Facebook Notify is the Latest App for Bringing News Stories to Your Phone

Facebook is always bringing new apps and updates for its mobile platform. As an industry leader, it needs to be continually innovative. Even its rivals like Twitter and Snapchat are not resting on their laurels and coming up with new features.

It is in this backdrop that the social giant came up with Facebook Notify, a news-sharing app of sorts, which sends you all the breaking stories and updates from your preferred website(s).

How Facebook Notify Will Work

Facebook understands that people’s tastes and interests are as varied as the number of users of its service. With that in mind, it has partnered with major leaders in the field of entertainment, news, sports, fashion, history, movies, images, weather and more to provide curated news content straight to the audience.

This means is that whenever there’s something happening in your field of interest, you’ll be notified through your lock screen, whether your phone is asleep or not. If you want to explore the story, just swipe or tap it. This is the premise behind Notify.

Additional Features of Facebook Notify

These notifications can then be shared using your preferred mode of communication, be it email, text, Facebook or any other social network. The app displays all your notifications from the past 24-hours so you can always remain up to date.

As of now, there are 70 sources which bring updates to Notify users, from partners like Time and CNN, to websites like Buzzfeed and Bleacher Report. More sources will be added regularly as well.

Of course, this means that from now you’ll be receiving even more notifications should you choose to install this new app. However, if you choose your preferences wisely, you’ll only get notifications for tailor-made content that matters the most to you.

With Notify, Facebook is going straight after platforms like Twitter’s Moments. The app is available in the US right now on the App Store, but a wider rollout to more markets and platforms should be happening anytime soon.

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