PTCL Turns to Profit in 2015

PTCL Group recorded a profit of Rs 1.86 billion during FY2015, 52% percent lower than of what it profited during FY2014 but it successfully managed to turn its losses during Q3 2015 into profitability, showing a good sign of its business growth and financial management. During 2014, the profit for PTCL Group was recorded at Rs 3.96 billion.

It won’t be out of place to mention that just a quarter ago, during Q3 2015, PTCL had posted a loss of Rs. 371 million.

The profit of telecom group is not only an achievement for PTCL group but it also reflects improvement in the business climate of the country specially for the telecom sector which invested heavily in new ventures.

The cost of services for PTCL group during FY 2015 stood at Rs 88 billion as compared to Rs 88.7 billion in 2014. The overall administrative cost decreased to Rs 18.2 billion in 2015 from Rs 19 billion of 2014.

The Group overall revenues also contracted by 7.6 percent to stand at Rs 118 billion in 2015 against Rs 129 billion recorded in 2014, according to official financial results announced by the company.

Financial Results of PTCL Group


Analysts said the performance of the PTCL group improved due to stability in the business of its subsidiary, Ufone, which generated handsome cash flows due to increase of use in data services on its network.

Its cellular phone company is witnessing a better situation despite competition due to taxation relief by provincial government of Punjab last year which impacted positively on its revenue streams.

Besides, PTCL’s broadband businesses has been stable throughout the year including its DSL and EvDO services. Smart Tv has been its emerging sector whereas its revenues from LDI sector witnessed improvement as well.

PTCL has lately started to bank more on its corporate service which has been an emerging sector with landline voice services.

Financial Results of PTCL Company


PTCL company posted a growth of 67 percent in its profit which stood at Rs 8.75 billion in 2015 against Rs 5.2 billion profit reported in 2014.

The company revenues decreased to Rs 75.5 billion in 2015 against Rs 81.5 billion recorded in 2014.

  • The overall revenue is down by 8.7% as a group with essentially the same cost structure. Ufone is down 11.5%. Both PTCL and Ufone are shrinking in revenues with the same cost structure. Business for both is not growing. Alarming

  • Can anybody guide me how much profit goes to govt from this revenue? 74% or what? I will appreciate if someone who understand this properly explain to me.

  • They fake the growth just to keep etisalat interested. They fake their daily, weekly, but monthly, yearly targets. The KPIs are faked.

  • So much for an analysis: PTCL own profit, 8.7 Billion, whereas PTCL group profit 1.8 billion, clearly indicates PTML-Ufone is in losses………

  • Their revenue is increasing yet we are getting degraded services which are still degrading day-by-day. Hope they can improve their services!

    From a once happy customer of PTCL EVO DSL services who is now pissed off! -.-

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