Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm App Is Ideal for People Who Hate Mornings

Microsoft’s apps for other platforms are almost always welcome due to the novelty factor they are perhaps almost always bound to bring. his latest effort may sound like a fairly vague and simple effort at first but that’s not the case.

You may not have been excited by alarm clocks before but the new Mimicker Alarm, coming from the folks at Microsoft Garage Project might change that.

The alarm sets you three challenges (or games) in order to make sure that you really, really wake up in the morning. The three games are aptly called Express Yourself, Color Capture and Tongue Twister.

The first of them uses the Emotion API to make user recreate a particular emotion using the front camera and take a selfie the first thing they do in mornings. The Vision API requires you to capture image of an item including a particular color. Lastly, the Speech API provides you a tongue twister that you have to nail. When a tongue twister seems the easiest option, you know you have succeeded.

mimicker alarm app

Allison Light, product manager, said:

With Mimicker, we are showcasing several different Project Oxford APIs. We wanted to build a simple app that used Project Oxford to make it unique and interesting. Since we’re open sourcing all of the code, we thought an alarm app would be easy for other developers to read the code and see how we used the APIs.

The game also utilities the Project Oxford machine learning services. The app is a fine enough highlight for what can be done using the APIs available. That is, of course, unless people fancy someone destroying their mornings like that.

You can download the app here