Wordseye App Transforms Your Texts Into 3D Images

If you ever wanted something that could turn the thoughts that you write on your mobile or desktop computer into something tangible, an app can do that for you. WordsEye is an app that can recreate those scribbles into proper 3D works of art. The application’s creator stated that he gained inspiration from 3D artists being able to create anything that they imagine (as long as it is typed).

Features of Wordseye

After you have transformed your thoughts and ideas from your mind into 3d images, you can save your creations to your galley, or share them on social media with your family and friends.

Here are some examples showing how the application performs.


Screenshot of Wordseye


Some Features in Action

Before you ask, currently there’s no dedicated mobile application available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

How Does Wordseye Work?

So what exactly do you need to transform your words into 3D images?

You will have to visit their website here. After signing up, you will be able to login from your smartphone, or desktop computer and start transforming your words into 3D images.

CEO of WordsEye, Gary Zamchicks states the following on what the application is actually able to do for you.

“Enabling a new form of creative expression is our primary thrust, but we see strong applications in education, mobile messaging, VR, and gaming.”


How the App uses Sentences to Generate 3D Images

So how does this technology actually work? It works by speech tagging and analyzing the context of the words used. Statistical parsing is used to bring the sentences into a format the computer understands and uses to create the 3D image. Since the application is still in beta phase, it will require quite a large frequency of tuning up before it can actually be used efficiently. This is probably the reason why users are allowed to upload their own suggestions as well.

WordsEye will soon be released as a web application, and will have its own dedicated app for iOS and Android in the near future, but its creators have not specified the exact date. For now, we will just have to rely on the website to create nifty little works of art.

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