Pakistan Tops 122.5 Million Mobile Users, 20 Million 3G/4G Users

The number of active SIMs increased by 1.6 million in the country and reached to 122.595 million at the end of Oct 2015, which had reached111.5 million after the SIMs verification drive through Biometric Verification System (BVS).

According to the latest figure released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) the number of total cellular subscribers reached 122.595 million by October 15, 2105 against 120.94 million in the month of September in the current year.

However the data shows that the number of 3G/4G users reached 20.075 million by October, 2015 as compared to 18.040 million by September 15, 2015, showing a reasonable growth in modern mobile broadband services with each passing month.

According to PTA, the number of Zong, Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor reached 4.088 million, 6.043 million, 3.773 million and 5.768 million 3G users respectively by October 15, 2015.

More info is available in below infographic:

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    What are the number of Data Sim only users?

    • aamir7

      It’s not shared by pta

  • Fakhre Alam

    aamir bhai is photo ki jan chor do ab. ya ye zaati taur par pasand hy apko/? @aamir7:disqus

    • aamir7

      Ok sir

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    I wonder how Mobilink and specially Ufone managed to grab so many 3G customers despite the fact that they have limited 3G coverage and poor speed. Zong has much better coverage and in terms of speed Zong is second to none.

    • Boyesa

      they are cheap that’s why

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        Cheap? Right now they have most expensive internet packages than others.

    • M. Aamir. M

      I’ve been observing the same since the day when Ufone started 3G. It’s providing expensive packages as compared to the other networks, but I’m amazed how its number of users are increasing despite the reason. Sometimes it does seem to me a fake info-graphics.

  • Shahid yasin

    Ufone has 12Mb/s in okara city

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      This is the first time I saw such speed at Ufone. Impressive though!

  • ImranG

    Girl in the picture reminds of my last girlfriend.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      What about other women in the photo?

  • Zee

    The photo is not from Pakistan. Its some middle eastern country. Also, do yo u have permission to share this photo? or acknowledgement?