Pakistan Post Office Launches Cash on Delivery in Islamabad

The Pakistan Post Office has launched Urgent Mail-UMS-Cash on Delivery (COD) Service in Islamabad, aimed at introducing innovations and bringing it on par with the private sector.

As Pakistan Post is increasingly moving into the field of electronic services, the launching of UMS-COD is a big step taken by Pakistan Post to compete with the private courier services.

The “Cash on Delivery” service is one of the most promising service which is provided by electronic media as well as websites involved in online buying and selling.

Provision of such services is becoming more and more important, as we know the concept of electronic media and online shopping websites which have introduced “Cash on Delivery” option for online buyers in Pakistan. The competitors of Pakistan Post, including private courier companies are providing Cash on Delivery (COD) service successfully.

Therefore, in order to gain the confidence of the postal clientele and to capture the market share, it has been decided to launch UMS-COD Service by using well established and large network of postal outlets of UMS with immediate effect under the name of “UMS-COD”.

Speaking on the occasion, the Director General, Pakistan Post Office reiterated his firm commitment to review Postal Services and products by the use of e-technology.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Pakistan Post and PTCL can never gain confidence of customers again

    • KMQ

      Bikul sahi kaha dost!

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    slow people…


    With largest network of Post Offices, there is no reason Pakistan Post can outsmart its competitors. But the babus in their higher ranks are the most incompetent bunch in whole world. Pakistan Post has access to even village level but alas…

    • KMQ

      but alas koi banday da puttar hi nahi PP main ;-) Specially in the babus you mentioned…

    • Muhammad Imran Khan

      currently no Law to regulate Private courier services. ..

  • Farhan Nawazish

    Any mention of rates on the occasion ?

  • Hasnu

    It has been 6+ years and em still waiting for my three packages to be delivered by Pakistan Post. How can I ever gain my trust.. :(

  • Haroon Rashid

    Good initiative from the Post Office. This announcement of UMS-COD is a head turner for people who never ever thought that the Dak Khana will do it. In fact the DG Pakistan PO should quote in adherence to the UPU, Bern, Switzerland reccomendations. So a prospective user of the PPO should have faith that they follow certain code of conduct, and standard. Pakistan Post with thousands of employees sitting and blowing farts will wake up and go out when they have to blow farts. This is not mentioned in the manual of the UPU, Bern, Switzerland. Our nation with capabilities to utilise the global network of UPU in collaboration of the PPO for the global eCommerce share of their market.
    PPO please wake up and listen to the tune of the world which is UPU-Bern.

  • Good Initiative by Government, Should be Inline with latest trends. Have a great potential if utilized properly.

  • AbdulB1


  • it’s working for ages, duh

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    Pakistan post has 100% reach of Pakistan. where as TCS or any other courier service do not operate even within major cities. so if Pakistan Post is managed properly it can become No 1 Postal Service in Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    There is no Law to regulate Private courier services. Any business out of coverage area of Private courier service should be bound to use Pakistan Post Service by Law.

  • Nadeem Shahzad Chaudhry

    You’ve missed the bus, boys. Let it go now. A government organization introducing COD after every Tom, Dick and Harry eCommerce site is offering it for several years? Please – stop drinking and go home, your days are numbered. And don’t even dare to think you’ll ever be ‘at par’ with the private sector – Pakistan is driven by the private sector, not by the government organizations. If it wasn’t for TCS & DHL, there would be no mail. If it wasn’t for Shaheen and Airblue, there would be no flights nowadays. If it wasn’t for Nayatel & BrainNet, we would have the shittiest internet on the planet. Out of the five telecom operators, the ‘semi-government’ one sucks HARDEST in call connectivity and 3G. If it wasn’t for incubators like LUMS, people with entrepreneurial mindset but with lack of resources and direction, would collapse – they don’t opt for yellow cab schemes, laptop schemes or other shenanigans of the sorts.

    Please guys, wrap up, and go home.