Whatsapp Video Calling is Coming To iOS Devices First

While it took a considerably long period for VoIP to become a part of the WhatsApp feature portfolio, it seems we’ll not have to wait long for a video calling feature for the app. Yes, Whatsapp video calling is coming.

The new app update that enables video calling will first be rolled out to iOS devices and then to Android Mobile Phones according to leaked screenshots. The latest images that you can see below show that the feature is running on an iPhone, and according to a report, the video calling feature that is said to possess that video calling function is version


Currently, the WhatsApp version present on Apple’s App Store is version, 2.12.12, indicating that the very next software update could very well bring the highly coveted feature to the iOS platform. As for what other different things you will be getting from the latest update, they have been listed below.

New Features And Updates That Are Going To Be Present In Whatsapp

The latest update will be bringing in multiple chat tabs. With this feature, you will be able to switch back and forth between individual chats, and you will not be required to go back to those chat lists, which used to waste a lot of time before. Additionally, there is also going to be a whole new design makeover for the application, and will be featuring the signature color of the app; green. The only question remaining is that when will it be arriving for iOS users and even more importantly, when will it be arriving for Android users, which are far greater in number compared to Apple’s mobile operating system.

Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook have commented on when the feature will be arriving, but we should be hoping that it does not take as long as the VoIP calling feature took to arrive on multiple platforms. After this update, the only other feature we will have to worry about is a dedicated application for both Windows and Mac OS X. While there is a web application present, it does require both your computer system and your mobile device to be connected to the same wireless network.

  • A little correction in the article required – WhatsApp Web does not require the computer and mobile phone to be on the same wireless network. Both need an active internet connection, that’s it – doesn’t have to be the same wireless network at all.

  • Dude if video callig in whatsapp turns out to be good, im all ready to ditch the annoyingly buggy skype.

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