Pakistan Post to Revamp to Become a Logistics and Mobile Financial Company

In the last decade, Pakistan Post’s usage and value has declined steadily over time. With the rise of courier services like TCS, Leopards and new entrants like BlueEx and their synergy with the burgeoning e-commerce industry, it’s become an increasingly tough market. Smartphones, apps, emails and Mobile financial services have done the remaining damage to take Pakistan Post to almost an obsolete stage.

To effectively compete, the Pakistan Post service is aiming to do a complete revamp to cope with changing dynamics.

A presentation for revamping the Pakistan Post was made to the Prime Minister last week and has been formally approved.

Pakistan Post Reform Agenda:

The three major points of action are as follows:

  • Launch of mobile money transfer
  • Launch of logistic company
  • Rebranding of Pakistan Post

Mobile Money Solution:

For the mobile money solution, a significant investment has been proposed for the existing 3200 post offices and roughly 9,000 agents. It includes hardware, software, training of postal human resource staff, advertisement of the new product and connectivity charges. Within 2 years and hopefully a 20% market share, Pakistan Post is looking to earn up to 5 billion rupees in revenue through the mobile money service.


The strategy pursued in this regard is that of partnership. For a slice of the revenue, Pakistan Post would be provided with an end to end solution that maintains market standards and is run by the partner.

The private partner would also help the Pakistan Post to rebrand money remittance solution by providing hardware, software, training and advertisement.

Pakistan Post Logistics Company:

The local e-commerce market is currently worth around 80-100 million dollars per year. Within the next few years, it’s expected to number in the billions. In contrast, the courier market is worth 30 billion rupees as per Pakistan Post’s estimates. As e-commerce blossoms, so will the courier market and it’s piece of the pie the company is targeting.

For this purpose, Pakistan Post is aiming to launch a fully owned logistics company in partnership with private sector partners for investment on revenue sharing basis. An investment of 800 million rupees will be made in the following areas:

  • GPS enabled trucking fleet
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution channels
  • Information technology
  • Brand recognition

Rebranding Pakistan Post:

A much needed do over of the Pakistan Post is also part of the reform agenda. It includes the development of the brand as a center of technology and convenience. A subsequent upgradation of facilities and appearances will follow along with preparation and adoption of medium and long term postal policies.


The whole process is sought to be carried out in a transparent manner. For this purpose, expressions of interest will be invited for all three projects through the PPRA site as well as national newspapers. With the new reform agenda, Pakistan Post is aiming to double its revenue to 900 million per annum in 2 financial years. A growth rate of 15% is being targeted in the succeeding three years.

The comprehensive and wide ranging reform plan just goes to show how fast the business situation in Pakistan is changing. Traditional services like postal services have been caught out with emerging e-commerce industry and new players in the market. With business as usual on a steady decline, a transformation was in order and it’s going to help revive Pakistan Post and make it more competitive.

  • Previous month my friend went to TCS for despatching a document to UK. Their rate was 2200 and delivery time was 2 weeks. Than he asked rate of Leopards and OCS which were 1500 and 1800 respectively.
    When He went to Postal office they made a registrede post to UK in just Rs. 200 and it reached to destination in 10 days. They also told private couriers also send international posts through Pakistan post.

  • Pakistan Post has is fair share of problems, but one thing to admit that its still one of the best and reliable service we have in Pakistan. Its sad that when it comes to ‘valuable’ tangible items, they not only rip customers apart (to shreds) but can also ‘misplace’ a lot of things.

    I hope they revamp to be better or equal to at least, TCS or equivalent courier services.

  • No doubt they are cheap but main problem is missing packages and when your package arrives you have to go a nearest post office and ask them if there is a parcel with their name. Most of the areas in Karachi are facing same problem and posts never made it to the real owner.

  • Jab tak hum log corruption aur dhelay pun say toba nai kar laitay tab tak in sarkari companies, facilities aur hakomat ka koi qasor nahi.

    Faisalabad pak post building shandar, furniture aur funds to day dia gaya. Laiken amlay ke progress zero ho to adara kahan jayay. Oper cash likha hota wahan jao to employee gussay say bolta hay “pata nahi dosri taraf paisay miltay hain”, employee jaan charwanay ke koshish kartay hain aksar sawalat ka jawab “naa” main dia jata hay customeer chala jayay bus.

    Main to mother ke pension tickets bhi minnat samajat say le thein. Worker chahta tha choti tickets gin’na na pard jain gahak he murd jayay.

    Aur han. Parcel bhejna ho to pak post wahid company jahan koi box koi packet koi flyer dastyab nahi. Bahir shops bani hain wahan paisay day ker packing karwana parti. Shop band ho to ap parcel nahi bhej saktay. Bayshak gpo khula ho laiken bahir ke shops sath jurda howa.

  • شکریہ راحیل شریف ….. انشاء الله ٢٠١٨ تک سب انقلابی اصلی تبدیلی کی تعریفیں کر رہے ہوں گے

  • Really? Though Pakistan Post has got some good reviews but my personal experience with them is quite pathetic. I love to do online shopping. So till now I have purchased 9 articles from and out of these 9, I could received only 4! less than 50% and tracking for all of those lost article show that article have reached Pakistan successfully, and then, it vanished.

    • That’s sad. I think the success rate varies area to area. I am in PECHS and I have received 10 out of 10 orders I had ordered from Aliexpress.

          • There’s no tax on things less than $10?
            What if the total (of all products) is greater than $10?

            BTW I am more interested in knowing the tax on a mobile phone.

    • If you select china post registered air mail as shipping method on aliexpress (which is usually free on above $8 goods and charge 1-2 $ on lower orders) It will deffinitly deliver by pakistan post and will show tracking in Pakistan as well on its website. Other private couriers of china which provide tracking only in china didnt passed from custom. It is fault of custom dept not pakistan post

  • Pak Post is
    1. 10 times cheaper then other courier services
    2. Almost whole Pakistan service area whereas other courier services only deliver in big cities selected areas.
    3. and most of all Its Pakistani :)
    I Love Pakistan Post….

  • Excellent initiative.
    A much needed upgrade.

    In your face money sucking TCS and leopards.

  • When will they introduce a postcode system like that elsewhere? It could either be like the UK style with alphanumeric twin codes, or like US/EU with only digits. I cant find my way whenever somebody tells me his office is “chota bazaar road, opposite to kareem dhabay wala, 2nd storey, chungi plaza!”

  • lets see … as long as they facilitate smartphone and gadget imports with the LEAST possible duty charges … they’re good to go !

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