Real Mobile Broadband Uptake is Yet to Happen in Pakistan: Niaz Malik

Despite securing over 21 million 3G/4G subscribers in less than two years, Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO of Zong believes that substantial uptake in mobile internet in Pakistan is yet to happen.

Mr. Malik, while speaking with ProPakistani, said that a careful analysis of Pakistani landscape and its comparison with regional and global markets reveals that 21 million 3G/4G users isn’t even the beginning of the mobile broadband dream that Zong is aiming towards in the long run.

He said:

We understand that data uptake is comparatively sluggish at this point in time, however, the potential in Pakistani market for mobile broadband is massively huge.

Malik said that machine-to-machine communication, enterprise solutions, enhanced individual consumptions, value additions through smart solutions and much more is yet to be seen and that’s when the real potential of Pakistan’s mobile broadband market will be unleashed.

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According to deputy CEO of Zong, Pakistan is currently undergoing preliminary stage of broadband adaption, just like other mature markets did several years ago, and is set to take off to embrace the real mobile broadband very soon.

When we asked deputy CEO about an estimated timeline of when to expect the real increase in demand of mobile broadband, Mr. Malik explained that his 3G/4G devices are out of stock due to sheer demand, however, selling SIMs or devices or acquiring customers isn’t the uptake they are aiming to achieve, instead the true potential of Pakistan will be unleased only after the strong development of ecosystem.

Thanks to China Mobile, that has over 500,000 vendors, 800 million consumers and over $2 billion spent each year for research and development, Zong has clear understanding of products and solutions that will nourish this ecosystem earlier than ever.

Niaz Malik said that Zong is a unique company as compared with rest of the market as it is in actuality preparing the network for future of Pakistan, an integrated Pakistan, a Digitalized Pakistan with knowledge based economy, where the demand for quality and reliable data will be manifold higher than current day by any standard.

“Our network capacity and preparedness for an integrated Pakistan from future is what Zong is currently eyeing at and this is exactly why we have invested more than anyone else on our network capacity”, concluded Mr. Niaz Malik.

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