Ufone – Meezan Bank Unveil TVC for World’s first Islamic Branchless Banking Service

Ufone, renowned for its innovative and out-of-the-box products and advertisements in collaboration with Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank, have unveiled the TVC for Meezan-Upaisa, World’s first Islamic Branchless Banking Service.

With the launch of Meezan-UPaisa, the customers in Pakistan for the first time would now be able to send and receive money, pay utility bills and do Mobile top ups through Islamic banking from Meezan-Upaisa agents located in more than 100 cities across Pakistan.

The advertisement highlights the true essence and spirit of Halal way of doing financial transactions keeping your hard earned money Halal.

Watch below the TVC:

Ufone – Meezan Bank Islamic Banking from propakistani on Vimeo.

  • i couldnt find anything haram on other branchkess banking services , what topup, sending money and pay bills has to do with haram or halal, yah defo it works when they offer profit on deposite

  • It’s not more than a marketing gimmick. So called Islamic Banking charges more than Conventional Banking system, and above this…a big lie is that it’s Islamic banking. All financial institutions in any country are tied under regulations of Central?State Banks of the country that always follows Conventional Banking system that works under LIBOR interest system. I asked Meezan Bank CEO same questions in one seminar and he had no answer to it and accepted the truth. Then why a consumer should pay more interest under Islamic Banking system?

    • I have worked at conventional banks and bow working at Meezan Bank. Being a common man who doesn’t have any shareholding of bank I have felt at Meezan Bank that Islamic banking products are fair enough. The best Islamic product for financing is musharaka (sharing of funds and losses) but sorry to say our business people are so corrupt that when a bank invests in their business it starts making losses. After experimenting again and,again Islamic banks have confined this product to reputed corporate entities only. Like any non specialized person banks cannot invest funds in someone’s business without security. Rate is always market dependant and you must know KIBOR and LABOR are set on demand and supply basis.
      I think Bill Gates doesn’t know much about programming. So inspite of CEO You should ask questions from Shariah board of any Islamic bank. For this purpose you may ask at Facebook page of Meezan Bank.
      What I have learnt is that the Islamic banking products are good but sometimes under pressure of targets staff make mistakes.
      Further Islamic banking is still under development. Give it time to ripe and get better. Just saying that Islamic banking is fake doesn’t make sense. Faulty Islamic banking is still better than conventional banking.

    • I also had a discussion about this once, and it turns out at the end, it is just using Arabic names instead of English. An interesting analogy was marriage, relationship between man and a woman is haram, but as soon as they accept each other in front of a Qazi, it becomes Halal. Not sure if it applies here, but I thought I should share it. I have moved my account to Islamic Bank, not knowing if they are 100% Halal, but I think that is the closest we can get at the moment, and as Waseem noted, we may have to wait and see, things might get better.

  • I am very much involved in this transaction and got Meezan Bank team’s clarification on this: –

    They said, “In Islamic Banking, the money that is channeled through an agent/retailer via customer transactions becomes part of a sharia compliant system of banking which further become part of the economy by investing into opportunities that follow sharia practices. This includes businesses and trade activities that are not in contradiction to the basic ethical and moral standards of Islam. So Islamic Banking provides you ease and peace at heart when you know that the money you are transacting, does not support conventional mode of banking rather it encourages a more carefully enacted choice of banking that lays its foundation on Islamic principles.

    Hence the sublime difference that MeezanUpaisa exhibits to the conventional branchless banking services is providing the customer with a reinvented mode of platform that ensures that no any portion of your Halal earned money becomes part of the system that feeds on Riba or many other factors such as; (Gambling, unethical business or trade means, agreement uncertainty, e.t.c) which are severely prohibited by the Almighty Allah in Quran.”

    I believe to support anything (such as; Conventional Banking System) which is clearly prohibited in Islam, is also wrong.While to support anything (such as; Islamic Banking System) is halal in light of Quran and Ahadees is not only correct but it is Sadka-e-Jaria, because it encourage a system which save us from Haram.

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