Members of IT Committee Don’t Even Have a Facebook Account!

Love it or hate it but social media has become a part of our everyday lives. As clichéd as it sounds, news travels at the speed of light, keeping millions of people in the know about of any developments around the world. Which is why it is flabbergasting to note that certain representatives of the Pakistani people in this day and age don’t use/ don’t know how to use Facebook. This disclosure was made by Capt Safdar (Retd.) at no less a forum than the National Assembly Standing Committee on IT.

During a recent meeting of National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Information Technology, Capt. (Retired) Safdar, the Chairman of the committee and son-in-law of Prime Minister disclosed that he doesn’t use Facebook at all.

During the meeting Mr. Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari extolled the virtues of being connected with the constituents and municipalities via social media in order to enhance e-governance. Mr. Leghari also explained how Facebook and other social media platforms help in political campaigning, especially on the younger generation, inspiring them to go out and do their civic duty come election time.

This was exactly when the Committee Chairman Capt. Safdar disclosed that he doesn’t use Facebook. At the same time couple of other committee member also said that they don’t use Facebook.

Social Media is Essential to Winning Hearts and Minds

It’s not something we haven’t heard before, about public representatives in charge of overseeing ministries they have no basic working knowledge of. But consider how the ISPR account on Twitter is handled by Asim Bajwa, and the flurry of PR that attracts.

In the 21st century, its deliverance plus image building that is the winning combination.

PTI became the second biggest party after General Elections 2013, largely in part to its social media efforts. Even Indian PM Narendra Modi keeps a polished social media presence that gets him good press on the international stage.

With the 3G/4G services, many sections of the country now boast connectivity with the outside world. People need access with their representatives irrespective of physical differences.

Social media can help overcome this divide to a greater extent. It is hoped that members of National Assembly also follow the lead of NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq in maintaining their social media accounts.

For this purpose, it is hoped that they also need to hire people with a proper understanding of how social media works. Otherwise, we’d get Twitter feuds between political personalities on a day to day basis, something we can really do without.

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  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Swiss Account is better than Facebook Account. Don’t You know Propakistani People?

  • HarrySidd

    Uncle Tom Uncle Tom

  • Saqib

    Let alone social media, their generation even ask a kid around them to save a number in their phone-book.
    Uncle: Beta zara aik number feed kr dena meray mobile mn
    Kid: G uncle batain
    Uncle: zero tin so….

  • Shehzad

    Third Class politicians with third class sooch in a third world country. Yeh log kabhi taraqqi nahi kar skty. Kowain k mendak.

  • Aamir

    فیس بک کا اکاؤنٹ ضروری ہے ؟؟؟ یار تعصب کی بھی کوئی حد ہوتی ہے شرم کرو

    • Muneeb Raja

      bhai IT committee hai. .khandani mansuba-bandi committee nae :D

    • Usman

      IT committee ke members ko yeh nahin pata ke fb ya twitter kaise use karte hain to unhon ne kya karna hai IT ka?

      • KMQ

        Usman bhai iska matab jo Facebook aur Twitter use nahi karta uska IT main koi mustakbil nahi? Is IT all about social media?

        • Usman

          Nahin Matlab yeh hai ke IT committee waalon ko yeh briefing mil rahi hai fb kya hoti hai kyun ke UN ko nahin pata woh kya hai. They’ve no relation to the field! Plz tell me how is captain safdar related to IT.

          • KMQ

            Yeh baat apki sahi hai, idea hona chahiye bas lekin FB, Twitter ka account hona zarrori nahi.

            Baki rahi baat ke captain sahab ka IT se kia taluk, tu woh tu aap samajhdar ho yaar damad ji hain so jahan chahain taalkuk hi taaluk hai…

            And above all, humare pas kab se right person form the job wala environment hogaya hai sir? Koi 2-3 naam hi bata dain government main?

            • Tanweer

              you mean it committee members should know how to to post a status, like a picture, comment on something at fb? :p

              • KMQ

                Sir I meant idea hona chahiye in general, ke social media ko kaise use kia ja sakta hai for betterment and postiive developments. Baki facebook, twitter, instagram… wagera ke sare options pata hona zarrori tu nahi.

      • Mohammad Sharif

        achhhar dalana hyy

    • Saqib

      مان لیا کہ فیس بک اکاوّنٹ ضروری نہیں اس پوزیشن کے لیے، لیکن موصوف کیپٹن صفدر صاحب کی اس پوسٹ کے لیے کوالیفیکیشن ہے کیا سوائے میاں صاحب کا داماد ہونے کے؟

  • Aamir

    آج سے دس سال پیچھے چلے جاؤ MSN اور YAHOO تھا دس سال بعد فیس بک بھی نہیں ہو گا ….. آپ بھی اب بڑے ہو جاؤ ہر وقت کیڑا کاری کی بجاے کچھ مثبت بھی سوچا کرو

  • Why is Facebook necessary for being an IT guru? Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also lives without Facebook account. Should he also resign?

    • Lazy Sapper

      Tim Cook is ‘Tim Crook’ who steals ideas and technologies invented by someone else. He is just a businessman who know how to fool people and do the business.

      • KMQ

        Tim Cook ho ya Tim Crook sir IT ka banda tu hai? Ya aap isko sirf chor hi samajhte hain and apko lagta hai ke he has nothing to do with IT?

  • Lazy Sapper

    This is the man who also said telcos should immediately switch to solar power because backup generators produce noise. In lahore for past 10 ten days, I have not seen sun shining. So how come solar would work. No wonder, Bandar k haath kela de diya gya h.

  • Rantar

    Good. They won’t be wasting time on Facebook and will get sown work done. Great news

  • Eli Ehsan

    Mere Mohalle ke chowkidar ke paas Rifle ya koi fire arm nae hai… Matlab wo bhi Jhoota Chowkidar hai…?? #Dayummmm

  • Sid

    I don’t have a facebook account and I make my living online. Lots of computer geeks don’t like facebook. It doesn’t mean anything.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Geeks, conspiracy theorist, sane people, ‘those who care about piracy’ and several others have ‘THEIR’ reasons to not use it.
      You can’t compare IT walas to those people.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    ‘Beta woh zara mausam ka haal dekhna aur chappal kay rates bhi facebook pe’
    Ek “IT” walay banday ka apne betay se pochna

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    chawal say chawal article hotay ja rahay hain.
    Ab banda IT ki job k liye jae or pta chalay k fb or twitter nhi to reject ker dia.
    yeh IT companies he hain jo apnay office main social media sites block ker k rakhtay hain or ider janab usko koi basic requirement samaj rhay.

    • College


      Facebook / FasadBook and Twitter use in office hours is greatest time and productivity wasters

      These users of FB and Twitter are becoming addict and billions of youth will repent in future when they will reap the consequence of “Social Media” on their life and career

  • Muhammad Yasir

    typical govt goons for u …

    imagine the future of computing in this country under the management of these PATHETIC LOSERS !

  • Javed Jabbar

    Stupid headline. Having Facebook account is not a benchmark to judge people’s capability.