Despite rapid growth, the outdoor advertising industry in Pakistan hasn’t been as successful as it could have been. According to Aurora (an industry publication), total advertising spending in Pakistan was Rs32 billion in fiscal year 2011, a figure that has grown at an annualized average rate of 23% during the past ten years (inflation was just over 9% during that period).

Billboards Expert plans to fix common issues facing the advertising industry in Pakistan. The site is a marketplace to buy/sell or rent Hoardings directly from Billboard owners and free. Anyone can register and list their media outlets and all the information will be visible to everyone.

There are no hidden fees to register or advertise your portfolio of Media Outlets although billboard/hoarding owners (marketers) can buy premium listings to increase visibility on the marketplace. The front page of the marketplace displays showcase listings from each city and marketers can buy those ad spots by bidding on them.

The startup also pays full advance to the hoarding owners if they request billboard/hoarding brokerage services that come as a bonus with premium listings. They have an educated staff experienced in marketing and branding who follow standard procedures in designing and executing advertising campaigns.

Billsboards Experts also design advertising campaigns for brands and claim to be a quality and cost effective solution. Advertisers can request free quotes to get started.

You can check out Billboards Expert here