Forget Likes, Facebook Reactions Are Coming Out In A Few Weeks

Facebook’s Reactions haVE been probably the most awaited feature of the service. Announced a while back, we can finally confirm that they’ll be hitting your devices in a matter of weeks.

Apart from the usual Like button, you’ll get further emojis to express yourself, i.e. “love”, “haha”, “sad”, “angry” and “wow”. Though, originally users had wanted simply a “dislike” button, the people behind the service want to make sure they don’t start World War III in the comment section every day.

To create this category, the researchers start mobilizing what were the most instantly recognizable and usable emotions. One emoticon used originally, “yay” was nixed because it wasn’t universal enough.

To use the button, you’ll have to hold down the like button on your phone, and slide your finger to pick the emoticon of your choice. A bit of an animation charm has been added to give it some class.

facebook reactions

The ‘Yay’ emoji is no more, sadly

Reactions will allow Facebook to collect more specific data and opinions regarding news and opinions. It offers a bunch of room that the simpleton Like button (which remains static and present no matter how good or bad the situation) simply can’t offer on its own. This opens up a boundary of potential for advertisers.

The reactions were first announced by Mark Zuckerberg back in September. They were tried out in a few markets, starting from October of last year and made with the purpose of being more elaborate than simply giving a “Like”.

The present button is used by 1.6 billion users of the service for a total of 6 billion times each day. Replacing such a fundamental aspect of the service won’t be easy but as Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer insists, the timing is just right for the job.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    The ‘love’ emoji :/
    Sab fake profiles pe bhar bhar kar aaenge ye ab

  • Muhammad Yasir

    what about PC users ?