Real Mobile Broadband Uptake is Yet to Happen in Pakistan: Niaz Malik

Despite securing over 21 million 3G/4G subscribers in less than two years, Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO of Zong believes that substantial uptake in mobile internet in Pakistan is yet to happen.

Mr. Malik, while speaking with ProPakistani, said that a careful analysis of Pakistani landscape and its comparison with regional and global markets reveals that 21 million 3G/4G users isn’t even the beginning of the mobile broadband dream that Zong is aiming towards in the long run.

He said:

We understand that data uptake is comparatively sluggish at this point in time, however, the potential in Pakistani market for mobile broadband is massively huge.

Malik said that machine-to-machine communication, enterprise solutions, enhanced individual consumptions, value additions through smart solutions and much more is yet to be seen and that’s when the real potential of Pakistan’s mobile broadband market will be unleashed.

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According to deputy CEO of Zong, Pakistan is currently undergoing preliminary stage of broadband adaption, just like other mature markets did several years ago, and is set to take off to embrace the real mobile broadband very soon.

When we asked deputy CEO about an estimated timeline of when to expect the real increase in demand of mobile broadband, Mr. Malik explained that his 3G/4G devices are out of stock due to sheer demand, however, selling SIMs or devices or acquiring customers isn’t the uptake they are aiming to achieve, instead the true potential of Pakistan will be unleased only after the strong development of ecosystem.

Thanks to China Mobile, that has over 500,000 vendors, 800 million consumers and over $2 billion spent each year for research and development, Zong has clear understanding of products and solutions that will nourish this ecosystem earlier than ever.

Niaz Malik said that Zong is a unique company as compared with rest of the market as it is in actuality preparing the network for future of Pakistan, an integrated Pakistan, a Digitalized Pakistan with knowledge based economy, where the demand for quality and reliable data will be manifold higher than current day by any standard.

“Our network capacity and preparedness for an integrated Pakistan from future is what Zong is currently eyeing at and this is exactly why we have invested more than anyone else on our network capacity”, concluded Mr. Niaz Malik.

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  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    No doubt Zong is providing Quality data services as compare to other companies, But Zong should re-manage its normal data packages. Its packages in MiFi devices are best among all (50GB in 2,000 PKR) But Packages in normal mobile numbers are very expensive excluding Day Time Offer Bundle (2 GB in 10 PKR). If One compare package of 30 GB in 3,500 PKR on normal sim with 50 GB in 2,000 with data devices it is not fare at all.

    • Taha

      service is very slow since whole december..called their helpline and come to know karachi is affected these days..their teams are working,maybe becoz of spectrum issue they are facing..using 4G mifi mbb device in karachi.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Zong services are also facing issues in Fsd as it continously keep switching between 4g and 3g and slow speed issue sometimes. Thats mainly becoz of spectrum changing process

        • Taha

          when it wil get resolved spectrum changing process.

          • Aman

            Just change the network setting to 4G only. I do this this here in Lahore.

            • Taha

              Tested everything but no result

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            Probably in a month or so

            • Taha

              How you know that??

    • Usman Ahmad

      i am using 200GB package of 6k PKR

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Its all about need. I am happy with 50 GB as I use to download movies on Mobile with Zong dto

  • Usman Ahmad

    love Zong 4G. i hope one day we will get real 150 Mbps speed

    • Hassan Butt

      Itni speed ka karna kya hai aap ne,30-50 Mbps b kafi hoti hai,as data limits are only in 50 GB,100 GB (as there are no unlimited packages on wireless broadband)

      • Usman Ahmad

        jtni zada speed ho utni achi hai. jo 3GB ki movie pehle XX mins main hoti hogi wo r jaldi download hogi.

        • Hassan Butt

          Yeah,wo to hai but still zong is way ahead of others in terms of speed but packages are expensive.

  • Ahmad

    Zong speed is good but data limit is very less.. Still very expensive packages :(

  • Qamar Bukhari

    zong 2g 3g and lte coverage is very weak.and niaz malik always share his agressive plan.but we did not see any development except metro cities.thats y i left zong today

    • Adeel

      Oho ap ne zong chorh diya ab to zong chale ga he nhn ap k jaane se ? ? ?

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    I totally agree with him ….yes 3G and 4G have come in Pakistan but still the ecosystem needs further development….

  • Taha

    very slow speeds since couple of weeks in karachi..spectrum issues maybe…

  • Taha

    ppl used to unlock their devices fr other networks thts why it is sheer in demand lol

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Facing very slow speeds in Gujranwala since December also previously it was 50-60Mbps now it hardly goes to 10Mbps on 4G. :( :# :@

    • Muhammad Haris

      Its not slow it is okay bro

      • Taha

        Bro are you sitting on zong tower that you tellin people is it slow or fast lol

      • Arslan Ejaz

        But For Me It is Slow As I am not getting that speed which I am paying for.

  • Salman Qamar

    I tried zong 777 offer on G.T road from Lahore to Faisalabad and back from Faisalabad to Lahore. Super speed all the way.
    Even it was connected to 3g while ufone was out of coverage.

  • Zainab Awan

    I think telenor is doing gr8 job in innovation like and now Internet Easy Load. but their speed is slow i hope they increase their capacity

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi is also available on Zong. And Zong also has its online recharge system

  • Hassan

    zong needs to stop advertising 150 mbps and providing 6-7 mbps.

  • Zarak Khan

    Living in district charsadda having mifi of zong
    getting speeds of 18mbsp

    • Mohammad

      Where in charsadda? Where do you have 4G coverage. How far have you tested the 4G along Tangi road? Is it available in Sherpao?

      • Zarak Khan

        I live in razar mera on ghani khan road, I never tried it in sherpao but it should be available on sherpao as it is dense area

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Their Super 3G has turned into ordinary 3G since last month, same case with 4G.


    internet easy load what?