3G/4G Users in Pakistan Reach 18.04 Million

3G and 4G users in Pakistan crossed 18 million mark in September 2015, said recently issued stats from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Mobile phone companies added 2.22 million 3G/4G users during the month of September 2015 to take the total count of Mobile broadband users to 18.04 million, up from 15.76 million a month ago.

3G/4G users grew 14.43% month-on-month during September 2015, i.e. highest in past six months. Experts say that this added growth in mobile broadband subscriptions is due to increased usage of portable mobile broadband devices, including MiFis and Wingles.

Mobilink added most number of 3G users with 878,107 new mobile broadband customers that it acquired during the reported month. Ufone stood second in terms of adding most 3G users as it grabbed 637,131 new 3G users during September 2015.

Telenor acquired 393,969 new 3G users during the month while Zong converted 316,908 of its customers on to 3G network.

Zong, at the end of September 2015, crossed 200,000 mark for its 4G users. Warid had some 156,827 4G users at the end of reported duration.

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  • I have used all networks. Did speedtest of all 3G networks and checked everything. My ranking:

    1.Moblink (Max speed achieved: 1200KBps)
    2.Zong (700KBps)
    3.Telenor (600KBps)

    I am right now using telenor. I hate it. I am going to switch to zong or moblink soon.
    Problem with it is lack of facilitating the user.

    • I am using Telenor network for a decade and never thought of changing it until now as half of Lahore is deprived of their 3G services. I tried to switch to Mobilink (MNP) but it seems a tedious task as I will need to go to the main office in Gulberg in week days for which I don’t have time.

      I also heard about good speed and service of Mobilink at least in areas where I roam about in Lahore.

  • Zong is best among all and rates are same on 3g as well as 4g, , but still zong expansion coverage is very slow then telenor and mobilink, even zong services is still not available in majors towns of all province of pakistan
    Zong covereage map kkp is 35%, punjab is 28%, Sindh 22% and boluchistan 16% so after 2 years zong expansion coverage is very very slow than telenor, telenor coverage almost 50% of sites

  • I tried Ufone first.. terrible coverage and sloppy speeds. No 3G signals inside my house in rawalpindi and even in Islamabad it was a constant struggle between 2 and 3G.. Then I moved to Zong and that’s all I needed. I get 70%-full signals of LTE in my bed (rawalpindi) and in Islamabad where I work, it’s always full signals (LTE) with lightning fast speeds.. I don’t run speed tests much but 40-50MBs of file gets downloaded in a few blinks of eyes, so yea.. I haven’t tried Mobilink or Telenor but I’m sure they can’t beat this stability and speed of Zong where i live.

    • lolx, it depends on your location, i am using 3 handsets right now. Zong always fluctuate even in open ground of blue area. every network is not best. sometimes on some locations you will find different networks best. in my opinion Ufone is best, because their voice and SMS bundles are very economical. if u say in 3G/4G era who will use these bundles my answer is data is very limited. which will decrease your money. so, the point is cellular companies should increase data limit.

  • I am wondering how Telenor’s 3G subscribers are increasing. Half of Lahore is deprived of Telenor’s 3G service. It includes areas as populous as Model Town, Township, Faisal Town, Johar Town and Wapda Town. I have reported it to Telenor on twitter and through personal correspondence as well, and they seem not taking it seriously even after ~2 years of 3G launch.

    If they are unable to provide 3G services to a metropolitan city like Lahore then how they are able to reach to the remote ort less developed areas of Pakistan. Just wondering.

    • Only areas I was able to get around 700-800kbps speeds were Gulberg II, Model Town, DHA phase 3 and Johar Town. Other than this it didn’t even manage to touch 20kbps. Whereas Zong is pretty much consistent and reliable.

    • I am getting full signals of 3G and almost 7 to 9 mbps speed of Telenor 3G in Model Town and Johar Town.

  • I winder why there was a drop in growth in may 2015, was it because that’s when exams take place for lots of students?

  • Every network is good at some point n hv issues at other. I used mobilink 3G in various areas of khi & its sad to say that despite of being the largest network mobilinks 3G constantly switches to GPRS (not even edge) & mostly mobilink bundles are not 3G. Ufone is only flourishing because of its super card. Telenor is providing just an average speed but too expensive bundles. Warid’s draw back is it lacks 3G but if u hv a 4G compatible handset Warid offers best internet bundles. Zong is good at 3G n 4G service but unfortunately zong got defected spectrum n if it cuts back to 5mhz than no one knows what will be stability of their services but for zong is most economical in mifi n wingle bundles but expensive at mobile data plans compare to warid

  • ZONG 4g is most pathetic an inconsistent check screen shots worst quality network is ZONG. And last result in below screen shot is of WARID mifi which is always consistent little bit slower but most reliable best quality network WARID

    • yes Warid LTE is most stable little bit slower than Zong but really conisitent and reliable i have used to access my 10 server for continuous 4 days not even a single disconnection i have faced location was PC Lahore.

  • can anyone tell me: I have my main number Warid 4G LTE SIM on a 3G only mobile QMobile A1 Android One Dual SIM.

    For my 2nd SIM which offers best 3G coverage in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore by Telenor, Mobilink and Zong ?? No Warid and Ufone please. i move a lot between Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

  • Have been using Zong 4G, and its the most pathetic network ever. Even ptcl 2 MB DSL is better than Zong. strangely it always shows good speed on speedtest, may be they have used some hack or something. I am using mifi device with 50 GB data download and ptcl dsl works better than zong 4g. even though zong shows 25 MB download and 15 MB upload on speedtest.

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