i would go for it.

    • Yes, you right dear.. it will not be a difficult task to link data of vehicles and other stuff with CNIC.

    • Cars, houses, plots are properties that can be sold and bought, having a separate card for them is convenient.

      CNIC, Driving license, debit and credit cards are personal and should be merged into a single chip card.

  • Please remove the card holders private details this is a violation of privacy…

    I REQUEST PRO PAKISTANI MODS to look into this

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