Online College Admissions System: How to Apply to Colleges in Punjab Online

You’ve finished schooling and are now looking to find admission in a public college in Punjab. Now, instead of running and getting admission forms from each and every college you know of, the whole process of applying for college-level studies have become simpler with Online College Admissions System (OCAS). From the comfort of your home, students hoping to pursue intermediate studies in FA, FSC, ICS programs, can apply for admissions online.


Online College Admissions System – How Does It Work?

The OCAS system was developed by Punjab IT Board, and has processed 650,000 college applications in the past few years. Some 200+ public colleges use this system to facilitate students.

To apply for a public college of your choice online, simply head here:

The procedure to get yourself registered for admissions is even more simple.

  1. Type your Roll Number, Select Board, and log in.
  2. Choose your college and program you wish to pursue. You can print application processing fee slip for later use.
  3. Each application processing takes an economical Rs. 25 fee, which can be deposited in any branch of Bank of Punjab.

Students can check the status of their admission applications online at any time. Even the status of fees can be checked in the same manner online.

In case you need a video guide to explain the whole process, you can check it out here:


Since its All Computerized, Data Analysis is Available for OCAS Users

You can find out which colleges are popular, which programs are sought-after, and other interesting details that make use of the OCAS. For instance, some 3,620 students applied online for Govt. Islamia College at Lahore Cantt.

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Giving students some insights over how transparent OCAS is bodes well for its wide-spread adoption by more colleges and potential students in the coming years. Since education is one of the sectors that traditionally happens to be ignored by public representatives and successive governments, it is good to see initiatives like OCAS maturing and making use of technology to simplify the lives of all stakeholders involved in the academic sector.

We hope OCAS comes to other provinces as well since there should be no stone unturned when it comes to expanding public literacy levels.

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  • A very commendable step by Punjab government…. an example to follow for other provinces

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