NetSol Technologies Ventures Into E-Commerce With

NetSol Technologies has announced the launch of its own e-commerce portal, Also making it to the list of Forbes: “Top 500 companies to work for”, NetSol Technologies is looking to cement its place in the local market with consumer based products and services.

Founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies, Salim Ghauri acknowledges that e-commerce is thriving in Pakistan. With more than 2000 shopping portals, the Pakistani e-shopping space is expanding quickly despite multiple barriers to entry.

A new initiative, is a portal designed to provide designers, artisans and entrepreneurs a platform to promote and sell online both locally and internationally. Head of, Saeed Ghauri says:

We want to enable and empower the incredible Pakistani talent. We have already seen tremendous growth in the home-based-business industry. Pakistani women working from home producing wonderfully hand crafted items, we want to enable these women through Pakistan has so much to offer with our rich heritage and cultural diversity. We want to show the world the talent and beauty of Pakistan. is one of the first online portals that has incorporated an international payment gateway in partnership with MCB. The portal offers both the traditional cash on delivery model that has been the primary source of revenue for most online portals in Pakistan and payment via credit cards. The product portfolio consists of electronics, fashion and lifestyle items but the focus remains on pushing and developing Pakistani brands.

Reports suggests that the Pakistan online shopping market will grow up to $5 billion by 2020.

Mr. Saeed Ghauri said:

This sector is going to see growth like no other. E-commerce is the future without a doubt. We are going to see some policy changes come in to effect by 2017 that will create further opportunities for online businesses.

This optimism is backed by the connectivity reports which suggest a budding growth in internet usage across the country.

Mr. Saeed Ghauri said:

Smartphone and tablets have changed the way people connect online. Today we do not need expensive computers to surf online. We have phones available from Rs 4000 that give you 3G internet and Wifi.

With over 30 million internet users and 15 million smartphones, Pakistan is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative economy for online businesses. While a new venture, aims to make a mark globally. “We are a Pakistani portal, run by Pakistanis, promoting Pakistan,” concluded Head of, Mr. Saeed Ghauri.

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