Telenor to Sponsor 15,000 Tablets for Primary School Students in KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Education Mohammad Atif Khan yesterday revealed that provincial government in collaboration with national and international organisations was planning to introduce information technology at primary schools to bring them at par with the private educational institutions.

Speaking at a meeting of education officers, IT experts and officials of Telenor mobile company, he said the KP government in collaboration with Telenor would provide 15,000 tablets to school children from grade I to V.

Expressing gratitude to Telenor company for the assistance, he said that the provincial government was committed to introducing revolutionary changes in the education sector and the initiative was part of the efforts.

He said that uniform education system from class one to 10 had already been introduced and soon the school children of KP would be able to compete with students of international private educational institutions.

Atif Khan said that the department of elementary and secondary education was collaborating with national and international IT organisations to provide IT based system in the primary schools of KP.

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  • Now thats a good step. Punjab govt instead of buying those faarigh laptops at full prices shud also have collaborated with some partner.

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  • stupid step. those tables would be used as gaming consoles and education(if there is any) will be affected.

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