Zong to Lead Digital Revolution in Pakistan through Focused Mobile Broadband Strategy

Zong has attained leadership position in Pakistan’s digital revolution through its extensive and multi-layered mobile broadband solutions that it offers through a variety of products and services.

“We see Pakistan as an integrated economy during days to come, a digitalized Pakistan that will be able to compete effectively with rest of the world based on best in class data and telecom solutions that will be available to Pakistani consumers during the next couple of years,” said Niaz A Maik, Deputy CEO, Zong in an interview with ProPakistani.

“Zong’s capacity to be at the core of “Digital Revolution” is built on enormous investments that the company has made – or plans to make during next two years – on network infrastructure to ultimately meet the gigantic data demands of Pakistani market”, added Mr. Malik.

According to Deputy CEO, there’s a fundamental difference between Zong and other companies when it comes to network capacity. “While we have prepared ourselves ahead of time through very planned investments, you will get to know of capacity bottlenecks of other networks within next six months”, said Mr. Maik.

Zong is very focused towards establishing a best-in-class network layer for current and potential partner-companies that specialize in different areas to prepare next-gen solutions for consumers: Malik

Zong invested over $1 billion during past 18 months for 3G/4G spectrum and network up-gradation, while it has plans to invest another $1 billion in next two years with $600 million during 2016 alone.

When asked if Zong will also invest in fiber for metropolitan rings, long-haul or for international bandwidth, Mr. Malik said that his company will instead continue to rely on partner networks for affordable and inexpensive bandwidth that it is currently getting. “We want to stay very focused with our investments, i.e. on data and mobile broadband,” added Mr. Malik.

He however, hinted that, down the line, Zong is likely to get international down-links through consortiums where China Mobile (its parent group) is part of such ventures.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide a mobile broadband service and experience with which the market could get to next level in terms of service offerings, products and facilities that will hugely enhance the lifestyles of the masses,” explained Niaz Malik.

Unlike other companies that are building in-house value added solutions, Zong is apparently very focused towards establishing a best-in-class network layer for current and potential partner-companies that specialize in different areas such as surveillance, security, e-health, e-education, IoT and other domains.

Niaz Malik said that his company aims to ensure network availability for high-speed broadband through 3G and especially 4G, so that broadband experience for both the consumers and the service providers is unmatched.

Zong invested over $1 billion during past 18 months, while it has plans to invest another $1 billion in next two years with $600 million during 2016 alone: Deputy CEO, Zong

“Let’s take the example of e-health where only a superior network can ensure smooth experience for both the patients and the doctors. This is exactly what we are focused at: to provide ultimate connectivity solution and then partner with companies with the respective expertise to provide next-gen services and solutions to our consumers,” said Niaz Malik.

Zong said that it will continue to expand its 4G network across Pakistan and hinted us that its 3G and 4G footprints will stretch across several hundred cities with-in next two years.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Zong offers similar rates for its 2G, 3G and 4G services, meaning that users are charged at a fixed data-rate regardless of the technology they are consuming.

In addition to various 3G and 4G packages, Zong also specializes in data-only USB dongles and MiFi devices. It launched a new 4G MiFi device just recently that offers up to 200GBs of data limit per month against a monthly rental of Rs. 6,000.

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  • I heard the company that claims billions of investment cannot invest few millions in DWH and BI. If Mr. DCEO thinks that furure battle can be won just by focused network then I have serious doubt about his own competence as well:).

  • Until unlimited data is not blessed to us, revolution is not possible as it is happening in the USA where unlimited data is offered at cheap rates.

  • can anyone please provide an update for the 3g/4g services launch in ajk and gb
    pouch pouch ke thak gaya hun yaar.
    hum b pakistan ka hisa hy hayn.

    koi banda atleast update hy de deyta hay.

      • i dont understand the reason why it is being halted for so long? people are now annoyed over it. everyone is looking forward to network finally giving 3g services

        • Yr gb mn to late he hoga because sco ki wahan kch monopoly hai… Secondly most of the towers are satellite linked u might have experienced a latency even on voice calling so wahan fibre pahnche to logo ka bhala ho…. At present only sco has its Ofc there only in gb

          • Muzaffarabad Mirpur Kotli Bagh are conidered big cities even gilgit and bagh rawalakot, atleast these places should be giving services and later expand along the way.

  • I need an advice about my zong wingle…. Ghar k bahir sahe kaam krti hai but worst inside so much so that there is no network for few minutes… Need advice if possible to strengthen those signals…. Any alternate device to be grabbed along? Living in sadiqabad Rawalpindi

  • i heard there was an auction for wll licenses in ajk and gb. does that have any effect on telecom oroviders to setup 3g services or not? i heard somewhere in local news that this will enable telecom networks to provide 3g services there but it is delayed to being on december 29.

    any body has any update how about you amir bhai?

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