Daraz to Offer Massive Black Friday Deals on Nov 27th

It’s that time of the year again. Black Friday is fast approaching and its time the Pakistani consumers get to experience some salivating deals on their favorite products and services.

Daraz.PK is Rolling out Black Friday Deals

This crazy sales day only takes place once a year, so plan ahead and save up enough dough to be able to grab your favorite products from Daraz’s online store on November 27th at www.daraz.pk/black-friday. Black Friday sales and promotions can also be availed from Daraz.pk’s mobile app. That’s a win-win situation for people on the go.

Make sure you are well rested a day before the event so you can start browsing deals, starting midnight and don’t miss out. Make sure you have great internet connection at all times and start preparing your wish-list now before the event so you don’t lose focus on the big day. It’s okay for you to get stuff that wasn’t on your wish-list but it will really hurt if you lose track in the shopping frenzy and aren’t able to grab that one thing you really, really wanted.

Shedding Light On Black Friday’s History

The fourth Friday of every November is the busiest shopping day of the year, worldwide. Drastic deals, heavy discounts, and crazy sales – just three weeks to go for Black Friday, the best sales day of the year. Every year, stores across the world hold massive sales to lure customers in and kick-off the shopping season, each passing year the deals get bigger and better and consumers go to even greater lengths to get the most bang for their buck.

To give you a brief history, the big sales concept was kicked off back in 1924 by American multinational Macy’s during its Thanksgiving Day Parade. 40 years later, as more and more retail stores hopped on the bandwagon, the day was officially given the name Black Friday and by the 1990’s, the unofficial retail holiday turned into a worldwide sensation.

You’re wondering why the color black, which has a negative connotation, is used to represent something that is so awaited. Interestingly, the use of black in this case alludes to profitability – Macy’s initiated this sales day event to go back into black during a slow shopping season. Back then the Profit & Loss Statement was on paper and not an excel sheet. Profit was recorded in black ink and loss in red. Since this day was incredibly profitable for both retailers and shoppers, associating this glorious sales day with black made the most sense.

Online sales hit an all-time high of $3.73 billion in the U.S

Shoppers plan months ahead of the November sale buzz and start saving up on their hard earned dough to splurge on self-gifting and gifts for their loved ones. The number of U.S. shoppers which was at 89 million in 2012, went up to around 140 million in 2014. Even though the number of Black Friday shoppers saw a staggering growth, overall, last year, the number of offline buyers was 7% lower than the preceding year as shoppers were more inclined towards shopping for the same deals online. Online shopping is growing at a massive speed and Black Friday sales are increasingly adapting to this change in consumer behavior. According to Adobe System Inc., online sales hit an all-time high of $3.73 billion in the U.S – this was 42 percent of all sales.

Is Black Friday Going To Be a Hit in Pakistan?

Interestingly, studies show, Black Friday is incredibly popular in Pakistan already. Millions of Pakistanis searched the term ‘Black Friday’ last year on Black Friday itself, making it one of the top searches of the day – that just goes to show how there is awareness, and demand which is finally being met. Since Pakistan is one of the promising ecommerce markets emerging in this region, expect online promotions like Black Friday deals to grow year by year.

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  • Hope this time it’s not the same drama as tech mela one where they halved the price which was just a gimmick.

  • Daraz is just not gud with the sales ( big or small ) whether it is black or white 0r eid 0r independence whatever .. they charge alot for deliveries to the cities other than (ISB/Rwp, Lhr, Khi) and their promo codes never work the way they should, errorx err0rx limitationx , fake page downs, etc etc …. Daraz is the largest online shopping store No doubt but their customer handling is just not so good ..

  • yeah …. Goodluck getting ripped off again u gullible P R I C K S !

    they’ll be offers years old tech at low-prices and u stupid people will fall all over for it. AGAIN !

    US and others have the financial and economic stability to offer outrageously cheap deals to their people … but Pakistan ?!

    this is a country where even close acquaintances have hesitations
    making simple concessions … so if u think these shrewd businessmen will
    offer you GENUINELY good deals, then think AGAIN !

    TLDR ; B.Friday in pak is already setup to be a MASSIVE failure !

    • So you are comparing Pakistan with Super power USA?Pakistan is developing nation also this is first time start of such kind of event by online ecommernce so appreciate there effort of doing something new instead of bashing everything.

      • harsh reality my friend… it has NOTHING to do with being a super-power. Countries which USA can level within a few hours of bombing are still better in financial stability and offer better black friday deals and they DONT rip-off their customers , which is the base trend here…

        go figure…

          • im ‘disrespecting’ the FILTHY VERMIN giving this country a bad name and making it a hel-hole and sh it – hole to live in …

      • He is someone knowledgeable enough, to expose your sheer ignorance in contrast. Good luck B.Fr. desi wannabes. You get what you deserve.

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            And guess what? You have to be knowledgeable to understand other knowledgeable and insightful people. So, better stay away from such discussions if you know squat about the matter. Its not the tharra outside your home in patlee galeeee :P

            • Hahaha all bullshit spoken by a true shit like u, ur knowledge is clearly seen by everyone here ;)

          • i never ask anyone to appreciate or scrutinize my knowledge. Im just trying to open your eyes , see what most people can’t and don’t !

            sadly , people with mentality like yours exist in majority and hold this country pinned to its death-bed. unless you can mend your ways (and your mind , in this case) there’s no way anything GENUINELY good will ever happen in this country.

        • Thank you for your appreciation :)
          usually all i get around here is alot of people suffering from butthurt and burn , spewing venom from their mouths without thinking twice.

          blindness be the trend here !

      • im a tech enthusiast , who doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge and realise the harsh reality that surrounds us :)

        tell you what , see it for yourself on 27th and then figure…

  • yeah …. goodluck getting ripped off again u gullible PRICKS !

    they’ll be offers years old tech at low-prices and u stupid people will fall all over for it.

    US and others have the financial and economic stability to offer outrageously cheap deals to their people … but Pakistan ?!

    aahah , this is a country where even close acquaintances have hesitations making simple concessions … so if u think the shrewd businessmen will offer you GENUINELY good deals, then think AGAIN !

    TLDR ; B.Friday in pak is already setup to be a MASSIVE failure !

  • In the bottom it said that 70% will be off on Black Friday deals (on the site) + 25% off if u pay through easypay so total would be 95% off! ya right what a joke and a lie. So accoding to this you only have to pay 500 for a 10k product haha joke of the century by daraz people.

  • Draz.pk is just fraud guys, i have order them Infinix hot 2 which was promoted by Propakistani,pk , they delivered to me after week and i am surprised that the speaker of phone is not working, when i call them they said send us back for warranty claim and we will repair it and send back after week, i asked them to replace as its just 2 hour they delivered and i found its not working.
    now they not responding even i send them back mobile and they hold my money.
    so dont trust them.

  • Daraz always have higher prices, I am sure even this time again they will have a 10k product priced at 20k and then give 25-40 percent discount and still sell it higher then normal market price.

    We never get true discounts here in PK, yahan wohi hisab hai bargaining wala 200 rs ki cheez ke 500 batao phir 350 main final kar ke de do. Dukandar bhi khush aur customer bhi :D

  • I bought Infinix Hot note 2 in august and its been working very good.
    But even the most realiable tech can get buggy so maybe thats what
    happen to you. I think you need to file a consumer case against them.
    Get a print out of your order sheet (at daraz website) and file a case
    in your local court OR at your local DC/AC office. No need to engage a
    lawyer either, you can do by yourself. Trust me it works. Your total
    cost would be like 50 to 250 Rupees.

  • I think homeshopping is better ecommernce compared to daraz.Wait for cheezmall it will be big blow for them lets see how they will handle competition.

  • It’s basically start of Christmas Shopping Season.
    A day before thanksgiving
    You have not mentioned About Christmas shopping season anywhere in the Article

  • Why Black Friday ? Why not any other day in week Where we going people Friday is something means for muslim .

  • Cheezmall has just launched themselves today and I think prices are reasonable. Bye bye to daraz and homshopping. Soon there will be clearance sale at both these sites.

    • You are right that cheezmall is going to be successful but unfortunately their prices are not reasonable neither Daraz’s and homeshopping are. If you in the market prices for Chinese products are a lot cheaper. But with entrance of cheezmall there will be healthy competition. But in terms of prices most of the customers are disappointed from online stores.
      Like let me give u an example i bought a mini electric mosquito killer from saddar Karachi which was just Rs. 110. And while searching on daraz i saw the same thing which was priced 800. So now one can imagine how much are they charging. Not just daraz but all online stores though their running cost is lesser than a big physical store. At the time being we should avoid ordering anything from cheezmall n other online stores till their prices are at par.

  • This is exactly why Rocket Internet needs to wrap up and leave Pakistan – they don’t understand how the local market works. One of the biggest reasons why Black Friday is so huge in the WEST is because it’s the period before Christmas and that is nothing special for us – we don’t have to buy our whole family presents. The Pakistani equivalent of this is chandraat and that’s what they should focus on – localisation rather than blindly towing the policies they receive from Berlin. IDIOTS.

  • Admin why are you sharing fake press releases, they never offer discount its fake all the time, please don’t waste our time in sake of some pennies

  • Totally Fraud daraz give to all sacraped products please don,t waste your precious money i better know Daraz because my brother also belong with staff of Daraz…

  • I am afraid same will happen to me. Because I know it took more than 10 days for them to deliver phone to me. Wo bhi jab main nay zayada complaints kein to kaha gaya apna discount coupon hatao aur dobara order karo. :|

  • It seems there will be a good competition i.e. beneficial to consumers! appreciated.
    I never purchased anything online, but now I have plans for 10 items on 27th NOV.

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