Zong Launches New Double Volume Bundles for Internet Only SIMs

Zong today announced new revised bundles for its Internet Only SIMs. These SIMs are data SIMs that come without voice calling or any other functionality but are used for data services only.

The special SIM works on all internet supported devices including smartphones, SIM-enabled laptops & tablets and devices like Wingle and Mifi.

Newly announced bundles range from 4GB to 100 GB at a fixed monthly charges.

Sharing his views on the new fastest 4G enabled Data SIM, Zong’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Babar Bajwa said Zongs’ subscribers across more than 250 cities of Pakistan would be benefitting from the fastest 4G Internet SIM.

“The Zong subscribers will have an ideal opportunity to make best of the internet services, that too powered by 4G, using the fastest 4G Internet SIM. We are the only mobile network that offer high-powered 3G, 4G services simultaneously and never disappoint our precious consumers. Zong is best of the best and we have proved it once again by launching the fastest internet SIM in Pakistan’s telecom history.” Equipped with modernised features, the fastest 4G Internet SIM can be used in different security systems used privately and commercially for protection purposes.

Internet Only SIM Bundle Details

Below are available bundles that Internet Only SIM subscribers can avail:


  • All prices are inclusive of tax
  • Double the volume offer is valid till 29th Feb 2016
  • Good Night Offer (GNO) can only be availed if user is subscribed to any of the above bundle. It can not be subscribed as customer isn’t using any of the bundle.
  • GNO’s resources are 1GB per night for every night.
  • GNO resources can be availed from 1am to 9am.  During this mentioned time, customer’s original bundle is not utilized.
  • After 1GB resources is exhausted within the night, then the original bundles’ resources will be utilized.
  • GNO’s validity will be the same as the remaining days of the original bundle.

How to Subscribe Internet SIM Bundles

  • Customers can dial *6666# to subscribe to Internet SIM Bundles and GNO addon.
  • These bundles can also be subscribed by visiting CSC, Franchise or Retailer.

  • exxorebel

    With youtube now accessible with ease, these bundles are not going to help. I used the 50GB bundle for a couple of months and it does not fulfill the streaming requirements that one has these days with youtube and netflix. Increase the volume guys, otherwise its back to PTCL. Where 3000 per month for 8mbps and unlimited downloads and free smart tv is what i have opted for.

    • Fakhre Alam


    • Netherdrake

      I have several devices in my house. I download so much content that my mobile uses upto 50GB data in one month. Games on ps4 are like 30-60GB, and I have to download them. So my avg data consumption is 130GB. Zong giving 50GB on expensive rates is outrageous. PTCL 4mb DSL is the right choice for me right now.

    • Noaman Ahmed

      Well not unlimited but 300GB

      • umer

        No fup is not applicable on 8mb and above connection

  • Fawad Hassan

    Zong 4G latency is too high and they never listened to my complaint :-/
    Warid is way better

    • Salman

      Same is the case with me?
      BTW where are you using zong 4G?

      • Fawad Hassan

        DHA Phase 2, Islamabad. Also the signal strength is not full. Only two bars appear for me.

        • Taha

          same here bhaiyo,using in karachi mbb 4G mifi device, getting slow speeds since december signals is also fluctuating from 4G to 3G

        • Atif Aleem

          Hey I am also living in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad. I am planning to purchase Zong 4g Wingle. Can you please share what is the download speed that you get from your Zong 4g device.

          • Fawad Hassan

            Here is the list where Zong 4G works great in our area:
            => Downloading torrents
            => All Google websites (Gmail, Youtube, Hangouts, etc…)
            => All local content in Pakistan i.e. all websites which are hosted in Pakistan.

            For everything else, Zong sucks really badly.
            You will feel heck of latency when browsing websites hosted outside Pakistan e.g. Facebook will give you very poor performance. Even in worst cases you will feel like you are using 2G or 3G connection.
            Similarly when you stream videos on many websites, it is damn slow. My family used to watch Bigg Boss from some website whose videos were hosted by playwire and it downloads them at 23-60 KB/s which feels like 512K connection.

            But when I use Warid and browse all those websites where Zong was problematic, it’s way too fast and feels like I am using real 4G connection.

            Even then if you want to try it, don’t by any device. Get only data sim for PKR 350 and activate smallest package on it i.e. 4GB these days. Thoroughly test it for a week. Only buy the device if you get satisfied.
            Nearest Zong franchise from our area is in Rawat.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    I am using 50 GB package. It would be great if zong also includ 50 GB package for double volume offer as in Rs. 2000 50 GB is not enough volume if they want to compete witb PTCL as alongside speed, good volume also matters if some one want to shift from DSL to 4G mifi

  • Muhammad Atif

    PTCL is far better.
    I use 140GB/Month and 2400 bill.

    • asad

      Exactly same volume every month?

  • Guest

    I know ptcl customer service n smtimes there broadband/evo suck, bt still there is no actual rival available to them when it comes to providing total data for there customers, when will we c any reasonable packages from other companies, i wonder when will they explore the huge market available to them in pak :/

  • I already have 1000 GB package cost 3800, i am automatically subscribed for 200GB? or i have to call helpline?

    • umer


  • Syed Ahsan Taqveem

    third class speed across gujrat..only fake speed test shows……..

    • Naeem ur Rehman

      speedtest only show speeds of locle servers within pakistan 99.9% of intenret is hosted outside pakistan

  • Salman

    Absolutely pathetic speed in my area…
    i registered multiple complaints but yielded no solution yet…
    Unlocked Zong 4g and now using mobilink 3g on zong device with far better speed on 3G then zong 4G

    • Muhammad Toufiq Pasha

      How to unlock the device ?

      • umer

        Which device do u have right now?

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    bekaaar packages :D

    • umer


  • Imran Khan Kakar

    How balance is paid to data sim? Like its inclusive of taxes. . So 500rs kis ko kese dengay lol
    Card load kar kar kbat wahi hai taxes.. 800 ka card load karna hoga??

    • Elxlr

      the data sim gives you full balance. I put 100, and i got 100 full. No taxes, because NO call

  • Elxlr

    I consumed 50 GB in 10 days, or you can say 1GB / hour. and was frustrated for not being able to use zong internet for rest of the 20 days. Now throttling down the speed to Fast 3G, because 4G is too fast and easily consumed especially when sharing data with friends.

    only when I am alone and need faster internet than fast 3G, then I put my MIFI on 4g and sometimes even 5GHZ mode so others can’t even recognise my wifi.

    • Lazy Sapper

      Use NetLimiter to limit download speed on your PC.

      • Elxlr

        I use Mac.

      • Elxlr

        i have mac :(

  • adil

    waiting for 4g speedtest screenshot from random citizen

  • umer

    Ptcl sucks but its best as compared to others

  • Palooo

    Hahahha zong new offer phudo lagao to awam…

  • Syed Arslan Tahir

    worst promotion ever,, only 1st recharge k liay hay bhaioo, Buy karnay say pehlay souch loo, 2nd month ma koi double volume nahi milay ga, i have just confirmed from the service center.

  • rj

    YAR BEKAR HO GAE HAIN ZONG WALY ..en k bhaijy mn bat he nhi aa rahi k en k pakages bekar hn

  • yoyokhan

    I use around 150 gb a month ..These packages are too expensive

    • Nabeel

      Can you please share how many of those GBs are downloaded MOVIES ?

      • yoyokhan

        hmmm must be at least 80 gb or less ..

  • Zaeem

    Zong is offering the best packages..i am 100 % satisfied with their speed and packages <3

  • Jibran

    price of data sim?

  • hasnain umar

    Zong 4g speed in mardan